McCall Gathering 2000, Part 11

McCall Gathering 2000, Part 11

Radiant and Magnetic Healing

JJ: What happens when the soul energy comes in the body? Soul energy controls the form. When the soul energy is weak, the form tends to destabilize, it falls apart. When the soul energy is strong, the energy that holds the body together is strong. The job of the healer consists in releasing the soul so life can flow throughout the entire body and hold it together and create vitality. What we are going to seek to do is to release the soul. One soul can stimulate another to a great degree. There are two methods of healing. One is called magnetic healing and the other is healing by radiation. With magnetic healing you actually touch the physical body. With radiation you don’t touch the physical body. The laying on of hands is magnetic healing. We’re going to try both of them.

One person gets up and sits on a chair in the center of the group.

JJ: We’re going to start with her with magnetic healing. Everybody step forward. We put our left arm around each other and right hand on her real lightly. We’ll sound the OM and visualize the door opening to the soul.

Audience & JJ:


JJ: Everyone say: “We see the perfect Son of God rise up in you.”

JJ:Talking to the person in the center: Now, you say, “I feel the perfect presence of God rising up in me.”




JJ: Let’s say these words, “All imperfection is replaced by perfection.” This is repeated by everyone.

Everyone repeat, “All discomfort is dissipating now.”

While your mind is open, visualize the discomfort lifting up now.”




JJ: Everyone repeat, “I believe the healing power of Christ is manifesting now.”

Talking to the person in the center. You say, “I feel the healing power of Christ rising up in me now.”


Everyone repeat: “The healing power of soul and spirit is manifesting in your body from your head to your toes.”

Talking to the person in the center. Repeat, “I accept the healing gifts the spirit has to offer.”

Person in center repeats three times.



We’ll OM one more time visualizing all the discomfort lifting out of this person.




Who wants to be next? This time we’re going to try healing by radiation.

This time we’ll do the same things only we won’t touch. Visualize light coming from your pineal area. You have two streams of light going through your hand and going to the centers that need the energy. You can send it to a specific center if there seems to be a center that needs it.

Visualize this Light coming from the center of your forehead and the beam of light going through your hand.



JJ: Talking to the person in the center, “We send you the perfect healing energy in the presence of God.” Everyone repeats and OM’s.

Everyone: Repeats the above and OM’s.

Talking to the person in the center, now you say, “I receive with gladness all the gifts of the spirit.”




Two more OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM’s a little louder each time and the person in the center is asked to repeat: “I receive with gladness all the gifts of the spirit.”



Person in center repeats:

I receive with gladness all the gifts of the spirit.



Audience: I felt some physical sensations, tingling in my hands.

JJ: It’s the culmination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Where water, land and air meet, then you bring in spirit. The magician stands on the point that is neither wet nor dry. This opens the door to the soul. The soul is just a point. It is the point where spirit and matter meet. The soul energy is the doorway that brings the spirit energy down. Nobody has much conscious resistance against being healed. We have our own inner resistance. That’s why we emphasize for the people to accept.

People have a lot of problems where they feel they don’t deserve to be healed, unconsciously. They may not mentally express it but they feel it. They adjust to negative circumstances so much that if that negative circumstance isn’t there, they feel a gap. That’s why it’s important to accept the healing energy. If you can accept it with no resistance because the healing energy cannot do its job if there is resistance.

One of my favorite scriptures is where Christ went to visit his old hometown after he began his mission. The word had circled back that He was supposed to be some kind of miracle worker. They had a local meeting at the Synagogue and they had some scrolls from Isaiah and anyone in the audience could come forward and read a verse out of the scrolls, give an interpretation and sit back down. Jesus got up and read a verse which was a prophecy of the Messiah who would come and open the doors of healing so the blind could see. He laid it back down and said, “This day, in your eyes, is this scripture now fulfilled.” In other words he was telling them that the time of the manifestation of the Messiah is now here right in front of your eyes.

The audience began to get very disturbed because of this interpretation of the scripture. Jesus said, “In the days of Elijah, there were many widows.” There was a great famine in the days of Elijah. Elijah visited one particular widow and she had a little bit of wheat in the bottom of the barrel and as long as Elijah stayed with her there was always this little bit of wheat in the bottom of the barrel. Jesus says to them, “There were many widows in the days of Elijah and only one widow was visited by Elijah.” Then he gave other examples.

Jesus said, “There was an Israelite prophet who cured this leper. There were many Israelite lepers and they weren’t cured and here comes this one non Israelite with faith and he was cured.” I think Jesus gave three examples from the scriptures of miracles. Then Jesus said, “Just as these people weren’t visited by miracles, you won’t be visited by miracles because you have no faith.”

The whole audience rushed him and grabbed him and hauled him out of the synagogue and dragged him to the edge of a cliff, they were so angry with him. All the scriptures say about it is that Jesus got free but they don’t tell how he did it. The people who knew him, had no faith in him but the strangers had tremendous faith. The local people had barriers. The strangers didn’t look at His personality. They only looked at His words and what He presented in the now.

That’s what has to happen. The future and the past are like land and water. The past and present and future all meet at one point to where you only see the one thing then the magic can be wrought, like a miracle. When you let the past and future enter in when dealing with people where miracles are supposed to occur, it creates barriers to the soul. The same thing with relationships. You fall in love at first and after awhile you see the past in that person. You see everything about them you don’t like. You have to eliminate that to see the person and see them in the now.

