Love Is…?

Love Is…?

Many people have reservations about examining love on an individual basis for several reasons.

One of the main reasons is that when love is felt the ability to accurately describe it is difficult to put into words. You can’t really say that love feels like A, B or C because love only feels like love.

Another problem is that many have heard the idea of love tossed around a lot, but have not yet experienced it themselves in fullness. They thus have difficulty in describing that which they have only partially experienced.

Consider this:

Is love a feeling or is love that which produces the feeling?

The feeling is only the vehicle of love and the actions that bring the feeling to life is the fuel that sets love aflame.

So what is this power which lies in back of the feeling and actions that we call love?

It all goes back to the two energies which create our manifested universe

(1) Radiation (Light)

(2) Magnetism (Love)

The power of radiation caused the singularity at the center to expand toward unlimited space.

After the expansion the power of magnetism (Love) creates a pull to draw all elements back to their source.

In other words, radiation creates space and the expansion of space, whereas magnetism, or love collapses space and brings the many into the One. Light is the world without – Love is the World within.

The present interplay of radiation and magnetism (or Light and Love) causes a sustaining power that keeps our universe in manifestation. Because the universe is still expanding we are to assume that Light presently dominates Love as a whole. Yet within certain concretized planets and systems in the universe, Love dominates Light. Because the total domination by love is yet future this explains why those who look toward the future as a better world are more in alignment with love than those who dwell upon the past.

Simply put Love is that driving force which pulls us toward oneness and becomes manifested through our feelings.

Is hate the opposite of love?

When considering the feeling world alone it is indeed, but from a wholeness point of view it is not.

One can say that a black car is opposite in color to a white car yet they are both owned by the same driver.

The driver of the feelings of love and hate is the one originating energy of love. The difference is that the feeling of love plays the energy in its purity whereas hate is a distortion like a note played out of tune.

Seeing Heaven

A reader quotes me as follows:

“Not all who have had visions of heaven have seen heaven. Some have seen hell and think through deluded sight they have seen the realms of the highest. On the other hand, all who can look upon the souls of their fellow men and women (whether these people be loving or full of gloom and negativity) and can see the face of Christ therein, and love this inner Christ – these people have seen heaven and have entered the Kingdom of God.”

Comment: Once again those are words, but no experience. And seeing good in people has nothing to do with heaven.

The above words are based on experience, my friend

You missed the point of the quote. I was not talking about merely “seeing the good” in people. Everyone, even the great unwashed thinks that’s a good idea.

Seeing the Christ in someone is much different than looking for a person’s good points. Looking for a person’s good points is something a personality does when viewing another personality. Looking for the Christ in another is something that must be done soul to soul and when this is perfected you can see the Christ in another even if you see zero good points in him as a person.

When Christ was on the cross he probably saw nothing praiseworthy about the bunch who nailed him to the cross, yet he saw the Christ, or the God within them, as he said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

I know, not from theory, but from hard earned experience that when one is able to see Christ with all people and love that Christ in even the least (most despicable of brethren) then heaven is experienced whether one is on earth or some other realm, it matters not.

Technically heaven is not seen, for the higher states are not limited to one of the senses, but must be experienced in wholeness. Heaven is seen, felt, heard, tasted, smelled and absorbed in totality, and this takes place when oneness through the soul in love occurs with the least of the brethren.

If you are interested in taking a journey to other realms, as many successfully have, you can check out the New Jerusalem meditation at: LINK

Copyright By J J Dewey

March 15, 2002

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