Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 17

Nauvoo Gathering, 2003, Part 17
The Three Primary Rays

We are now going to hear from one of our founding members – Anni West from Denmark. She’s going to cover rays one through three and give a brief synopsis of them. Artie just mentioned that some people aren’t familiar with the rays so please give a brief explanation of what the rays are.

Anni: I feel like thirty years ago as I was standing in my first class as a teacher with all these little children looking at me. At that time I said to myself, “Why are they all looking at me? Why don’t they all look somewhere else?” I just wanted to run away and hide. That was thirty years ago and I still feel the same. It’s terrible!

What are the rays? The rays are actually energy coming throughout the sun system. They come from far far away. This sun system is part of a constellation. With seven sun systems with it, it is in a galaxy. From that galaxy there is a spiritual light coming into the galaxy and it’s coming through all its sun systems. Our sun system is on what we call the second ray. Each of these sun systems is vibrating on a certain ray. Ours is vibrating on the second ray in this constellation.

What happens is this light goes into our constellation through the sun and it’s transformed. It comes out as the seven rays. It’s really like a prism. When the light shines through it, it comes out in seven different colors. Really it’s just one light shining through it, but it will look like seven different colors to us.

You can also see it when it goes through the water as in the sky with the rainbow. When it’s shining through water you can see the seven colors. They’re actually energies, very strong energies. They’re different energies each having special qualities. None are more important than the other. They’re all necessary.

It is through these seven rays that creation is happening, that our lives are happening, that we live. You could ask why there are seven rays and that’s a good question. Why exactly seven? Seven is the magic number in the evolution we’re in right now. You know that when you think about it because seven appears in many different ways like the seven days of the week. I bet you could mention more like chakras, the great energy centers in the body.

Audience: Seven notes

Anni: Right. Seven notes in the music scale.

Audience: The seven planes

Anni: The seven planes of consciousness, that’s true.

Audience: The seven dwarves? (Laughter)

Anni: There are lots of sevens. God created the world in seven days as it says in the Bible. We have seven ventricles in the brain. So, seven is the magical number. There will be a time when eight will be the magical number but that’s far, far ahead in evolution. One day it will be eight but right now it’s seven. We also have the seven rays.

The rays can be divided into two groups. The first three, rays one, two and three, are called the rays of aspect. The last four are called the rays of attribute. JJ: taught us the difference. He said you can compare it as the first three correspond to what you can see and the last four correspond to what you can hear or sense. He gave a very good picture of this. He said if you have a guitar string and look at it, it’s not moving, it’s just sitting there and it’s just one single string. Then you pluck it and what happens? It starts vibrating and there’s movement and there’s a sound. When it starts moving it will look like three different strings, one in the middle one on the top and one on the bottom. You know, because you saw before you plucked it, that it’s just one string but the illusion is created that there are really three strings because that’s the way it looks when it’s vibrating.

These you can compare to the first three rays, rays one, two and three. Actually it’s just one ray but to us it looks like there are three. The sound coming out of it can be compared to the last four rays. So that’s a good picture, I think, of how it works. There is just one energy, one life, one God, but there is an illusion created that there is more. The rays are here all the time and they influence everything on the earth in the whole system.

They are more or less active. They can go in and out of activity. The second ray is always very important because the whole sun system is on the second ray and it’s actually influencing all the seven rays in our solar system, sort of lying behind them. The sixth ray has had a lot of influence the last 2000 years but it’s going out now. It’s becoming less and less active. The seventh ray is growing in activity. They are combined in different ways throughout history. That’s what gives different periods in the history of man the influence that sometimes we have great wars; sometimes we have great artists or other things.