Audience: Inaudible question regarding using colors in healing.

JJ: Colors are good but unless you know which colors are needed and you have extrasensory perception as to which is accurate, the safest colors are white, gold and violet. Unless you know what colored lights are needed to recharge that other person, it’s best to play it safe with white, gold and violet. Gold is a safe color to use. Violet is the light most people need. Most of us don’t have enough of it.

JJ: Any other questions.


JJ: We must just want to soak up the healing energies here. Well, let’s talk about barriers because someone brought up the barriers.

JJ: What did you feel about barriers when we manifested the healing?

Audience: You could hear a barrier in the voice of the person being healed.

JJ: That’s why I had them repeat it. It didn’t sound like they were accepting it one-hundred percent. We have to accept our healing energy in a group. Some are more resistant. Healing energy is contagious and that’s a good thing.

Audience: My mother taught me that I couldn’t pray for myself. I had to ask for other people, I couldn’t ask for myself. My mother told me I was too ugly and too uncoordinated and it is something I have work at to open myself up and let myself heal and have something for myself.

JJ: Sometimes it is easier to be giving than in a receiving position. Many people sacrifice themselves in service but don’t take care of themselves. Equality means we are as equal to receive. Most disease is caused by feelings that we are not as good as the next guy and also a lot of disease is caused by a desire to control others. You’ve heard about the mother who gets ill because the daughter isn’t paying enough attention to her. The mother gets ill and it forces the daughter to pay attention to her. This happens, too. We bring on a lot of our own problems. The healing energy can overcome a lot of the resistance.

Comments about the healing session posted to the Keys by Margaret, June 23, 2000

Saturday morning Lorraine taught us a new game: “Do You Love Your Neighbor?” – a modification of “Fruit Basket Upset” where the person in the center tries to get a chair in the surrounding circle. After she instructed us in the rules, we did a couple practice tries. Then we started the game for real. On the Very First Round of the game, Larry and I were dashing for the sole remaining empty chair in the circle. The winner of this dash would get the chair and the loser would be in the center. In my typical “give it all you’ve got” fashion, I threw myself at the chair, which decided, at that very moment in time, to begin skittering backwards, probably terrified at this body that was hurtling itself toward it. (Actually, the chairs were rather light weight and I must have been touching it lightly…)

So instead of landing in the chair in the usual rump first position, I managed to hit the front edge of the seat with the back of my head – with enough force to break off the leg of the chair! (Yes, yes, I heard plenty later about being so hard-headed!) – which sent both the chair and I crashing to the ground. Larry had, wisely, pulled back slightly, evidently not needing to be a part of my catastrophe energy!

And here’s where the real part of the story begins. Even as I lay there in pain on the floor and JJ and a couple others rush to my aid, I feel the hush in the room and the energy begins to build as the group focuses their caring on my predicament. The force of the bang to my head really rattled my whole nervous system and I was very quivery on the inside with tears streaming down my face – not from the pain as much as from the shock to my head. Phoebe dashed to her cabin and brought me some “Rescue Remedy” which immediately settled my nervous system back down. I sat out the rest of the game ’cause I felt pretty ‘out of it’.

We then resumed our morning session with JJ, had lunch, free-time (while others hiked, I slept for 2 hrs.- the whap on the head had definitely taking its toll on my system) and then resumed our afternoon session around 3:30pm with a Healing Circle. By this time I had developed a headache, a nice little lump on my head, a sore neck and shoulders, and definitely felt my energies were rather muted.

JJ put me in the circle first and everyone squished in close for a hands-on healing. WOW! What an experience.

I was immediately aware of the increased energy present in the circle and in my body and aura. I felt very open to whatever might happen with no particular expectations, however knowing that full healing was very possible. So I decided to just be open to Whatever and observe what was happening in my body. The first thing I was aware of was the release of (lots of) tension in my upper neck at the base of my skull. (Here I might note that I fell down the stairs when I was 9 yrs. old and broke my 2nd vertebra. This old injury has played a constant part of my life with a weak neck, easily susceptible to strain and injury. From this blow to my head I could have fully expected a major mal-alignment of my cervical vertebrae.)

There was a very warm, glowing, pleasant feeling all around the injury site and neighboring neck areas. I had no sooner silently noted to myself that I still had the headache although it wasn’t as bad, when JJ said to the group, “Just a little bit more…” Then the headache gradually faded until it was no more. Shortly after that JJ led the group to end my healing. I was left with only a little residual stiffness and tightness at the base of my neck- which I had brought to camp with me.

22 people focused on being spiritual conduits is truly a powerful force and I am living testimony that that was certainly the case! An injury that could have truly dogged me for the rest of the week-end and beyond, became a no-thing! People kept asking me later how I was doing and I truly meant it when I said, “Fine, Great!.”

Because of my injury years ago I see a chiropractor on a fairly regular basis and was scheduled to see him on Tuesday after returning from the Gathering. I was very curious as to what he would say when he felt my neck. And indeed he confirmed what I already felt when he said ‘your neck is in better shape than I’ve seen it in a *long* time!’ [translation: ever; I’ve been seeing him for about 8 yrs. now]

So that’s my story.

First posted Aug 23, 2004. The Gathering took place June, 2000.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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