Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 22

Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 22
The Sun, Moon and Rising Sign

Audience: I wondered if there is any connection between the seven rays and the astrological signs. Is there any kind of connection with the seven rays and the Rosicrucian’s seven cycles?

JJ: Not particularly with the seven cycles but we are given rays that govern astrology. Another art that uses cycles is biorhythms. Anyone ever have their biorhythms done? Using biorhythms you have a physical cycle, an emotional cycle, and a mental cycle. The emotional cycle is twenty-eight days, the mental cycle is a little bit over a month, and they all go on wavelengths. If you have several crossing at the same time on the positive side, that’s a really good time to do something that requires extra energy. They can also go through and show where the biorhythms are bad. If you check someone like Mohammed Ali when he lost this would most likely be during a low ebb for his biorhythms. If the biorhythms were good then he had extra energy to punch the guy out. People that have studied biorhythms show that this Law of Cycles goes in mental, emotional and physical energy, does affect the power that we have.

Astrology works somewhat on the same principle in the fact that it works on this Law of Cycles. But when a person achieves soul contact he becomes unpredictable. Normally we go with cycles. Now what cycle is it that women go with that bothers men to no end?

Audience: Laughter.

JJ: Yeah, the moon. They are affected strongly by the moon every twenty-eight days. Now some women are not as affected as others. Some women are really affected a lot. They go through these cycles. If a female really thinks, “I’m going to make up my mind, not to be affected, this month or not to show it.” If she uses her will power she can act like everything is cool. If she really uses willpower she can do this right? Or not? You can be unpredictable with the Law of Cycles but normally the female will be fairly predictable with the Law of Cycles during a certain time of the month. Certain times of the month she will be more moody than other times of the month. This Law of Cycles affects us.

The same thing with astrology, the Law of cycles affects us. Normally we go along with it. We are affected by it. We have the impulse to get married. We meet a person. We fall in love and it coincides with the chart. You’re going to fall in love and you’re receiving this impulse from the lives that are out there. But, what if your soul tells you: no, do not marry this person, he’s not good for you. Then suddenly you violate the Law of Cycles. Suddenly you resist all the impulses coming down to you and you do not marry that person and you completely alter all of the predictions around this particular point in your astrological chart.

So here you become unpredictable because you have soul contact and your soul guided you out of that disastrous relationship or maybe into a disastrous relationship depending on if you had a lesson to learn. Once a person achieves soul contact he becomes unpredictable. Even if a person has soul contact, he will be greatly influenced by the power of cycles because the soul will not guide you to go against the Law of Cycles just for the heck of it. It only guides you to the coontrary when there’s a purpose in it. For instance, in the Law of Cycles we eat so many times a day, most of us do, but if you decide to go on a fast, you will violate that Law of Cycles and you may not eat for three days. Contrary to what is predicted for you. Normally, you don’t have any reason to go on a fast. If you have soul contact, it will be fairly predictable that you’ll eat lunch tonight. All of us are going to eat tonight, that’s fairly predictable.

The basic astrology chart will be fairly accurate for most people, even people with soul contact, except in areas where the soul contact leads you away from what is the line of least resistance, away from the Law of Cycles, away from what is expected of you. This happens periodically to the disciple. Because of this, The Tibetan says what the Masters do is to develop these charts on the disciples, so if you’re a disciple, an accepted disciple, it means the Masters have astrological charts on you. They are like transparencies overlaid in three or four layers. They can look at the soul and the personality and see how they interplay and they can predict very closely what is going to happen to your life, even the unpredictable parts, from the view points of most astrologers. They can see when the soul is going to guide you in certain ways, because they do an astrological chart of your soul.

Audience: They really do charts on us?

JJ: Yes, that’s what DK says. So if you are an accepted disciple, they have a big chart on you somewhere.

Audience: Can’t you have those charts done here on earth?

JJ: No. Nobody knows how to cast one. Matter of fact, he said, no regular astrologer on earth knows how to cast a soul chart, but the Masters do know how to cast it.

Audience: What’s the chart that they do here?

JJ: It’s a personality chart. It’s not a soul chart. As far as esoteric astrology goes, he doesn’t give us very much but he does give a few things and we’ll cover that. There are three important aspects to Esoteric Astrology that he gives some information: One is the moon, another is the sun and a third is the rising sign. In addition he gives us esoteric planetary rulers, but as far as interpretive instructions that are new they mainly center on these three.

The moon represents the past, the sun sign represents the moment of opportunity in the present and the rising sign represents the future. That is an interesting thing to consider. The moon essentially governs physical form. That goes along with regular astrology which also shows it is very strongly connected with the emotional body. The moon affects us very strongly emotionally, it affects the female aspect especially strongly because the female has a closer connection with the moon than the male does.

