Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 21

Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 21
The Mysteries of Astrology

JJ: Today we’re going to talk about astrology. Astrology in esoteric language is sometimes called the Science of Relationships. Have you ever heard astrology called this? Why is it called the science of relationships, that’s not what normal astrologers call it.

Audience: because of the relationship between the planets and us?

JJ: There’s another main reason why it’s called the science of relationships. The hint is in planets. Are planets living bodies or dead bodies? Does this give you an idea of why astrology is the science of relationships? Right. As living beings we have various types of relationship between us. And so, if the planets are also living beings, would relationships also be involved? The scientists say astrology can’t be real because the gravitational field of Mars has a negligible effect on earth. It wouldn’t be enough to affect anything. That’s the explanation scientists give why astrology isn’t scientific. But, does the gravitational power of my body affect Andy’s body at all? That doesn’t make sense. If Andy’s in Nigeria and I write an e-mail, even though his body is so far away that the warmth of my body will never affect his body, can I still have an affect on him, even though he is in Nigeria? How is that?

Audience: You can have an emotional effect on somebody. You can have a mental effect on somebody.

JJ: Response is more than physical presence versus physical presence isn’t it? Even though Andy is a long way away from my physical presence, I can e-mail him or I can phone him or I can write him a letter or just remembering my warm personality (laughter) I can have an influence on him. Maybe attending this meeting, maybe hearing something I said may affect what he will do tomorrow. So, even though he is in Nigeria and I am here we can still have an affect on each other. Of course, it works the other way, Andy can have an effect on me.

When you look at it in this way, it brings it into the area of believability that even though the gravitational field of Mars has virtually negligible affect on somebody here on earth, that doesn’t mean anything. Just like Andy’s warmth of his body, I can’t feel it when he’s in Nigeria, I can’t even feel it across the room. So, that doesn’t mean anything. That’s not relationship. Relationship is the influence that your life essence and your personality have upon another person even though that other person may be thousands of miles away. We are millions of miles away from the planet Mars and much further away from the planets Jupiter and Saturn yet they can still have an effect on us. Why can they have an effect on us? Why can Andy have an effect on me? Because he’s a living human being with personality and attributes. Why can Mars have an affect on me? Because it’s a living planet with attributes just as lesser human lives have attributes.

These attributes have been determined by astrologers using intuitive and psychic perceptions. The various astrologers through time have determined various planets have certain effects on us. One interesting thing DK says is that none of the planets are named randomly. He says that they all name themselves, pretty much. When Pluto was discovered he mentioned that fact. It’s not by accident that Neptune is named Neptune. It’s interesting that when Neptune was first named we could hardly even see what color it was. After we sent voyager there we saw the deep blue that surrounded Neptune and found that it was really well named for the way that actually looked. It looks like a giant blue watery planet even though it’s not water, it’s different types of gasses. It’s a very blue looking planet, so it is very fitting for its name. What are the attributes of some of the planets for instance? Are there any amateur astrologers we can pick on?

Audience: Which planet in our solar system has an opposite spin to ours?

JJ: That’s a planet that governs Aquarius, Uranus. Uranus has opposite spin? No, you’re talking about the rotation or the spin? Uranus has opposite rotation. If I remember right, Uranus, its rotation, goes out in opposite direction.

Audience Venus was what I heard.

JJ: Interesting little tidbit. Now, there are two types of astrology… there is regular personality astrology and then there’s astrology presented by DK which he calls esoteric astrology. And very few people understand esoteric astrology. For one thing, he speaks around ideas, but he doesn’t speak and teach directly how to use them. Have you read his book Esoteric Astrology, Cindy? After reading it can you do esoteric astrology?

Cindy: I’m studying Transitional astrology.

JJ: Not too many people are attempting to learn esoteric astrology. He made a prediction that some student in the near future would elaborate on esoteric astrology. I found a lady on the net that thought she was the fulfillment of that prophecy and she was attempting to do that. But I didn’t have time to study her thoroughly to see if she was really accomplishing anything. I’m sure there are a number of people attempting to do that.

