Finding The Rays

Finding The Rays

Assignment. Search the Bailey writings (Esoteric Astrology) and find the orthodox and esoteric planetary rulers of the signs with their accompanying Rays.

Here was the result:

Exoteric/Esoteric Rulers

  1. Aries – Mars/Mercury
  2. Libra – Venus/Uranus
  3. Taurus – Venus Vulcan
  4. Scorpio – Mars/Pluto Mars
  5. Gemini – Mercury/Venus
  6. Sagittarius – Jupiter/Earth
  7. Cancer – Moon/Neptune
  8. Capricorn – Saturn/Saturn
  9. Leo – Sun Sun/Neptune
  10. Aquarius – Uranus/Jupiter
  11. Virgo – Mercury/Moon
  12. Pisces – Jupiter/Pluto


Sacred Planets

  1. Vulcan 1st Ray
  2. Mercury 4th Ray
  3. Venus 5th Ray
  4. Jupiter 2nd Ray
  5. Saturn 3rd Ray
  6. Neptune 6th Ray
  7. Uranus 7th Ray

Non-sacred Planets

  1. Mars 6th Ray
  2. Earth 3rd Ray
  3. Pluto 1st Ray
  4. The Moon (veiling a hidden planet) 4th Ray
  5. The Sun 2nd Ray

Now take your sun sign and find the Exoteric and Esoteric (outer and inner) ruling planets and find the rays associated with them.

For instance, I was born on Feb 6 and am an Aquarius. My exoteric ruler is Uranus. (This is recognized by orthodox astrologers.) Uranus is governed by the 7th Ray. This would indicate a strong 7th Ray influence in my personality, or one of my bodies, or my life in general.

My Sun’s esoteric ruler is Jupiter which is governed by Ray two. This would indicate a Ray Two influence in the soul or on subtle levels.

The next thing to look at is your rising sign.

Mine is Gemini an air sign, related to mind. The Orthodox ruler is Mercury which is Fourth Ray and the esoteric ruler is Venus which is Fifth Ray. This would indicate two Rays which influence the mind in particular and there will be a good chance that the mental body will be on one of these.

Another hint lies in the placement of the Moon. Mine is in Sagittarius whose exoteric ruler is Jupiter ruled by Ray two. This indicates a ray influencing the astral body. Again this is right on for me since my astral body is governed by this ray.

Now if we move to the esoteric ruler of Sagittarius we see it is the earth which is governed by Ray Three. This indicates a key to higher intuitive contacts for me is the Holy Spirit, the third aspect.

The various Ray influences in your astrological chart is not an infallible guide for your rays, but does give hints that can verify what you are discerning about yourself.

For instance, if your natal chart hints that your personality is on the Second Ray, you may really be on another ray, but have a strong secondary influence from this ray.

Energies in Astrology and the Rays

Each of the signs have varying degrees of male or female energy and each of us are polarized in either the male or female rays. The rays on the male side are the odd numbers: 1, 3, 5 and 7 and the female are 2, 4 and 6.

Let us therefore discern how the male and female energies manifest in our natal charts. Plus numbers below are representative of male energy and minus as female.

The Elements

Water = minus 2

Earth = minus1

Air = plus 1

Fire = plus 2

The Crosses

Mutable Cross = minus 1

Fixed = 0

Cardinal Cross = plus 1

Now let us apply these energies to the signs:

Aries 2+1=Plus 3

Taurus -1+0=Minus 1

Gemini 1+-1=0

Cancer -2+1=Minus 1

Leo 2+0=Plus 2

Virgo -1+-1=Minus 2

Libra 1+1=Plus 2

Scorpio -2+0=Minus 2

Sagittarius 2-1=Plus 1

Capricorn -1+1=0

Aquarius 1+0=Plus 1

Pisces -2+-1=Minus 3

In addition to your sun sign you can also give some weight to your rising sign and the sign related to the placement of your moon. These two together are around 40% of the influence of the sun sign.

If you discover that your chart reveals a polarization in female energies then chances are the ray patterns of rays 2-4-6 will dominate in your makeup, but if the polarization is in the male energies then 1-3-5-7 will be strong.

Notice that Aquarius, the sign we are entering is positive one and Pisces, the sign we are leaving is minus three, the most female of all the signs. There was strong female suppression at the beginning of this age but ended with females making inroads into establishing their own power. The Pisces energy will still be in play during the transition for a few years to come.

Aquarius is positive one, near the point of balance so with the appropriate use of mind there should be a reasonable balance of male and female energies in the new age with appreciation of the two energies making one great whole.

This finishes a basic introduction to the rays. There is much more information in the Bailey books that you will discover as you read through them.

Copyright By J J Dewey

Jan 31, 2002

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