Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 20

Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 20
The Soul of the Universe

Audience: If I take it to extreme I can’t ask God anything?

JJ: All parts of you are linked back to God. The answers you get when you pray to God come from different parts of yourself which are eventually linked up to God, to the one life. You are a part of the one life!. You get the answers from within yourself almost all the time. Your subconscious mind produces a lot of the answers. If the subconscious mind doesn’t have it you can go to the higher mind linked to the Soul. The step above this is direct soul contact. Every once in awhile we may get an answer from a master, or someone from the spirit world, who is disincarnate. That’s really an answer from God because they are a part of God. We’re all a part of Him.

So if you break down and have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and you pray to God for somebody to help you and someone stops, you got an answer from God because you got an answer from someone who is an image of God.

Audience: Response not clear.

JJ: They see God as a person up on a throne to whom you pray and He comes directly down. It’s not directly. All of our answers from God are indirect from representatives of God. You have to look at the idea that God is manifesting everywhere but His consciousness is manifesting in people, in us, in you and me.

Look at it this way. Let me give you an interesting principle to consider. We look on our souls in our body as the interplay of spirit and matter, that point between spirit and matter. That’s the point which is the intermediary between God and man. If we look at the universe as a whole, that which is the point between spirit and matter is humanity. Conscious humanity is the soul of the universe. If you look at the soul within you it’s a point that’s very hard to find because it’s a place where land, water and air meet which is neither wet nor dry. It’s hard to find those little points which are neither wet nor dry. The little points within the universe, which is a very small percentage of the whole, yet very powerful, are humanity. The human consciousness throughout the universe is the point of soul contact of the whole universe. Within your body you have a soul which is the interplay between spirit and matter. We are the interplay between spirit and matter in the universe. We are working out the creation of God in physical form. The soul within your body organizes your body and gives it form. The destiny of humanity is to organize the whole universe and give it greater form.

Audience: unheard

JJ: I’m not talking about only humans on earth. I’m talking about humans in the universe. Billions of planets throughout the universe have human like inhabitants, not just planet earth. Humanity throughout the whole universe is the soul of the universe. Each of us, when we perform a work, need to focus our attention on one thing at a time. God, whose physical body is the universe, focuses His attention on His soul in order to create, and the soul of the physical universe is us. So His attention is focused on us to be the creators of the universe. That’s why we are called the image of God.

In the beginning God made man in His own image, in His own likeness. He reflected Himself and put attention on His soul in the universe. That’s a profound seed thought to contemplate. It will give you an idea of the destiny of humanity. We are the consciousness of God in the universe. We are His soul, His creators.

Audience: Is this DK’s teaching or from where does it come?

JJ: DK doesn’t explain that fully. After I discovered it myself I found that he hints at it. He never elaborated on it. It’s not written anywhere. This is a teaching you won’t find anywhere but right here as far as I know. I think I’ve written it on the Keys. I can’t remember everything I’ve written about in the archives. It’s a profound thought to think about and it’s a tremendous principle. As above, so below. Where is the soul of the universe? The soul of the universe is humanity.

Audience: You touch upon that in the book too.

JJ: Matter of fact, in a future book, maybe the next one, I’m going to write about the universe from its smallest parts to its greatest. Joe, in the book, is going to be given a grand tour from the smallest particle to the greatest particle to see how everything is put together. It’ll probably cover several chapters and be one of the more interesting things in the series.

Audience: So, when we evolve our purpose then is to put our attention on humanity because it’ll be our souls eventually?

JJ: Everyone thinks our purpose is just to go back home but in reality you never go back home. When you graduate from high school then went to college and went back home, it was different, wasn’t it? We’re never going back home the way it was, yet this is what everybody thinks. “Our purpose is just to go back home.” You need to use correspondences here. Do you ever just go back home? You go back home but it’s not the way you remembered it. Everything is different. Maybe your parents got a divorce or your brothers and sisters got married or your friends have moved away. When you go back home it’s just not home anymore. This is part of adjusting. We’ll never go back home to the way that it was.

When all of creation is wrapped up we’ll go back to God, so to speak, but it will be different. We’ll be on a new turn of the spiral. We won’t be going back home and relaxing to things that were the same as it used to be. Every turn of the spiral is new and different. It’s like the eighth initiation we talked about, the initiation of transition. We eventually all have to go through the initiation of transition where we accept the fact that the great age has passed. As we make our journey back home there is a tremendous transition because we’re going to an entirely new sphere of activity that’s different from anything we’ve ever encountered. This is one of the things we need to adjust as we end our evolution in this sphere.

There is tremendous change always taking place: tremendous changes in our consciousness. The true going back home…when you’re going back home for a short time it’s comforting to go back to your base, so to speak. In a way we can still do that and this is returning back home right now. When you go to the soul within, you go to your source, and you have a feeling of returning home. But that’s not in the far future, that’s now. The home of the far future will be different than the past. It will be on a new turn of the spiral. We can compare it to playing middle C, then you play a higher C. They’re the same but different. When we return home it will be the same but different, a different note, a different vibration and it’s still a familiar vibration. It’s like the higher C is familiar and a similar vibration to middle C yet different. Things will always be different and always be evolving.

March 13, 2004

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