There are a couple significant things that DK does make pretty clear that we are going to go into. First of all, he points out that for the average person, the prediction powers of astrology using the normal methods are really pretty accurate, because the personality and how it is influenced is fairly predictable. However when a person reaches soul consciousness it is more difficult to read them, they become more unpredictable because of what the soul tells you to do is often different than what the personality wants you to do. Have any of you had this happen? You go along with your personality the way you want to do something and you feel an inner communication guiding you towards something you had not thought. I see Anni’s nodding her head. Doesn’t that make sense Anni, that is you are unpredictable is because your soul has a different opinion than your personality.

Anni: yes

JJ: So your soul is really unpredictable from the viewpoint of the lower man. Examining personality traits does not give much insight into the soul. Another thing he says is that the signs are not in the places the astrologers say they are. When the astrologer says the sun is in Leo, it’s really not in Leo. It’s really all an illusion. But since we’ve accepted the illusion for so long, it’s really a thoughtform around the illusion that produces the reality that makes astrology accurate on a lower level. So I thought that was quite funny. One of the criticisms of astrology by scientists is that the signs aren’t in the exact places that astrology says they are. But DK says that doesn’t matter because of the thoughtform around it. Everything in this world of illusion governed by the personality is governed by the power of thought to such a degree.

There is one true reality around astrology that makes it work and that’s the Law of Cycles. Everything does repeat itself. You’ve always heard the term, history repeats itself. If we do not learn history and discover why mistakes were made in history, then we’re doomed to repeat it.

That’s too bad, because some of the mistakes in history are so clear. If you’ve studied the history of WW II, the mistakes we made are so obvious on hindsight that its disappointing to see we make some of the same mistakes today because some of the younger generation are oblivious to history. In many of our schools the history is edited to make it politically correct and history is not learned accurately because there are so many things people are afraid to write about in the history books used by schools. I heard somewhere in one history book we’re teaching to kids only has one paragraph about Abraham Lincoln and doesn’t mention George Washington. What they’re teaching, I don’t know, but it’s important that we through our own efforts learn history so we do not repeat the Law of Cycles in a negative way. The Law of Cycles is a foundation principle of astrology. Name some of the cycles that influence us.

Audience: 26,000 year cycle

JJ: The approximate 26,000 year cycle through all twelve signs of the zodiac? Yeah, that’s the big cycle. The most common cycle, we’ll start out with is the rotation of the earth, which takes how long? One day. So, one day is one cycle. We know that tomorrow morning the sun is going to rise as long as the clouds don’t interfere too much. Then the sun will set. It’s something we can depend on. It happens all the time. What’s the second cycle in relation to the earth? In one year, the earth circles around the sun. Other cycles govern the other planets. Not only does the earth circle around the sun but the other planets circle around the sun. And the moon revolves around the earth every twenty-eight days. That was an important cycle.

An interesting thing about astrology is that it’s condemned by many born again Christians as being evil. Yet its mentioned quite a bit in the Bible. In the days of Moses, they had the New Moon Festivals. Matter of fact, they had this hill where they waited on for the exact moment of the new moon. And when the exact moment of the new Moon occurred they sent a signal to the surrounding communities, when the exact moment of the new moon was, so they could perform their rites and ordinances. The New Moon, was really big for the ancient Israelites. They governed a lot of the things they did around it.

In the Book of Job it talks about the sweet influences of the Pleiades; it talks about the Mazzaroth which is the twelve signs of the zodiac. And it talks about the three wise men that came from the east and they were astrologers. Then it talks about the star of Bethlehem that stood still in the sky and most astrologers think that means they were observing a planet that goes retrograde. When it goes retrograde it ceases to move and stands still in the sky for a period of time. When you look at the Greek, it indicates a stopping of the star of Bethlehem, indicating a planet going retrograde. All planets, of course, continue orbiting forward, but because of their different speeds and distances in relation to us they appear to stop and stand still in the sky for a period of time.

When they reach a certain speed, they are all going forward, but from a point on earth as the planets move indifferent directions, it looks like the planet stops and goes backwards. But it’s an illusion. It doesn’t stop.

