Gathering 2004, Part 17

Gathering 2004, Part 17
The Progression of Life

Audience: Are you saying that at the beginning of creation that God had experience through matter?

JJ: Exactly right. This is before man was created. When God was perfecting the atoms there was no life as we know it. The mind of God was concentrating on perfecting the atoms. When He was concentrating on perfecting the atoms, the little particles had consciousness. Using their consciousness, they experimented through the mind of God to perfect the first hydrogen atom. When they got it perfected to the point it couldn’t be improved on any more, they went with it. Billions and trillions of hydrogen atoms have since been created and they’re all almost exactly the same. Each hydrogen atom is very minutely different but so closely similar that scientists can’t tell one from the other.

From a scientific point of view, it looks like a hydrogen atom here is the same as one in the Andromeda system or the same as one on Pluto and the same everywhere. These little hydrogen atoms appear to be the same everywhere. They’re so perfect that in all the universe they’re made by exactly the same principles. The reason they’re made exactly the same is because they can’t be improved upon. When they create the final version of Microsoft Word everybody will get it because it does everything we want. That’ll be the version we finally settle on. It may even duplicate past versions for variety.

The little particles that make up the atoms cooperated with the mind of God and the consciousness of God was there so at that time they were conscious. They were consciously cooperating. That’s how it was created, by the conscious cooperating life within the little particles moving together to experiment to create the perfect atom. Scientists are mystified by this for they cannot explain the perfect balance of energy that allows the various atoms to remain stable.

When the hydrogen atom was created, consciousness experimented making the more complex ones like helium and carbon and so on. All sorts of experiments had to happen where the little particles were cooperating with the mind of God in making these complex atoms. Fair minded scientists look at the complexity of the microcosmic world and think, “Wow, this is evidence that there’s a God because it’s so complex that something had to create it.”

Well, it created itself. The little particles created themselves through experimentation, over and over and over through billions of years related to their time, until the atomic world was perfected.

Then the next step was for the atoms to join together to create molecules. When this step was in creation, the mind of God was then in the atoms; in the whole atom as a self, instead of in the protons, the neutrons and electrons being the conscious creators.

The atoms were like little people getting together creating. How can we create something greater than ourselves? They got together experimenting in different unions. They experimented with monogamy, polygamy (laughter) and other relationships until the atoms found what worked to create different kinds of molecules. We’ll talk about the water molecule since we all know about it. They finally decided that two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen united together produced a stable molecule of water which was the basis for the creation of many other forms.

Audience: inaudible question

JJ: We’ll get to that but everything does involved numbers. They say God is a great mathematician. The next step was when the molecules began to be formed then the consciousness of God shifted into the molecules and the molecules became conscious creators and the molecules began to form cells. Look at these molecules as little people. There are several million of them. Several million get together and decide to build a perfect city. They attempt to do it but the first city is bad with lots of crime and political strife. That city gets destroyed. They build another city which is a bit better but there are still a lot of problems so they build another one. After maybe a thousand attempts they finally get a city that’s flawless. They finally have a city so good that it cannot be improved upon any more. The several billion molecules that got together and did this created the first living cell.

The first living cell didn’t happen instantaneously. It required experimenting over and over and over. People think that when the mind of God decides to create something it’s a matter of snapping fingers and it’s made. But that isn’t the way it worked. The mind of God has to experiment. The mind of God experimented by throwing Its consciousness in these little particles. The little particles became alive in consciousness and they cooperated in experimenting over and over again over a very long period of time until they had a city that was perfected. That perfected city was the first living cell.

Audience: Then the consciousness comes to us? How does it work?

JJ: Assaf asked if our cells continue to have consciousness. Not in the same way they did back then. Once they reach perfection time ended for them and they continue on a computer-like program that does not need further adjustment. Consciousness as we understand it has to take place through time. When relative perfection is achieved time ceases. When time ceases, in order to experience time and consciousness you need to elevate your consciousness to a higher level. So for the cells in your body to experience time they need to do so through your brain. They are attempting to be one with your consciousness just as we are attempting to be one with the consciousness of God. We are attempting to see through the eyes of God as the little cells in your body are attempting to see through your eyes and feel what you feel and understand what you understand. That’s their goal.

Audience: comment inaudible.

JJ: They say the cells duplicate about fifteen times then they die. Each time they duplicate there is a bit of imperfection passed on, a little bit of corruption. Just like in book IV, using the game of Chinese Whispers, there is corruption each time it goes around the circle. In fifteen duplications there is enough corruption from beginning to end to kill the fifteenth cell. If we can minimize the corruption by good food, exercise and taking care of ourselves and positive thoughts it will minimize the corruption because in a positive atmosphere the cells have less deterioration and less corruption.

We have the cells and they begin to gather together. Think of the cell as a whole city of entities that have gathered together. They finally achieve perfection. Let me emphasize a strange thing about perfection is when it happens normal consciousness has to be transcended. Once relative perfection is achieved consciousness as we know it has very little meaning. It’s almost like going to sleep because what is there to do?

Remember that Twilight Zone where that guy thought he went to heaven. An angel gave him everything he wanted. He gambled and had prostitutes. He was thinking he would go to hell, but here he was in heaven with all these things and it was great. After a few days he got tired of it and said to the angel, “I don’t think I like heaven. It’s not what I expected.” The angel says to him, “What makes you think you’re in heaven?” He was really in hell. Once you get relative perfection where all your desires are fulfilled, meaning is lost and you have to find new meaning in a higher consciousness.

Audience: Does that apply to us too? At the time we reach a certain level there will be no more mankind, we will evolve upward into a higher level or species?

JJ: You will always be you but you evolve upward through the gathering principle and identify with the next level of life.

Two and two continue to make four, in spite of the whine of the amateur for three, or the cry of the critic for five. James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Posted July 9, 2005

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