Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 19

Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 19
Understanding Creation

We forgot to have Anni show us how the other rays shop.

Anni: The fourth ray person walks into the shop. He sees it like a fairy tale. “Look at all the colors. They’re pretty. Look at this shape. Wow, they’re pretty too. What do I really want? That’s one is cool. I want the red one I think but that’s pink and red. That’s even better!” So he walks around enjoying the beauty of it all, the colors, the shapes. He really enjoys looking at it all. He can be very charming and talk to the sales clerk and have a good time or depending on his mood he could just say, “Okay that’s what I want. That one there. Don’t talk to me. Just give me what I want.”

JJ: Anni, I think every woman on earth is a fourth ray shopper! (Laughter)

Anni: It would be very different if I was a fifth ray person coming into a shop. Whenever I come in I know exactly what I want. So I’m coming into the shop and giving the clerk a real hard time. “What do you have? I’d like to see white shirts. What material is it? Is it washable? Can it be dried in the machine? Do you have it in other colors? How long will it hold out? Will I need to replace the buttons or put in new zippers?” They’ll ask everything. They make their choice based on facts. They can make the shop assistant go crazy. They want everything exactly right. They count their change and make sure it’s right. They know how to shop.

Audience: What would happen if the fourth ray didn’t get the right change back?

Anni: He probably wouldn’t notice because his attention is on the colors and shapes. The sixth ray person would come into the shop much like the fourth ray person. He really likes the warm colors. They can be really influenced by color just like the fourth ray. If the shop assistant really wanted to sell something he could by saying, “I know what you want. See this one? It’s a warm color.” “Do you think it’s a good one for me? Okay! I’ll take it.” They can be influenced easily by other people and appetizing colors and things like that. They might even buy something that’s totally not what they wanted. They might buy some pants even if they have seventy pairs at home and don’t need any, just because they appeal to them.

The seventh ray person would want it to be perfect. They’d come into the shop wanting the perfect thing and being very self assured and confident. They’ll be almost like the first ray acting majestic. Seldom will they talk about price. They don’t care about price as long as they get what they really want, the perfect thing that fits all their needs. (Applause!)

JJ: I’ve had several questions asked of me. Rose Marie brought up the knowledge of God. Several were rather perplexed by the idea that maybe God doesn’t know everything. The greatest minds that we’ve had go into a state where they know nothing in order to know something. Einstein and Edison and the great thinkers did this.

They were all absent minded. Absent minded technically means absent of the mind, but it’s actually absence of the lower mind. Sometimes Einstein would go for a walk and he’d often get so involved in his meditation on what he was thinking that he would get lost and not know where he was, and he would have a hard time finding his way back home. He was what we call absent minded. We hear the term absent minded professors. Many great thinkers go into this absence of the lower mind and go into a state where they know nothing in order to retrieve principles. The language of the Holy Spirit is the language of principles. So in reality, from a way of looking at it from pure data, the Holy Spirit doesn’t really know anything, but it knows principles.

Let’s compare us to a slug. We don’t really know anything about the slug’s world but our knowledge is much higher than that of the slug. Just as we’re thinking on a much higher level so are the higher lives whose language is the language of principles where they can communicate principles in an instant, which is equal to thousands of pieces of data. They communicate without knowing anything about the data because they don’t need to know the data. They only need to know the principle. So when the principle is communicated by the higher lives, the lower type of knowledge isn’t even necessary but the lower type of knowledge can be discovered if it’s important. When a principle is communicated to us we can translate that principle into a language we can understand by explaining it with a lot of data. The higher lives don’t have to do that.

The orthodox way of looking at it is that God has everything planned out. He’s got what you’re going to do the next minute worked out and he’s got the next century planned. He’s got everything planned so nothing really surprises God. That’s not quite the way it works. Who are the gods? Jesus said, “You are gods” didn’t he? So who is working out the plan? We are. Are we perfect? No, we’re not perfect. An interesting thing about the way the plan works out is that the attention of God is on one place in our universe at a time. It has shifted from the lower universe to the higher universe.

The lower universe is composed of all the cells in our body, the molecules, the atoms, the sub-atomic particles. They are all working on automatic pilot because all the problems within them have been solved. Once the problems are solved it works like a computer program. When the computer program is being created, it takes a lot of attention and intelligence to make it work. You need to focus but when you create the program do you need to continue to think about it? No. So every atom of hydrogen in the universe, whether it be galaxies far away or planets near or right in front of us, they’re all the same and they all operate on the same principle, the same way because all the problems that govern that atom of hydrogen have been solved. So it operates on thousands of little computer programs governing the electrons and the proton in the center. The quarks within the proton and the particles within the quarks, are all governed by computer programs written within them and controlling the whole thing. The whole universe is governed by miniature computer programs that have been written by the intelligence of God.

Who’s writing the new computer program for the universe? We are actually writing the new computer programs. They are now in the process of being written. Even God Himself doesn’t know how it’s being written because we are the gods who are writing them. The intelligence of God is now manifesting in humanity, wherever they are. Human life, wherever it is in the universe, whether it’s on earth, another star system or another galaxy, everywhere throughout the universe there is intelligent life, like us, writing the computer programs that are changing the universe. We write the new computer programs and perfect them. Once they are perfected we turn off our attention and move to the next computer program to be written. We continue to do that.

This is how the process of creation works in this physical reality. It’s exciting when you think about it. It’s the opposite of what most people think – that is we’re supposed to sit back and let God do it. However God’s job is to sit back and let us do it. It’s reversed. I’ve often said that if you want to find the truth of something, look at what everybody believes, then look at the opposite. When you look at the opposite you’ll often find that that’s where the truth is. What does everyone think? They think God knows everything and has everything planned out whereas the opposite is true. He doesn’t know anything and has nothing planned out. But He has a goal. He knows the end from the beginning.

When you write a computer program you know what you want it to do but you don’t know how to do it yet. That’s the situation God is in. He knows what He wants to accomplish but He doesn’t know how to do it yet. He’s reflected his intelligence through us to accomplish the job.

We are in the image of God. He’s reflected Himself in us and as His reflections we are doing the work. We are moving toward the final goal which is totally opposite of the way people tend to think things work.

Think. If the orthodox version is correct and if God has everything planned out then He knows when you’re going to snap your fingers next, He knows what all the future computer programs will be and He knows what all the future solutions will be. What in the world are we doing here then? If He already knows it all He doesn’t need us. To know anything intelligence has to reflect itself down into the world of form so everything it knows is related to form. The pure consciousness of God is not in form. Therefore He cannot know anything. For there to be knowledge, He has to reflect Himself down to us. Knowledge is only available to us. God doesn’t even need it. When you think of knowledge it always involves some form, like Boise is the capitol of Idaho. The pure essence of God doesn’t need to know that. It has nothing to do with where He is going.

Audience: But much of the knowledge we’re going through, He has known.

JJ: The lives that are here know that. We are fulfilling the plans of God. In one way God knows everything and in another way He doesn’t know everything. Jesus said, “God knows when the sparrow will fall.” The reason He knows when the sparrow will fall is because the spirit of God is within the sparrow and the consciousness of the sparrow is aware of his falling. The consciousness of the sparrow is aware of his falling thus God is aware, because we are all a part of God. So God does know things. He knows everything you’re doing because you know everything you are doing since you are an image of God. That’s how God knows everything.

March 11, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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