Finishing the Seventh

Finishing the Seventh

The Question: How was the 7th Ray involved in the following?

The creation of the Constitution of the United States.
The invention of the light bulb
The creation of atomic energy
The Beatles
The Computer
Space Travel

Let us pick one of interest to all – the Beatles.

Before the Beatles most top hits bore the name of a single highlighted singer. Even if the singer had a band the group was recognized by the name of the lead character such as Glen Miller, Guy Lombardo or Perry Como.

Before the Beatles there were a handful of synthesized groups but they had little impact until the Fab Four came along and solidified the idea of a group with no one particular person as the main character.

Here is how the Beatles used the Seventh Ray as it came into greater power.

Organization: The organized their band, not around a central character, but an idea with all playing a part.

Synthesis: They took the best of all music, from ballads, to blues, rock and roll and made hits and went beyond what had been done before.

Magic: Their use of the Seventh Ray created a magic that had never been seen before in music.

One can go through the other categories mentioned in a similar fashion.

An interesting thing to note is that the Seventh Ray is coming into manifestation coinciding with the Age of Aquarius which is also ruled by this ray.

The incarnation of the Rays is a little like the incarnation of a human being. They come and go in physical livingness in cyclic order. The astrological signs are also governed by the Rays, but this is a separate influence from a Ray in incarnation.

Djwhal Khul tells us that the simultaneous appearance of Ray Seven in incarnation with the age of Aquarius is a rare thing. He writes:

“These seven energies have ever, unitedly, created the ‘light supernal’ upon the highest levels of divine expression, but that revealing light only finds Location when the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order is active and in process of manifestation in the three worlds, and necessarily, therefore, upon the seventh plane, the physical plane. Such a manifestation inevitably takes place in moments of planetary crisis, when the seventh ray is active and when the Sun is in Aquarius. Such a combination of relationships is being established now, for the seventh ray is rapidly coming into manifestation and the Sun is in Aquarius, for the Aquarian Age is just beginning. The Objective of this combination (which has occurred six times during the period of the fifth root-race) is to bring about illumination and the establishment of order upon the Earth.” Discipleship in the New Age II, Pages 425-426

Note that he says this has occurred six times during the period of the fifth root race, the Aryan.

The fifth root race had its faint beginnings over four million years ago, but entered full manifestation about a million years ago. DK was probably speaking of a million year period which would mean that we have a seventh Ray condition appearing which the world has not seen for around 166,000 years. We will be witnesses to magic which the world has not seen since the days of Atlantis.

Here are some more comments Djwhal Khul made on this Ray:


Strength, perseverance, courage, courtesy, extreme care in details, self-reliance.

Vices of Ray:

Formalism, bigotry, pride, narrowness, superficial judgments, self-opinion over-indulged.

Virtues to be acquired:

Realisation of unity, wide-mindedness, tolerance, humility, gentleness and love.

This is the ceremonial ray, the ray which makes a man delight in “all things done decently and in order,” and according to rule and precedent. It is the ray of the high priest and the court chamberlain, of the soldier who is a born genius in organisation, of the ideal commissary general who will dress and feed the troops in the best possible way. It is the ray of the perfect nurse for the sick, careful in the smallest detail, though sometimes too much inclined to disregard the patients’ idiosyncrasies and to try and grind them in the iron mill of routine.

It is the ray of form, of the perfect sculptor, who sees and produces ideal beauty, of the designer of beautiful forms and patterns of any sort; but such a man would not be successful as a painter unless his influencing ray were the fourth. The combination of four with seven would make the very highest type of artist, form and colour being both in excelsis. The literary work of the seventh ray man would be remarkable for its ultra-polished style, and such a writer would think far more of the manner than of the matter in his work, but would always be fluent both in writing and speech. The seventh ray man will often be sectarian. He will delight in fixed ceremonials and observances, in great processions and shows, in reviews of troops and warships, in genealogical trees, and in rules of precedence.

The bad type of seventh ray man is superstitious, and such a man will take deep interest in omens, in dreams, in all occult practices, and in spiritualistic phenomena. The good type of the ray is absolutely determined to do the right thing and say the right word at the right moment; hence great social success.

In healing, the seventh ray man would rely on extreme exactness in carrying out orthodox treatment of disease. On him the practices of yoga would have no physical bad results.

He will approach the Path through observance of rules of practice and of ritual, and can easily evoke and control the elemental forces.

From many of the above remarks it may have been inferred that the characteristics of any given ray find closer correspondence with one of the other rays than with the rest. This is a fact. The only one which stands alone and has no close relationship with any of the others is the fourth. This brings to mind the unique position which the number four occupies in the evolutionary process. We have the fourth root race, the fourth planetary chain, the fourth planet in the chain, the fourth planetary manvantara, etc.

Between the third and the fifth rays there is a close relationship. [Page 212] In the search after knowledge, for example, the most laborious and minute study of detail is the path that will be followed, whether in philosophy, the higher mathematics or in the pursuit of practical science.

The correspondence between the second and the sixth rays shews itself in the intuitive grasp of synthesised knowledge, and in the common bond of faithfulness and loyalty.

Masterfulness, steadfastness, and perseverance are the corresponding characteristics of the first and the seventh rays. Esoteric Psychology Vol I, Pages 210-212

Now that we have covered the bare bones of each Ray one of the best things you can do for more knowledge is to study the Bailey books yourself. The best books for coverage of the Rays are:

The Rays and the Initiations, Discipleship in the New Age, Vols I & II, Esoteric Psychology Vols I & II, Esoteric Healing and The Destiny of the Nations

As the disciple studies the rays the big question that comes to him is about his own rays.

The trouble is that DK never gave out concrete formulas as how to discern them in ourselves. So far the best advice I have seen anyone come up with is to study the meaning of the Rays and then study the individual and match them up. Accuracy in this is difficult even for the advanced Bailey student.

Let us go beyond what has been given out and look at further hints.

I have already mentioned one in this post and that is found in numerology. The numbers in your given name may provide a hint, but is not a black and white method of determining your particular ray influences.

Also look for a repetition of a certain number. For instance there are five fives in my name and ray five governs my personality.

Another place to look for hints is in your astrological influences.

In addition to the standard rulers of the signs DK gives an additional set he calls esoteric rulers.

The orthodox rulers and influences will give clues to Rays on the personality level and the esoteric rulers will give hints as to soul or more subtle influences.

I therefore recommend students to search the Bailey writings (Esoteric Astrology) and find the orthodox and esoteric planetary rulers of the signs with their accompanying Rays and study them in your own chart.

Copyright by J J Dewey (Except for Quotes)

Jan 27, 2002

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