Using Correspondences


Using Correspondences

Question: How can we know the truth about the seven centers?

The Law of Correspondences can be used to discover or highlight many truths including the centers.

For instance, the human atom (Adam) corresponds in many ways to the physical atom.

Let me quote from my book The Molecular Relationship which covers some of these correspondences.

The correspondence of man to an atom is most interesting to make. The physical body corresponds to the nucleus of protons and neutrons and the normally unseen aura that circles around the individual corresponds to the orbiting electrons. The nucleus of an atom has a mass of up to 4,000 times that of its electrons. So too does man’s dense physical body account for almost all his mass. The female energy circling us is invisible to unless one trains himself to see it. When the aura is seen, the seer will discover beautiful changing colors, geometric shapes and an aura that actually revolves around the physical nucleus just as electrons dance within the atom. The true shape of man is then circular and he is in a constant state of rotation and movement as the atoms are.

The size of a person’s aura will vary greatly according to the point of evolution, just as will the size of the orbiting fields of the atoms vary according to their atomic weight, or point of evolution.

Within man’s physical body and extending about a millimeter or two from it is his etheric body. This is the energy field that holds the physical body together and gives it its shape and vitality. This corresponds to the energy field within the atom which scientists say hold it together.

Within human beings are also seven chakras, or force centers. The first five are aligned up the spine and the final two are in the head. The first is the center at the base of the spine. This center enflames and supports the energy of all the other centers. The second is the sacral center and controls sex energy. The third is the solar plexus; it creates the desire nature and the emotions. The fourth is the heart center and from it issues love and wisdom. The fifth is the throat center and from it emanates the high creative energies of the artist and creator. The sixth is the Ajna center between the eyes, called the Third Eye; the energy that creates ideas springs from it. The seventh center is at the top of the head and it works with the energy of Purpose.

As a person progresses through numerous lifetimes as a human being, these centers of energy open and begin their circulation, and a corresponding negative or female energy circulates in the aura. A lowly evolved person may have only the bottom center or two opened, while a highly evolved initiate will have energy circulating unimpeded through all seven centers.

Correspondingly, the atoms have seven energy centers which open into circulation as the atom evolves from hydrogen to radium. These seven centers found in the orbit of the atom are called electron shells. The chemist designates them by the letters K, L, M, N, O, P, and Q. It is interesting to note that radium is the first element to have all centers opened and it naturally glows in the dark. In the same way, a human with his centers opened will sometimes have such a strong aura that he will glow and have a visible radiance, like the Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration.

The energy centers of the atom are divided into numerous subshells and orbitals, and correspondingly the seven chakras are subdivided into numerous energy petals.

The most interesting correspondence for the sake of this treatise is that each atom is polarized in either positive or negative (male or female) energy and they bond with (marry) each other. (End of quote.)

In addition to this we see that the number seven creates the building blocks to the universe. There are seven notes in sound and seven colors in a rainbow of light. It is only fitting that we humans are somehow also built on seven differing vibrations.

Even before the throne of God there are seven creative Spirits.

One of the best proofs available to all is through the study of acupuncture and accupressure. It is easy to prove through application that there are varying degrees of energy centers starting with very small ones and moving to major ones where the numerous nadis crisscross until we arrive at the seven major centers. One does not require great experience in meditation to begin to sense the major centers. All, for instance, have felt the energy of sex as it manifests through the sacral center and most all can sense the emotions below the diaphragm in the solar plexus center. Then when spiritual love is developed seekers can sense the wonderful higher love flowing through he heart center. As one begins to create and think he will feel definite forces stimulating the throat and head centers. Once a person becomes aware of the various energies unfolding he will have no doubt that there are major energy centers at play in the body.

When I first felt them I knew nothing about the centers and it did not occur to me what was happening, but then when I later learned about the chakras it all began to make sense to me.

This correspondence does not end with the human. The earth itself has seven centers which are

(1) The mineral (2) The vegetable (3) The animal (4) human (5) The Kingdom of God, including the Masters of Wisdom (6) Nirmanakayas which are intermediaries between Shamballa and the Masters along with advanced disciples as a bridge between humanity and the Spiritual Hierarchy. (7) Shamballa

In addition there are seven centers within the human kingdom.

Djwhal Khul reveals five of them which are:

  1. London For the British Empire.
  2. New York For the Western Hemisphere.
  3. Geneva For Europe, including the U.S.S.R.
  4. Tokyo For the Far East.
  5. Darjeeling For India and the greater part of Asia.

There are two more which have not yet become manifest and will be revealed some time in the future.

In addition to this on a macrocosmic scale the seven major centers of the solar system are:

  1. Vulcan 1st ray. (a hidden planet)
  2. Mercury 4th ray.
  3. Venus 5th ray.
  4. Jupiter 2nd ray.
  5. Saturn 3rd ray.
  6. Neptune 6th ray.
  7. Uranus 7th ray.

Beyond this are seven solar systems governed by a Logos so high that he is called:

“The One About Whom Naught Can Be Said.”

Our solar system represents the heart center of this great body.

Beyond this the number seven shows up in many other corresponding areas including:

The seven rays or hierarchies.

The seven planes of manifestation.

The seven Kumaras.

The seven principles of man.

The seven chains.

The seven globes.

The seven rounds.

The seven root-races and subraces.

The seven initiations on this planet. etc.

Examining corresponding truth on all levels high and low aids the seeker in seeing of the truth that lies in front of him.

“Today, I tell you that He (Christ) will come; that plans for His coming are already set on foot, but I set no date or hour. The time is known only to the two or three, but in such an hour as ye think not, He will come.” DK through Alice A. Bailey

Nov 23, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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