You notice that almost all of the people in Wicca have the moon as a very important aspect of their belief system; almost all of them are females who are involved in Wicca, and things like this, because of the female’s close connection to the moon. DK says the moon represents the past. If any of you have been in a relationship very long, you’ll know that a female never forgets anything you’ve ever done. (laughter) You can be talking about something with your wife that happened ten years ago where you’ve kind of screwed up, and she can recount that to the smallest detail… every woman I’ve ever been involved with can remember to the smallest detail, everything that you did, ten years ago, and twenty years ago, but often I won’t remember it at all.

The male energy is more centered in the future and the female energy more in the past. The blending of the male/female energy, we could say is the present. I find that quite interesting how that is true and how finely tuned the female memory is of what we guys do. You find that to be true Larry? Ask any married man.

Audience: They say elephants are like this too. And elephants, a huge creature, is usually so gentle; if something happens they’ll never forget it. Even years later when he saw this one person . A female can be giving and trying to be understanding. Think of this huge creature, who could easily trample you, is submitting himself

JJ: I’ve never heard of a female compared to an elephant. I’m sure they don’t like that comparison.

Audience: laughter.

JJ: I have heard females compared to cats. A dream of a cat is supposed to represent a female. And a dog is supposed to represent a male. Artie thinks a dog is really a good representation of us guys. We’re like little puppies that have to be told what to do and house trained.


We have these three aspects that he does talk about a bit. DK says the sun sign represents the time of opportunity. So you want to look at your sun sign. Mine is Aquarius which is governed by Uranus but for the disciple he says, it’s not governed by Uranus, its governed by Jupiter. All Aquarian disciples are governed by Jupiter instead of Uranus. So if I’m a disciple my personality is governed by Uranus but my soul is governed by Jupiter. If I was a member of the Hierarchy, a Master, then a higher part of myself still would be governed by another planet which he says is the Moon, but often the Moon is a veil for some hidden planet.

Leo is an easy one to remember because Leo is governed by the sun, esoterically and exoterically. What’s a regular governor of Leo, what orb? Is it the sun? Yeah, it’s the sun in all three: it’s the only one that is that way. It has the sun governing his personality, his soul and his monad; all governed by the sun.

Your personality sign which is your sun sign, governs your time of opportunity. When you read those little blurbs in the paper about your horoscope, it’s interpreted entirely by your sun sign. Is your sun your only influence in your astrological chart? No. How many influences do you have? Right, you have all these planets, you have your rising sign, you have the houses, aspects and more, but the sun is the biggest. They say the sun is about twenty-five to thirty percent of your total influence. It’s a lot, but it’s not all. You want to look at the day of your sun sign. If your are born right in the middle of your sun aspect, it’s more powerful than if you’re born right on the cusp or between sun signs. I was born February sixth which is pretty much in the middle of Aquarius. If I was born Feb. twenty-third or twenty-second, I would be right on the cusp of Pisces, so I would have some influence from Pisces in there.

Audience: Babies that aren’t born naturally, that are taken by C-Section, how does that affect them?

JJ: It affects our destiny somewhat, but the moment they are born, even if they are born by c-section you get an imprint from whatever is happening at that time. Now maybe your soul planned on having you being an Aquarius and you turn out to be Capricorn instead because of the c-section. You’ll wind up with a little bit different influences than maybe your soul had in mind for you, which might need to be taken into consideration. I haven’t heard astrologers talk about that. Have you heard an opinion on that Cindy?

Cindy’s response not clear.

JJ: But you get the imprint on your soul pretty much right at the exact moment of birth… when the imprint happens … like a photograph of your soul, so-to-speak, is taken.

Audience: Does it have something to do when the baby takes its first breath?

JJ: Yeah, when the baby takes its first breath, that’s the moment. Now when you want to have your chart done, you want to make sure to get as close to the exact moment as possible. The closer you can get, the more accurate the chart. Now for some things the exact moment isn’t that important, like your sun sign and some of the ruling planets, but especially for your rising sign and the various houses, it can make a big difference. If you can get it within five minutes of when you were born, then you’re lucky because then you can get a pretty accurate chart.

The third thing of importance is the rising sign and this is perhaps the most interesting piece of information on Esoteric Astrology that DK has given out. The time you were born the planets and house that was arising with the sun form the influence of your rising sign. What the rising sign shows you is the future. The future is always interesting to look at. What it will show you is your main purpose in life. What you are supposed to develop with your life. My rising sign was Gemini. Ok, what does Gemini tell us, Cindy?

Cindy: You have an excellent mind, very active and you can be in two minds.

JJ: Correct and Gemini also governs communication and education. The ability to communicate is something that I was supposed to learn and what was interesting about me is that I hardly spoke at all until I was five or six. When I began speaking, I said all my words wrong and my mother had to take me to a speech therapist. So its interesting, the fact, that I had difficulty communicating when I was very young, yet my rising sign indicated that I was supposed to master communication. Oftentimes, that which your rising sign indicates you are to master will be something you start out really bad at and then you end your life really good at it, if you do it right. If I did it right, I should be a pretty good communicator now, but I was a poor communicator when I was younger.