Mercury might go retrograde and it looks in the sky like it’s going forward then it stops and goes backwards. It really mystified old astrologers why this happened. That’s why they called the planets wanderers. Planet means wanderer. They stop, they go backwards, and then they go forwards. They couldn’t for the life of them understand why that happened. Especially since they believed that the earth was the center of the universe. If the earth was the center of the universe, they ought to always be going around the earth. Everything ought to be going around the earth. But the planets would go this way and then they’d stop and go back. So they had no explanation for that in ancient times.

Audience: The orbit of the planets around the sun has a certain orbit like a food. Do you know that one?

JJ: I never heard of that one.

Audience: An egg. They have an oval orbit like an egg.

JJ: You stay up too late studying these things.

Audience: Hey, now you know how important an egg is.

JJ: Is it the molecular structure, or is it something about the egg?

Audience: The shape.

JJ: The Law of Cycles states that things repeat over and over and over again. In orthodox astrology, the one thing they do get right is the Law of Cycles. Many astrologers have studied the various cycles and an important cycle is called the Saturn cycle. What’s the Saturn cycle?

Cindy: The length of time Saturn takes to go all the way around the chart is approximately twenty-eight to twenty-nine years.

JJ: We’re just testing her to see if she really knows her stuff. Ok, have you heard anything about what’s significant about the Saturn cycle? I found that’s one of the more interesting things I’ve studied.

Audience: In terms of the human being? Alliteration something?

JJ: Its about a cycle of around twenty-nine and a half years. There are various theories about this time period, but this cycle is seen as an important time period by many people who study cycles. This is an important time period because the first twenty-one years of your life you repeat everything from all your past lives. At twenty-one we should be ready to progress with the basic intelligence we had in our past life. Of course, we won’t remember it all, but internally, the internal intelligence and ability that we have is basically where we left off in our past life. Then from age 21 to the end of the first Saturn cycle is an important time of growth.

DK points out that generally the time that we die will be the time that we will be born in our next life. Now from my doing an experiment by taking people back into past lives, I find this is not always true, but is often true. I do not believe it’s an ironclad rule. I think it quite often happens that if you die in February, you will be born in February according to him. A number of my friends, ones I found out who they were in past lives, I found out that they have had this happen, but in other instances it doesn’t happen. There are exceptions to all things. What do you suppose the reason for that is? That the month you die will be the month you are born as a rule of thumb?

Audience response not clear.

JJ: It could be like a symbol that you are picking up where you left off. I would think if you had an accidental death, premature death, you’d be less likely to choose the same month. If you had a premature death then your internal clock tells you when you are going to die. If someone breaks into your house and shoots you, then that may not be something planned by your soul. So then you are more likely to be born in some other time period. But if you have a natural death I would assume that it’s much more likely you would be born the same month you died. DK indicates this is often the case. So, look at your birth month and that’s a good chance that’s also your death month in your past lifetime.

We have this Law of Cycles and the thing about astrology is that Saturn repeats itself at a set time in spinning around the sun, revolving around the sun, as does Jupiter, as do all the other planets. When you look at this consistency of rotation and then apply it to a roadmap to life, you are going to get a certain degree of accuracy. The Law of Cycles does apply in your life.

The Rosicrucians, in one of their books I read, have an interesting spin on the Law of Cycles also. They divide each year into seven periods and each period is made up of fifty-two days. One of the most important periods is the period following the month of your birth. The fifty-two days following your birth month, is a really good time to begin something new. On the other hand, the fifty-two days before your birth month is a good time to dissolve things that aren’t working.

It’s the same way in astrology. Pisces is the last sign and it’s a really good sign for dissolving things that do not work. It’s a sign for letting things go that are not working in your life. Whereas Aries is a good initiating energy so it’s a similar type thing. In the Law of Basic Cycles of the fifty-two days, you might keep this in mind if you’re going to begin a new business or new project, do it right after your birthday. Its a good time to give it an extra shot of energy and power to consummate that which you do. According to this Law of Cycles, the fifty-two days before your birthday is the worst time to start something new. I try to apply that in my life. It hasn’t guaranteed success. The main thing that guarantees success, of course, is your inner drive. You might as well take advantage of all the extra energies out there that are in your favor. You can swim upstream and still get where you are going if you’re determined enough. But, if you’re able to swim downstream, it makes it a little easier.

March 15, 2004

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