Gathering 2004, Part 16


Gathering 2004, Part 16
The Mystery of the Gathering

JJ: Let’s start with raising our vibrations up and we’ll do some different things, then a little later we’ll talk about the Gathering of Lights, which is a fascinating subject.

Follow me in the Oms again. OOOMMMMMMMMMMM


Remember the OM destroys anything negative in your path. Negativity cannot withstand the sound of the true OM. Visualize yourself being lifted up. OOOMMMMMMMMMMMM

That’s harder after a meal, isn’t it? I think we all felt lighter the first time, didn’t we?

I think we’ll talk about the Gathering of Lights now then later after our meal is digested, we’ll do more spiritual work.

Does anyone know which subject of the Bible is covered more often than any other subject? It’s the gathering. Have any of you ever heard a sermon in church or on TV by anybody on the Gathering of Lights or the Gathering of Israel? You never hear about it, do you? Yet it’s talked about in the Bible more than any other subject.

Near the end of Jesus’ life He went outside of Jerusalem and it says He wept. It says He said these words, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.” Matt 23:37-38 So, right near the end of Jesus’ mission He goes outside of Jerusalem and He weeps because He says He attempted to gather Israel and they would not gather and He wept over that. This is something you’ll never hear a sermon about because people do not understand the Gathering. One of the scriptures calls the Gathering a mystery. Why do you suppose it’s called a mystery? Is it perhaps called a mystery because nobody understands what it is or the principle behind it.

In the history of the scriptures we have several attempted Gatherings. The first Gathering that we know of was not too successful. It tells us that a person named Noah attempted to gather people into an ark. How many came into the ark? Just his family because he was feeding them plus the different types of animals he captured and took inside. But no one voluntarily came and gathered with Noah. What’s the second Gathering that was somewhat successful?

Audience: The tower of Babel?

JJ: That was kind of a gathering but it was more of a dispersion. They gathered to build the tower and when they gathered to build it the scripture says, “Now that they are of one tongue as they have gathered to build the tower, there is nothing that is beyond their ability to do.” That’s an interesting statement, isn’t it? There was nothing they could not do. What did they want to do? They wanted to build a tower to reach Heaven.

There are a lot of interpretations on that. Some people think it was some type of space ship that they were going to send off and God didn’t want them to go into space. Others think it was just a great big tower. It’s symbolic of a lot of things. The interesting part is the voice of God as recorded as saying there that there is nothing that these people can’t do because they are of one tongue and one mind. Being in that state of mind they can do almost anything.

There are legends that say God was looking over man and man becomes too powerful every now and then so they need to be whittled down to size so they do not challenge the power of the gods. The story says the gods are actually jealous of man because man is becoming too powerful and man will eventually dethrone God and become gods themselves. These are some of the legends that are in our history. It sounds somewhat like that in the Tower of Babel in the fact that God looks down and says, “Man these guys are becoming too powerful. I need to give every man a different language so they can’t understand each other then they’ll disperse and be powerless.”

What’s the major Gathering in the Old Testament? Moses. Moses gathered the greatest lights out of Egypt, the people who had the concept of one God. Everybody thinks he gathered slaves but he gathered more than slaves. The slaves weren’t just pure Hebrew blood. That’s the way it’s portrayed and hinted at in the scriptures, but the scriptures also tell us that Moses was in one place and the Hebrews were descended from different type of racial stock, not just Abraham alone. The ones who were called the Hebrew slaves weren’t pure descendants from Jacob but they were a composite of people who were put into slavery. Moses freed these people and he gathered them out. The people who gathered out and followed Moses were basically people who understood something that was a step higher than what had been understood by the general Egyptians. That was that there was one God that was to be worshipped. The idea behind the Gathering of Israel was to produce something higher than man had ever seen before.

Djwahl Khul talks about this through Alice A Bailey. He says in the Gathering of Israel that Israel is representative of the human race as a whole. The purpose behind it was to gather them out, raise their consciousness higher so that they could stimulate the evolution of the whole planet. He said it was a failure to a degree. Instead of looking upon themselves as representative of what other people should be, those who were gathered out looked upon themselves as unique and special and separate from everyone else. This caused the grand experiment to be less successful than the Hierarchy had hoped.

Let’s go in to the gathering principle as a whole. The gathering principle is the key principle behind all evolution, physical or spiritual. Think about that. The gathering principle is the guiding principle behind all evolution, physical or spiritual. Let’s go into the physical.

After the big bang there were all kinds of random particles. The particles began to gather. The particles gathered to produce greater particles until they produced particles that we can understand, like electrons and protons and neutrons and the particles that make them up and so on. The gathering that we can understand is as far as we have a rudimentary understanding on the atom. The atom is a composite gathering or particles which we call neutrons, protons and electrons. The neutrons and protons gather in the center while the electrons gather in the periphery. They are opposite polarities. By the gathering principle all the atoms of the world were made.