Also, through high school, I was all thumbs with communication. It wasn’t until I was older that I become happy with myself and my communication ability. I started working on this as a frustrated high school student and it took many years of struggle until I was happy with my progress. All this time I never realized I was being guided by Gemini, my rising sign.

Does anyone here know their rising sign? Anni, what’s your rising sign?

Anni: Scorpio

JJ: OK. Scorpio is often associated with divorce and death and separation. But the positive side of that is what we learn from Scorpio is to be able to face very traumatic experiences in life and to be able to understand them and weather them and learn from them. That’s one of the things I’ve heard about Scorpio. Have you found in your life, that you have been sucked into things where you have no control, where your emotions were really tested to the limit, from which you have learned a lot?

Anni: Yes, I have been tested. Within five years: my mother died, my father died and eleven months after my grandma died, just a few months before my mother, then my other grandmother died.

JJ: So you had a lot of deaths when you were young that traumatically affected you. That’s the interesting thing about Scorpio, this energy pulls us into circumstances beyond our control that produces emotions and reactions in us, because if someone close to us dies, we have a feeling and a reaction no matter how evolved you are, you are going to feel something and you’re going to have to deal with it. So, Anni, one of the lessons she has in life, maybe she had it really easy in her last life, so her rising sign tells us that she will have a number of traumatic experiences that will teach her to weather all storms and to be peaceful within herself no matter what is going on around her. See how peaceful she is now? In her last life she was probably not very peaceful. Ok, Rick, what’s your rising sign?

Rick: Gemini

JJ: OK, same as me then. Did you have any difficulty communicating when you were younger?

Rick: I always had to ask my brother to talk to other people.

JJ: Did you? See you have the same problem I did. You were shy, too? Yes, so was I. So you felt really awkward. Did you feel really awkward around girls when you were young?

Rick: Yea, I got over all that.

JJ: Yea, right. Rick can probably identify with me quite a bit because we have the same rising sign and similar problems. His rising sign, even though it is in Gemini, will be in a different section of Gemini than mine. The problems will be different, but there will be quite a few similarities to what he and I have probably learned in our lifetimes. You probably learn the lesson of the rising sign by the end of the first Saturn cycle which is around twenty-eight to twenty-nine years of age. This is an important time for you. If you don’t learn it then, you are given one more chance. If you prove to be flexible enough, if you’re still on the learning mode, it’s possible to pick it up on your next Saturn cycle which takes you up to around the age of fifty-nine years of age. If you don’t learn the lesson of your rising sign then, you’ve pretty much lost a learning opportnity. But you have to learn some of it by the time you are twenty-eight or nine and you should learn it all.

Audience: What’s Taurus?

JJ: Is your rising sign Taurus?

Audience: That’s her birth sign, not her rising sign.

JJ: Sun sign is Taurus, is it? That’s not your rising sign. It’s your fault if you don’t know because Cindy volunteered to do a chart for anybody who sent her the information. And nobody sent her the information. If you would have just sent her the information, then we could be looking over your chart here now.

Audience: Will you do them later Cindy?

Audience: What’s Leo rising?

JJ: Leo rising? Have you got a Leo rising? OK, what’s your sun sign?

Audience: Cancer

JJ: That’s interesting because Leo is so much the opposite of Cancer. Cancer is really a homebody, her natural instinct is to build a nest and kind of secure herself from the problems of the world and be safe and happy. Leo is just the opposite. Leo is like Tom Cruise, who wants to go out have a good time and find fulfillment. Her rising sign is Leo, so even though she is into security by nature, her soul is telling her, no, we’re not going to just let you relax, we’re going to make you explore and find out everything it takes to fulfill yourself, because Leo is into self-fulfillment. Her mission in life, by the age of twenty-eight, should have been … How old are you Lorraine?

Lorraine: I just had my thirty-ninth birthday last month.

JJ: OK… you’re older than twenty-eight? I would have never known it. OK. By the age of about twenty-eight to nine you should have got a pretty good idea of what you want to do in life to fulfill yourself and make yourself happy. Because once every twelve lifetimes we have to have a rising sign of Leo where we have to take a break and make ourselves happy. We have to do that once in awhile. Not only are other people important, we’re important too, so we have to take some time once in a while to figure out what brings self fulfillment. Leo is a sign of self-fulfillment. So, Lorraine, have you figured out what it is to fulfill yourself and make yourself happy?

Lorraine: In some things. I have figured out some things.

JJ: Well, you have until the second Saturn cycle to figure it all out. You should have had a pretty good rough idea by the age of twenty-eight. It really helps if you learn this when young. You can really help your children by finding out their rising sign and what it means and guide them so they can learn it by the age of twenty-eight. If they can learn it by the age of twenty-eight it will be a big help to them in their lifetime.

March 19, 2004

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