If you look through history you can see the influence of the rays on different times because that’s the way they work. They influence all forms including planets, suns, the earth, minerals, plants, animals, human beings and everything. If they were not here we would not even exist. When you think about human beings, I think JJ: mentioned this already; we’re actually influenced by many different rays. It’d be easy to find our own ray if it was just one thing, but it’s not. Our soul is vibrating on one ray and it will keep vibrating on that ray all through our lifetimes. It’s a constant but the other parts can shift from one lifetime to another. The others include the personality ray. The whole personality is vibrating on a special ray. Your mental body is vibrating on a special ray. Your emotional body is vibrating on a special ray, your physical body also and your monad also. So it’s really a great mixture. For me it’s been really hard to figure out what ray I am.

I’m going to tell a little about the first three rays. The first three, you can say the three are one or the one is three. You’ve heard that expression. If you go to the Hindu language you could also call them Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. You’ve probably heard of those identities. We call them the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit or you could call the Spirit, consciousness and matter. They’re called by different names. DK tells us all life begins with triangles. So it is with the rays also. JJ: has taught us the three sub-aspects of each ray. The first ray is called the ray of power. That’s the word we usually use for it. Do you remember the other sub-aspects?

Audience: Will.

Anni: That’s the second one: Will. Then what’s really important? You can use power and will but what you need is?

Audience: Purpose.

Anni: Right. Those are the three sub-aspects of the first ray; will, power and purpose. We know these things from our own lives. Also as personalities we know these things. We know if I want to accomplish in education, get a good job, have a family, those are all my goals and purposes. So it is if you go up one step it’s a higher octave of the same thing. That’s God’s purpose, God’s will and God’s power. They don’t always go well with what the personality wants. How can you make your own personality tune into God’s will and purpose? You know that. JJ: has taught us that lots of time. By using what?

Audience: Soul contact.

Anni: Yes, soul contact. That’s the way. For example, if I wanted to go to the Gathering I could do it for two reasons. I could say, “I want to meet these people, I love these people, I want to go there.” Or I could say, “God wants me to go there. My soul wants me to go there.” That’s two different purposes really. Mine was the first. (Laughter)

If you tune into the highest you know, the highest you can perceive and get, that’s the highest point of God’s will you can find, God’s purpose, you won’t go wrong. Of course, we can not perceive all of it yet, we can get some of it. That’s the way to manifest it all. You tune in and get some soul contact on what direction we’re going, what’s the purpose of God, what does my soul want me to do? You then put some tension on it and it will manifest as long as it’s the highest you know and it does not obstruct the purpose of God. God’s purpose will happen on earth. We cannot change that as human beings. No way. It will happen. What we can do is to speed it up or slow it down. We can help or we can say, “no! no! no! It’s too dangerous. I don’t want to do this or that.”

The first ray is also called the ray of destruction. It’s a very powerful ray. Even the words, the ray of power, say that. It is a very powerful ray. It’s like in order for something new to be born something has to die. Think about a big city. There are lots of tall buildings in the city but they get old and people want to put in new things. Beautiful new buildings maybe. What do you need to do? You have to tear down the old, get a bulldozer in there and tear them down. So it is with the first ray. It will go in and tear things down and break down and destroy things. Not for destruction itself but to make room for new things and give birth to new things.

When Atlantis had to disappear first ray went in and wham! It ended it to give birth to something new and better; new civilizations. When I talk about people vibrating on the different rays it’s similar to types.

Actually according to DK there are no people on earth right now who are pure first ray people because they would be much too strong for us. We’re not ready for it yet. But some of us are influenced by the first ray in some ways. If you’re very influenced by the first ray what sort of person would you be? You’d be a leader, a born leader. You’d be a person who would go do it. If you see a goal is there you’d just go do it.

