Knowledge and Purpose

Knowledge and Purpose

Question: Now what is the difference between one who has true knowledge in his brain, but has no soul contact about it and another who has true knowledge plus soul contact?

Many illusionary teachers want to over simplify things and present one giant step to a point of understanding or some type of liberation.

Accept Jesus and be saved is a popular one. This is one giant step that is advocated and nothing more will be required for all eternity.

New Agers are certainly not immune to the giant step illusion.

They often say the same thing but with different wording.

“Accept the Christ consciousness and that is all you need. That is the Second Coming and the whole ball of wax.

To see the unity and wholeness of an idea it is always good to divide and itemize. God even did this to understand Itself. He multiplied himself and entered into his reflections so, in the end, the One Life can understand Itself.

Knowledge without soul contact is useful, but has no guidance. Such a possessor then is like the Titanic (a floating ship of knowledge) unable to steer away from an iceberg which could sink it.

Knowledge with soul contact has two main advantages.

First, one has guidance in the correct use of knowledge.

Secondly one can know that he knows.

There is a difference between knowing and knowing that you know.

In regular knowing an item seems true and all evidence seems to bear this out. When your soul confirms knowledge you go a step further and “know that you know” because the witness speaks to the real part of yourself which never fails.

Knowledge, by itself even when confirmed through soul contact, has no stability without the other two legs of the triangle which are Wisdom and Understanding.

Now let us move to the second aspect of Wisdom and define it. Keep in mind that when we define words in this class that we are not looking for a strict dictionary definition, but one for this class that will help us understand the principle behind the word.

Wisdom. The use of knowledge under the guidance of the soul which leads to the greatest benefit for the largest number of possible recipients.

Example. If one uses computer knowledge to rob a bank he obviously lacks wisdom. But if he uses this knowledge to assist others to better themselves then we have knowledge guided by wisdom.

Now wisdom is a wonderful thing and so is knowledge but both of them would aimlessly drift along without the third aspect of understanding. Understanding gives eyes to knowledge and wisdom so the seeker is able to give completion to his service.

Using our analogy – he who knows can operate a computer and get on the internet. He who has wisdom will seek to put this knowledge to good purpose – for instance helping crime victims.

But he who has understanding will see how to communicate the knowledge so it will be received and put to use. If knowledge and wisdom are not put to use then it would be as if they did not exist.

Knowledge is connected to the throat center, wisdom belongs in the heart and understanding is directed by the head.

The next principles to discuss are centered around the first aspect of power which in turn is divided into Will-Power-Purpose.

How would you define these three divine aspects and how do you suppose they provide a key to manifesting that which the seeker Decides?

The power behind all of these is the power which activates Decision, for it is only after a decision has been made that Purpose is made manifest even though they both silently co-exist in the mind of the Creator. Then it is only after a purpose is sensed that Power can be applied. Again it is only after purpose and power are in play that Will can be exercised to manifest the decision.

Will-Power-Purpose working together synthetically manifests the first ray which is called Power.

Not only is every aspect subdivided into three, but they also have their lower octave. The lower octave is much easier for average humanity to comprehend.

The lower octave of Will-Power-Purpose is


To understand the higher one must see both the lower and the higher and let light be shed through the principle of contrasts which is the principle behind vision.

Let us start with Purpose.

The normal way of looking at Purpose is to see it as “a fixed design or idea” as an objective to be achieved. This is an excellent definition, but it applies to the lower octave. In other words, an objective is a goal to be achieved. But when the goal is achieved the objective no longer exists. Because an objective has a beginning and end it then cannot be the highest aspect of Purpose for the divine aspects in their purity have no beginning and no end and are eternal.

There is no word in the dictionary that exactly represents the Divine aspect of Purpose so we can’t rely on dictionary definitions, except as a hint.

The best one in my computer dictionary reads as follows:

“The object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or a goal.

Question: What is Purpose and how is it different from an objective?

Hints: An objective has a beginning and end. How could it be that Purpose would be eternal?

We are told that faith is a power that can move mountains. Is purpose related to the power that makes faith work?

We are definitely headed in the right direction in the understanding of this aspect which has never been clearly explained in any writings known to me.

Anni in particular was right on target, but let me add one correction. She says: . “Purpose is the vibrating energy in the universe creating our reality on all levels.”

Let me rephrase this to read:

“Purpose is that which causes vibration so that within that vibration lies all energy, form, plans and goals.”

Anni is right on target when she says:

“Many objectives are contained within the one Purpose. Just as a principle reveals many facts, Purpose reveals many objectives.”

Good use of the Law of Correspondences there Anni. You would never know English is your second language.

We are talking about a concept that is not defined in any dictionary here so we have to talk around it and intuitively pick up the reality. He who can truly understand Purpose will have “all power in heaven and earth” as Jesus said was given to him.

Purpose is not an objective, goal or plan, but is that from which they all originate. It is not an energy but is that from which energy originates.

Let us say there is only one Plan and the idea that there are many plans is merely illusion for the idea of many plans in the mind of God is illusion. Because there is one Plan from One Purpose both the Plan and the Purpose is eternal for only oneness can be eternal.

The One Purpose manifesting the One Plan seems to differentiate into many goals and objectives. Our mission is to find the next objective in alignment with purpose and become one with it through our attention. When the power of Attention is one with the Purpose of God all things are possible and the magical power of the soul is manifest.

Nov 3, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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