Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 18

Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 18
The Rays of Attribute

Mindy Burge continues the presentation on the rays focusing on Ray Five.

The fifth ray is the ray of the scientist, the analytical thinker, the detail oriented person. It’s close to the third ray in a lot of ways. It includes the chemist, the electrician, the engineer, the surgeon and these types of people. They’re the ones who stick with the details and precise statements, perseverance. We think of the personality as a tool for the soul. The fifth ray uses the lower mind as an expression of the higher mind. It came into expression in the Lemurian Age when Sanat clicked his Bic and the spark in the minds of men were born.

The mind has begun to work. The fifth ray starts out with the mind beginning to think. It goes through the whole thinking process. You’re starting to think through things and pull details together. It’s where we tend to find atheists, people who are pulling facts together and having no proof of things such as God. It goes into mental separation when you start learning things and pull them apart and put them back together.

As time progresses and things build on that, that’s the basic platform, it leads up to a broader knowledge. You being to realize the soul and the potential of it. People turn around and start to believe in God again. It’s also closely related to the second ray because it’s the basis that to know something is to love something. The mind and the heart reveal each other through this ray. It’s a strong conduit for first ray energy working through the mind.

Audience: Why is it green? I thought the fifth ray was orange? The colors; I thought they were are different than what’s on the chart. Does that make a difference if green is more active intelligence than love/wisdom? Blue and yellow make green so does that have anything to do with the ray of science?

Mindy: Different authors have them listed as being different colors and there is also the esoteric and exoteric of each so you need to use your intuition.

Audience: There’s no sequence necessarily. A lot of teachers teach the rays go in the same sequence as the colors do.

Audience: So any of the bodies, physical, emotional, mental, can any of the bodies be on any one of the rays?

Mindy: Some are more prone to be on certain rays than others.

Audience: So what would be the difference between two people with one having his emotional body on the fifth ray as opposed to someone having his mental body on the fifth ray?

Mindy: That’s a good question.

JJ: The emotional body would rarely be on the fifth ray but if it was the person would have mental control over his emotions. The emotions would be very controlled and directed toward the mind. If the mind is on the fifth ray we’ll have a scientist.

Mindy: On the line of least resistance, if you have a mental body that’s fifth ray it would definitely be the line of least resistance to work through.

Question: Which Ray would Martin Luther King have been on?

JJ: Martin Luther King probably had a first ray personality or soul, one or the other because of the tremendous impact he had.

Audience: We had conflict in the early sixties and harmony that came out of it.

JJ: There’s quite a possibility he had a fourth ray mind but the most prominent thing was the change that he made. So there was definitely first ray in him. He probably had a fourth ray mind.

Audience: A political change would be a sixth ray change?

JJ: Political idealism is sixth ray. There was a lot of sixth ray in political ideals.

The crusaders were strong sixth rays. They were devoted to a cause.

Audience: There was a really well known fellow, and I can’t remember his name, but when the social changes in the sixties came in, Abby Hoffman, that’s him. When we left the sixties and went into the seventies …

JJ: The sixties were strongly influenced by the sixth ray and the second ray. They picked up the love in the second ray but presented it in the sixth ray. They were idealistic. They picked up some real love energy but were tempered by the old way.

Audience: I see it as we spent many years in devotion and idealism but hopefully as we’re moving into harmony through conflict, we’ll eventually see a release through the fourth ray.

JJ: The year 2025 will probably be around the time we’ll be solving things in the Middle East, hopefully.

Mindy: The seventh ray is one a lot of people have trouble understanding but it’s really a fun ray. It goes back to what JJ: was saying yesterday, the first shall be the last. It’s the last one listed but it was the first one necessary in building physical creation, the seventh sub-plane of the physical, in order for the other rays to come in and do their work. It’s the ray of ceremony, organization, structure and magic. It began by building the little atoms and molecules and everything that’s been built up since then. As far as it being the last into the first it will be the consummation of this age and the Molecular Relationship and all that good stuff comes together here. Some virtues are: strength, perseverance, courage. Vices are: bigotry, formalism, pride, narrowness, people get stuck in their ways. It includes the ritualistic things we do. For healing, it’s the ray of the surgeon and nurse with all the tiny details to see. Many superstitious people and those who practice the occult are found on this ray.

Audience: What do we have to look forward with this coming? Will there be more ceremonies and healings?

JJ: The Masonic order utilizes the seventh ray. Mormon ceremonies are also based on the seventh ray.

Mindy: A lot of the temple work and the symbols and rituals began during the Atlantean Age. Many of them have carried over and will come again into fruition in the new age.

Audience: Will there be more temples and ceremonies in the new age?

Mindy: I’m not sure about the temples. Are we expecting more temples?

Audience: This isn’t a question but I think JJ: recently mentioned that there’s a symbol for this ray, of ceremony and magic, and if we use it we’ll become water bearers like the Christ, who had those bear water right before the last supper.

JJ: He told the disciples to go find the man with the pitcher of water and that would lead them to the place of the Last Supper. That’s the symbol of the future, the Aquarian Age governed by ray seven.

Mindy: Another correlation is that it’s starting out as the mineral kingdom and ending up as the solar kingdom. It relates to the first ray and carries it out.

