Enhancing Soul Contact



Enhancing Soul Contact

We are presently approaching a potential age of peace, a time that has been looked for over thousands of years by prophets, enlightened teachers and disciples.

I do not think that there will be any argument over the point that we all have some responsibility in helping this new age to materialize. I believe that most of us in the group do not expect to sit back and do nothing and just wait for God to do it all with some touch of a magic button.

So let us go on the assumption that we do have some responsibility. How much responsibility do we have and how many planes does it extend to?

There will be two major points of view here.

(1) Our only responsibility will be to have peace within ourselves and extend peace and love to our neighbors. If everyone does this then there will automatically materialize peace on the earth. By using the inner powers alone we can change the outward reality without real work and action on the physical plane. Thus the way of peace is quite simple.

(2) This person agrees that we must have peace within ourselves and also extend it to our neighbor, but feels that this is not enough. There are a lot of well meaning people out there, but with fixed ideas who are happy to go to war to defend them. Part of the populace living in peace with themselves will have little effect on them for these people often think they have inner peace themselves. Just as there must be some plan and structure to discourage thieves burglarizing your home there must also be a plan on the physical plane that is followed to prevent war.

The Soul Revisited

John, I love your statement: “What we dare to do we have the power to do.”

Did you just make that up or is it a quote?

Concerning the starting of organizations I like the statement of Isaiah: “He that believeth does not make haste.” The most important thing at present is to promote the ideas of peace and see how healthy the response is. I just want to make sure we lay a secure foundation to any organization we create.

My feelings on Zecharia Sitchin’s Books are similar to other comments made. I once picked up his Twelfth Planet and read about ten pages and never picked one of his books up again. I feel that he has some things that are true, but many are not. I did not sense that any principles would be presented.

Nevertheless, it is entirely possible that books which do not impress me will stimulate great interest in another. Sometimes even books containing great errors will stimulate a person to search. The true seeker will often have his soul speak to him between the lines.

One with soul contact can find more truth in the National Enquirer than one who is in illusion can find in the Bible.

The Christ consciousness is something else and is achieved by the individual contacting the soul energy within himself. The soul is the point within yourself where the interplay of Spirit and matter is taking place. Thus when we talk about soul contact we are talking about putting our attention and consciousness on this still point within that tells Spirit what matter is doing and matter what Spirit is doing. The Christ consciousness is a key to becoming a knower in the worlds of form as well as the formless worlds.

Soul contact is THE most important thing for us all to learn for only by learning the principle can we all become as one mind yet retain our complete free will.

Garrett says:

“The main reason many of us are here is to get to soul contact. We seem to be taking the scenic route to get there though. What the heck, JJ is doing the driving, so I’ll sit back and try to soak it all in. Wait…I see a sign post up ahead…it says Soul Contact 1/4 mile. Here we go! (the only question is…at what speed are we travelling?)”

Garrett, I’m sure you made not only me, but many others, smile at this comment, yet take serious note at the same time.

But perhaps you have already received soul contact because you are right. It is only 1/4 mile ahead – How did you know that?

Seriously though everything we have covered so far is essential material to reach the kingdom of the soul because as long as the beast is alive and well in us our spiritual vision is blocked, as if we are in a fog. We must become aware of the name of God in our foreheads. It is already there. We must merely still ourselves and let the clouds clear away.

Even though this sounds easy, the journey to the kingdom of God is most difficult and has many pitfalls. The higher lives are not just sitting around waiting for you to merely declare that you are ready. You must make yourself useful as a tool in their hands to get their attention.

Your soul, which is a midway point between matter and spirit, is, however, ever waiting and always present for you. The fact that you are a member of this group and reading these words is itself a sign that you have passed through many lifetimes of struggle and are in preparation for higher contact.

When one has established firm soul contact it becomes almost impossible to take offense and if such a person seems to give offense it is generally by accident or because the other party is offended at simple truth.