I don’t know if I’m right but I was thinking about Tony Blair during the war of Iraq. The British people didn’t want this war very much. About seventy percent said they didn’t want the war. It was something he had to do. He didn’t care about the consequences. There was a goal he had so he went ahead and he did it and he knew it might cost him his job if everything went wrong but he didn’t care about the consequences. It was a job to be done. Such are the people who are influenced by this ray. They do the job. They’re very responsible people and will take the responsibility and go by themselves. This can be good and bad. Like everything else, it has to be balanced. If they’re really strong and good leaders they’ll do what’s best for humanity, for everybody. They also need to be influenced by the second ray of love and wisdom to be really good leaders. If they go too much to the other side they can become tyrants or people who really want to control and they’ll be bad people like Napoleon or someone like that. But of course they aren’t only politicians and leaders. I think a guy like Picasso who changed art, he destroyed old ways of painting and created new ways could be influenced by some first ray too.

I have this little book that’s an English book called, The Human Temperaments by G. Hudson. He’s written about the rays and has this part I like very much. It’s a game you can play with yourself to help see the different rays. When you go into a shop and observe the people shopping it’s really fun to see how they react in different ways. The first ray person coming into the shop will walk in and say, “Here I am. I’d like a white shirt please.” He gets the shirt, turns around and leaves, very calm and purposeful. All business. I’ll take the other rays as we go along.

The second ray is called the ray of love and wisdom. Of course there are three sub-aspects here too. Do you know what they are? Well, it’s called the ray of love and we’ve already said wisdom. Leonardo Da Vinci said something like, “to love something you have to understand it.” What do you think the third one is?

Audience: Understanding!

Anni: Yea, right! It’s really true isn’t it? It’s really easy to hate something you do not understand. We all know that. So understanding is a very important ingredient. But of course it’s not enough because a person can understand you perfectly well but still use that understanding for selfish purposes. If someone came to my house with a gun and I said, “Hey I’m really scared you’re going to kill me or my kids and take my things away.” He’ll understand that but will he change his ways? I doubt it because he knew that already before he came there. He’ll still act for selfish purposes. It takes more than understanding. It takes love and wisdom. A lot of people get confused with this ray, at least in Denmark. It might be different here. In Denmark we have a lot of new age people who teach a lot about love. “Love each other. Go and love each other.” You’re wondering how do I love other people. “Just go there and make them happy. Don’t think. Just do what they want. Follow your heart.” It took me a while to see the difference between the higher and lower aspects of love.

The lower is a solar plexus feeling. It’s that warm and fuzzy nice feeling of love but you really need to apply wisdom to it. Wisdom is the mental aspect of love, of this ray. DK is a Master of wisdom. The Lords of Compassion too are all on the second ray. They have very pure hearts like Mother Theresa and in the laws of wisdom they apply the mental power. They have to have the mental also and use the mental abilities in the second ray.

Second ray people have a tendency to withdraw from the world. They’d rather study and meditate and be by themselves because the world is a hard place to be. So they withdraw from the world and they sit and they meditate and if they don’t see this they can keep doing this for a real long time. What they need is to go out and do something in the real world. That’s a hard part for them to do. It’s also the ray of teachers. It’s the ray of the Christ and the Buddha.

Not every teacher you meet is on the second ray. It’s much more complex than that but it is called the ray of teachers because the world teachers are on this ray. There are lots of second ray souls on this earth right now. What do they have to do to balance their soft hearts? They need to go out and apply wisdom to what they do. It’s not about making everyone feel good, it’s about seeing a higher purpose. Maybe you even need to kick some ass sometimes. (Laughter) You do because in the end it will be better for them. How do you know that?

Audience: Wisdom, soul contact.

Anni: Wisdom and soul contact again. You need to tune-in and find the best way. It took me a real long time to learn these things. When you think about it, it’s like the parent with the kid who says, “Hey mom, I want to play on the highway. Please, please, please mom!” It’s very obvious that you’d make the child very happy by saying yes, for a very short time at least. But if you say no and explain why not, you’re really helping them much more. That’s love. That’s second ray love.

Audience: I think Jesus embodied this second ray love when He said, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” He didn’t say feel.