One interesting way to look at this is, it says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Some scholars have dissected the word ‘Elohim’ for God saying that part of the word represents male and the other part represents female, El and Heem. El means powerful, mighty or strong. I’ve heard several different interpretations on ‘heem’. Maybe Assaf has some insights. One of the interpretations I’ve heard about ‘heem’ is that it represents ‘covenant’. I’ve heard others besides that. Does that make sense to you? Consider that this may be true. Strong covenants between male and female energies create the heavens and the earth. That’s the literal reading of the first verse of the Bible.

So, what created the atoms that create the heavens and the earth? Strong bonding between electrons, negative energies and protons, positive energies; strong bonding between male and female energies creates the heavens and the earth. Now we take these atoms. The atoms join together and they create molecules.

Molecules are the next step in evolution. Again, the molecules are created by the gathering of atoms and the gathering of certain types of atoms. To create a water molecule nature sifts through everything until it settles on hydrogen and oxygen. It doesn’t accept nitrogen. It doesn’t accept carbon. It doesn’t accept zinc or copper or any of these other things. It will only accept hydrogen and oxygen and out of all the elements it gathers hydrogen and oxygen to create water. It gathers peculiar atoms into combinations to form other things and to produce different types of molecules from sugar, alcohol and all types of molecules that exist about us. So, the gathering principle creates the next step. What’s the next step after that? Are the molecules then gathered?

Molecules gather into various compounds and orders until the next great step in evolution occurs. And what is that? A cell. A cell is a gathering together of all kinds of different molecules that are specifically designed or needed for this creation. The cells are created by gathering of all types of molecules; the gathering of certain ones to create the DNA, and others to create the genes and so on. We have a whole city or almost a whole earth or planet of different types of molecules gathered together to create one living cell. One living cell has a complexity that boggles the imagination.

What gathers next? In the beginning of our evolution, we had one-celled organisms. For many millions of years that’s probably about all we had on the earth. Eventually they gathered together and created greater organisms, amoebas and eventually different types of fish. We had different types of insects, lizards and animals and birds. These cells gathered together to create many sorts of living things.

Audience: inaudible

JJ: What causes this is what I call the intelligence of God. The Universal Mind or the Mind of God concentrates on the current point of evolution on any particular planet or sphere. This is where the mind of God is. When the mind of God finishes its job then it leaves and goes to the next step. That which is left behind is then like a giant computer program that runs by itself and the mind of God doesn’t need to consciously concentrate on it. Your heart beats without a need for you to think about it. It’s like a computer program. Some people think it’s controlled by your subconscious mind.

There is no such thing as a subconscious mind. It’s an oxymoron. If you have a subconscious mind, it means it’s below the threshold of your consciousness. If it’s below consciousness, then it’s not consciousness. Consciousness is only something that’s conscious. You don’t have a subconscious mind any more than your computer has a subconscious mind. You have computer programs that run yourself and this is what they call the subconscious. If you tell a psychologist that he’ll think you’re crazy, but think about the oxymoron here. If something is below your consciousness how can it really be conscious?

What we think is below our conscious mind is like a running computer program. The mind of God creates and as it begins to create there is a lot of imperfection involved. It’s like us who are in the image of God.

When we create something, like software, we have version one, version two, version three, version fifteen. Maybe by version one hundred we’ll get it perfect so it can’t be improved anymore. This is what God does. He creates version one of man, version two of man, version three. Eventually He creates a version where any improvements would be very minimal and reaches a point where working on improvements would be a waste of time. This is what we call relative perfection.

There is no such thing as absolute perfection. There’s only relative perfection. Relative perfection is when something works so well that it’s extremely difficult to improve it. It’s like having the final version of Microsoft Word. When Bill Gates finally gets it the engineers won’t be able to figure out how to improve on it. They’ll look at this final version and think, “Man, we can’t really improve this. We’ve done everything possible. There’s no tweak we can put on. We’ve put on everything everyone has asked for. The thing talks. The thing writes in Hebrew. The thing will read your mind. It does everything you can imagine.” Eventually you’ll reach a point any improvements would be a judgment call and probably wouldn’t improve it at all.

This is the way the mind of God works. When the mind of God made the first atoms it made a lot of mistakes in their creation. He reconstructed them and made them again. If they fell apart the mind of God would put them back together. The mind of God is operating through the little particles of the atom itself so the little particles are controlled and tuned into the mind of God. All these little particles and the mind of God work together. The particles play around at balancing themselves off. Finally, they create a hydrogen atom that is so perfect that the mind of God cannot improve on this atom. It is almost flawless.

I not only use all the brains that I have, but all that I can borrow. Woodrow Wilson (1856 – 1924)

Posted July 6, 2005

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