Thus if you are taking offense at trivia or personality differences you are demonstrating that you are not learning the prime lesson that is intended to be taught here.

When I joined this group I considered the most important thing I could share with you. The answer was easy. That is anything I could do to enhance and clarify the soul contact of others would be a valuable service. Actually, presenting a teaching that may stimulate that contact is the difficult part.

To my knowledge the principle of illusion has never been explained so average seekers can understand it, yet it is the final block to full soul contact. If I can lead just one person to greater contact then that produces a tremendous benefit because each person who reaches this level influences many people for good. You were also not very enthused about studying the beast yet many of those who followed along received considerable benefit.

Therefore all my teachings directly to any student will carry no other authority other than the “Name of the Father/Mother God within.” What I say may or may not be true. As you experience soul contact you will check and become your own authority.

The current question is: How can DECISION and ATTENTION be used to increase soul contact?

Several came close on the decision part. That is we must decide to reach or maintain soul contact.

Actually, more important than this is to decide to follow the highest that you know and receive from your inner self. Just deciding something like “I will receive soul contact today or next week” is not enough. If one is penniless and decides to have a new car tomorrow he will generally be disappointed. If one decides to have a new car and takes the time and makes the effort necessary to get it then there’s a good chance he will receive it.

Similarly, the decision required of us (that is most important) is the decision to do that which is necessary to receive and maintain soul contact. Then when you receive contact you must then decide whether or not it is worth the effort necessary to keep the channel open enough to keep the contact continuous.

After these decisions are made then ATTENTION must be focused on the soul or “the light in the head” as some writings have it. Another way some teachers have worded this is to “keep your mind focused in the light.”

Here is what happens after the first few glances at soul contact. When soul contact is first reached the entity has many more energies vying for his attention on the lower planes than the higher. Even though the contact brought a sense of peace and high vibration, this was not enough to keep his attention focused on the things necessary to sustain this. The distractions of the lower world draws the attention away and the focus is taken away from the soul and to the lower vibration. This shift does not happen immediately, but over a period of several days and the shift is so subtle that when the attention is shifted to the lower self the entity will often still believe he is in the soul.

If you are in a room with an adjustable light and turn it down gradually over a period of say, an hour, you can have the light diminished by about seventy per cent and never notice it. Then if you suddenly turn the light back immediately to full strength you will be startled to learn how much light you have lost. But you would not realize this unless you turned the light back on to full strength.

So it is with the soul. Until we learn to keep our minds focused steady in the light through ATTENTION to the soul or light, we will slip away from that light many times and have to have the power turned on again and again until we finally tire of losing contact and do something about it through the focus of attention.

Several have mentioned the importance of meditation and how bad they are at it. Meditation does not necessarily bring soul contact. There are those who meditate all their lives and never achieve it. More important than meditation is contemplation. Contemplation is a positive aspect of meditation and is more active and takes a person in the direction of the soul if ATTENTION is used and the heart is pure.

This is the purpose of the Intuitive Principle – to cause you to contemplate on questions in hope of touching the soul. Meditation without contemplation can bring some health benefits and calmness along with some discipline, but this alone does not insure soul contact.

When a person’s intention is for the good of the whole and he is totally honest with himself about why he performs his service then his heart is pure. If your heart is pure, and the three obstacles are under control, then the doorway to the soul swings open wide. If you are then willing to go through the door soul contact becomes a reality. If you are willing to follow where that contact leads you then more contact becomes possible. When you learn to always respond to higher communication then constant communion becomes a reality.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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  1. While I am familiar with the majority of the content found in these articles, I still find that a “re-read” often reveals MANY “holes” in my understanding of “a topic” & the reality of my constant need for “correction.”

    I also find how “enjoyable & convenient” it is to have such a “resource” available @ “the touch of a button,” & sans all the “noise” that is common fare when “reading” other online sources — & is why I make visiting here part of my “daily read” routine.


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