Anni: That’s right. They have to go together, they’re very closely connected. They should be. That’s what we need to learn. The second ray person coming into a store would be like this. They pick up cues right away. “There’s somebody behind me who is angry. He wants to come in front of me. Is he happy now? Look she’s smiling. What a lovely shirt you’re wearing today.” They want everyone to be happy. When they go out they wonder if they should go back and tell people more nice things to make them happy. That’s the second ray person. (Laughter)

Do you have anything to add to second ray? There are a lot of things we could say but we don’t want to take too long. There are a lot of things about astrology and the different rays and planets and symbols but you can read that stuff if you’re really in to it. Maybe JJ: will say more about it.

Okay, third ray. It’s called the ray of active intelligence. Of course there are three sub-aspects to this ray as well. I bet you know at least one of them very well because when we talk about purpose in the first and second what would be the third? You know this from the Molecular Relationship. There is purpose, there is love and what’s the opposite of love that creates the duality in the world?

Audience: Fear?

Anni: Almost. It’s light. There is light. There is active intelligence and the last one is knowledge. These people really want to understand things. They want to think and figure out things. The third ray is very closely linked with matter. This is where creation takes place. DK talked a lot about that ability in connection with this ray. It’s an important aspect of this ray that we need to adapt to things. We think that God has made everything ready for us to go take down. Tune into it and take it down and we’ll be fine. Just follow the laws of God. It’s not like that. God hasn’t figured everything out yet.

God knows he wanted to create and He knows how He wants it to be in the end but all the things in between we’re helping Him do. It’s like a big painting and the colors are still moving around. You can see them moving because God finds this little law and applies it and watches to see what happens.

We take that law into matter, into the earth, into our lives and we apply it. We see what happens and maybe it needs a little correction then there’ll come along another law. Not all laws are thought out beforehand. Some things are still changing. God doesn’t know how we’ll get there and we’re helping Him get there. We have our own free will so we can also change things by using that on earth. So it’s a game and we should have fun while doing this because God is having fun putting the puzzle together. That’s the ability to take and adapt it into our lives and take it all the way into matter on the physical plane.

Third ray people are very much into ideas and knowledge. They have broad perspectives. They can see something from everybody’s perspective. When you’re with someone who says I think this they’ll be able to see that. If someone says another view they’ll be able to see that too. They can see all around a thing. They have a broad perspective. It’s a blessing and a curse because it’s good to be able to see different things from different perspectives but it can also make it very hard for you to make a decision. What do you have to do if it’s hard to make a decision? How do you make the decision?

Audience: Soul contact.

Anni: Yes, soul contact again. Tuning in and finding the best way to do it right now. What’s the best thing to do right now. We’re not perfect and don’t get the perfect solution but we do the best we can. This taking an idea into matter, if you think about the founding fathers of the United States, they really did this. They took the idea of freedom and democracy and took it into laws and the constitution. They took it into matter and made it real. They created it on earth. That’s a third ray aspect to be able to do that. They were do-ers. They created. A chess player is also a very good example of this. They overview the whole game and see the different moves that can be made and they make a strategy. That’s a very third ray aspect.

Audience: If God doesn’t know how these things are going to turn out how can we know? If He doesn’t know ahead of time, how can we get soul contact?

Anni: God knows what the end will be and how it will be at the end, but He doesn’t know all the ways to get there because there are many different possibilities. He can see all of it at one time. We can only see a very small piece. He can see if He tries to put a new law into action how people might react and then see what happens. That’s the way that He can help us and our soul can help us.

We don’t go like this when we try to fulfill God’s purpose but sometimes we go like this and sometimes maybe backwards or around and around. There are many, many different ways. God can overview this all at one time and He knows when to apply some new laws. The soul will tell you how fill God’s purpose at the moment. So God is learning through us. He’s also experiencing. I know it’s quite a new way of looking at things and most people don’t think it’s really like that. They think God knows everything.

Third ray people can be very critical and very detached. They have to learn to apply more love, like everybody else. They’re often very sure that they’re right. When they think they’re right, they know they’re right.