The Alice Bailey books can be a little heavy. There are a lot of authors who have put out books to explain them. This is a good one which contains a summary of each ray, The Seven Rays Made Visual. I brought along a couple others from my book shelf, Psychological Types and the Seventh Ray, and Threefold Method for Understanding the Seventh Ray. These will be up here if you’d like to look at them. There’s a lot of books out there with different authors trying to explain what they think DK is saying.

Audience: Would you mind saying the chakras and the rays again?

Comment: The head center is the ray of will and power, the first ray. The anja center is the ray of concrete knowledge, the fifth ray. The throat center is the third ray. The heart center is the second ray, love and wisdom. The solar plexus is devotion, the sixth ray. The sacral center is the ray of ceremonial magic which is the seventh and the base of the spine is ray of harmony or the fourth ray.

Mindy: There are many tabulations on what corresponds with what and where and how and why.

JJ: Does anyone have any idea why the base of the spine is the fourth ray? The base of the spine center is the beginning of the life energy. It’s like lighting a candle. That candle lights another candle until all the seven candles are lit. It’s interesting that the base of the spine is often on the fourth ray. The first and the seventh are strong in certain individuals, but the influence of the fourth is interesting.

Audience: I think it’s because somebody on the fourth ray often is a pain there. (Laughter)

Audience: What planet rules the fourth ray?

Answer: Mercury

JJ: The girls did a great job, didn’t they? Let’s give them a hand. (Applause)

JJ: The rays go in and out of incarnation yet all the seven rays are always influencing us. This is because we, as individuals, incarnate the seven rays within us in our various bodies. So even though the fourth ray may be out of incarnation, our mind could still be strongly influenced by it. When DK speaks about a ray being in or out of incarnation he’s talking about the planet Earth, as a whole. Its various bodies and parts of it are governed by three or four of the rays which are incarnated at any given time. So even though, for the entire planet, when ray four is out of incarnation, you as an individual may have it in incarnation within your little sphere of influence. But when that ray is in incarnation for the whole planet its influence is very powerful.

The most obvious of these is the sixth ray which has been incarnation in many ways. It’s been incarnation for the whole planet in the sign of Pisces. So you have it influencing through the sign of Pisces and also being in incarnation on the Earth. This has made it very powerful especially during this Piscean Age which is a water age to begin with, then influenced strongly by ray six.

This is another meaning of the beast which is known as the number 666. In interpreting it by the ray influences, meaning that 6 influences the sign of Pisces, and 6 influences the emotional body. If we’re governed by our emotions we’re governed by the number 6 and if our emotions govern the mind rather than the mind governing the emotions, then the mind is governed by ray 6. And if the actions of the physical body are also governed by emotional impulse then the body is indirectly governed by ray 6 so you have a 6 mind, 6 emotions, and 6 physical activity. That’s 666, the number of the beast which means it makes us not much better than the beast because we’re governed by raw emotion with no mind in charge.

This is the way the animals are governed. They’re governed by their feeling and instinct and they’re herded wherever someone with a mind will herd them. If we allow ourselves to be herded about by religions and political authorities of the earth, the authorities govern our actions, and when the authorities also govern our minds and our feelings, then we are governed by the 666 influence of the beast within.

In the coming new age we’re going to be governed by the seventh ray and also the fifth. So our purpose here is to learn to think, to be able to escape the mark of the beast. Of course the mark of the beast is governed by two things. One is the mark on the right hand symbolizing that you’re governed by emotional power over your labor. Second is the mark in the forehead showing that emotional power. without thought, will govern your thinking and thus will eliminate your power to think and make true decisions. This causes your thinking and actions to be based on what someone else has decided for you.

So if you’re in a good old time religion and the authorities in that religion tell you what to think and tell you what the scriptures mean and tell you what you can do and what you can’t do then you’re governed by the power of the beast. When John saw in his vision that 144,000 escaped the power of the beast, it was because they had the mark of the Father in their forehead. The mark of the Father on the forehead symbolizes that those who can look within and escape the power of the authorities without and be governed by the soul (the god) within are those that escape the power of the beast. It’s interesting that the Bible says the power of the antichrist was already in the world at the time the apostles were alive. We’re not waiting for some antichrist to show up. He’s been here all along. The power to escape has been here all along. The power to escape lies within each one of us.

The seventh ray is coming into activity and it’s an interesting one. We are going to perfect ceremonial magic. The churches have had this all along, the Eucharist, the Sacrament, the Baptism. These are all ceremonies that stimulate the magical powers of the soul within. In the coming age new ceremonies are going to be developed. The past ceremonies were centered largely around water, like baptism, because Pisces was a water sign. What’s the element that governs the Age of Aquarius?

Audience: Air.

JJ: Air. So what is something related to air that may be part of the ceremonies of the new age?

Audience: Magnetism? Breathing?

JJ: Right, breathing. Christ gave an example of this when He breathed on disciples and they received the Holy Spirit. You may have noticed that several times when we’ve done healing we’ve breathed on the person. These ceremonies around breath will become more common in the new age. DK points out that it’s a little dangerous to do the various breathing exercises that are recommended by some people until you learn how to do them safely. It will eventually be taught in the coming age how to use the breath safely and how to use it in ceremonies to help to manifest the Holy Spirit.

March 5, 2004

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