Audience: When you come into life on certain rays, is that the way you stay?

Anni: I think we come into life with the rays but they change from one life to another. We have the personality ray chosen before we’re born because it’s a way of learning. We have to decide what we need to learn in different lifetimes. These rays will influence us in certain ways just like astrology. I think that’s pretty much chosen beforehand. Next lifetime they can change except the soul ray and that of the monad. Is that correct JJ:? If we come into life with the rays of the emotional, personality and soul, they can change from life to life?

JJ: That’s correct.

Audience: So we can change ourselves by concentrating on building up the weak areas?

Anni: Right. Rays are the psychology of the new age. That’s what DK says. The knowledge of the rays is the psychology of the new age and it’s really very complex. When you find your rays or think about your rays you can also see what you need to work on more closely.

Audience: So you have an emotional ray, a personality ray, a soul ray, etc and they’re all different rays?

Anni: You have your soul on one ray and that will stay stable through your lifetimes. That will not change. Your personality ray can change from lifetime to lifetime. You have a mental ray. Your mental body is vibrating on its special ray. Your emotional body is vibrating on a special ray and your physical body is vibrating on a special ray. Of course some bodies may be on the same ray. They don’t have to be different but often we do find they are vibrating on different rays.

Audience: Are the rays influenced by our astrological signs?

Anni: There is a connection. I don’t know them by heart but I’ve read that one ray will work through three signs.

There is at least one planet involved in every ray and maybe even three planets. We’ve got a list of those if you’d like to look at the list.

JJ: Planet Earth itself is vibrating on the third ray. Each of the signs corresponds to a ray, several rays actually depending on your stage of evolution.

Audience: So we, as a soul, decide to incarnate with certain rays. Are we then born under a sign with those rays or do we pick the sign to be born under and then those signs affect us?

Audience: It would be the same thing.

JJ: Well, it isn’t what comes first. Do you open the door to go outside or are you just there. It’s like there’s a certain time to be born and when you are born you’re under certain astrological influences and each one of those influences is tempered by one of the rays.

Audience: So I’m Cancer and second ray and Cancer goes with second ray so whether I chose to be Cancer or I chose to be second ray, it’s the same thing?

JJ: You may be on ray six but astrologically you may be a strong ray seven. It’s another influence. There are a lot of influences out there. DK points out that everything is complicated but if you wanted to be a doctor like Rose Marie, it takes a tremendous amount of study, right? He says you need to do the same thing in metaphysics. You need to approach it like you’re getting a doctor degree.

Audience: I’m wondering what my principle ray is. By the descriptions, the one that sounds most like me, does that mean it’s my soul ray?

Anni: Not necessarily. I’ve gone around like that and said this must be my soul ray. Today I’m really sure about my soul ray, but that’s just about it.

Audience: So it would probably be more like a composite mixture?

Anni: One way to do it is to look at the vices of the different rays because you know what your drawbacks are. You don’t need to tell everyone else but if you’re honest with yourself sometimes you can figure it out from there. That’s what I do. There’s just one thing left for me now and that’s to show you the third ray person in the store. Before I go into the store I know exactly what I want because I’ve thought about all the different possibilities. So I just enter. I’m not trying to get a personal relationship with the guy so I just enter, wait for my turn and tell him I’d like a white shirt. I explain the material and he gives it to me. I say, “Thank you very much” and walk out. I don’t even think about if that guy was happy or not. This was just a job.

Audience: I have a question. With the second ray person did you say they don’t even know what they want? Do they find something they like and buy it without a goal when they enter the store?

Anni: Yes, they do have a goal when they walk into the store. This is sort of a fun demonstration. Some of the rays would be more influenced by what they see in the store, like a sixth ray person. They go in and say, “That’s a lovely shirt you’re wearing. Can I buy this here?” They’re more impulsive. Of course they all know what they want. They all have their goals and purposes. It’s just the way we react differently. (Applause!)

Dec 29, 2003

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