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Sept 22, 2011
Einstein was wrong?
Particles can go faster than the speed of light?

Here’s some statements from the archives concerning my thoughts on the speed of light:

6/9/2000 Thank you Samu for your post about exceeding the speed of light. I have always thought this was possible and wrote a while back that Einstein’s theories would be revised after interstellar flight is achieved. Perhaps part of this knowledge will be discovered in the near future.

Breaking the Speed of Light
Using normal experiments they can’t make things go faster than the speed of light. However, they’ve done some type of subtle experiments with sub-atomic particles that seem to accomplish that but it’s open to interpretation.

When I was using this in reference to the universe I was making the point that the universe seemed to be very evenly expanding and how the speed of light is correspondingly so uniform. I think it’s possible that the uniformity that we have is based on some illusion and that we may discover some principles around this that will open up avenues, making it possible to go faster than the speed of light sometime in the future. Then, of course, there are spiritual principles that can be used whereby we can definitely go faster than the speed of light. But that’s another matter.

Quote from a post made in 1994 Atoms and molecules above the temperature of Absolute Zero does have vibration as do all objects of form. Atoms contain no solid matter and ultimately are created from wavelengths that are in vibration at just below the speed of light. There is other matter created from wavelengths vibrating beyond the speed of light that is beyond our detection.

Sept 29, 2011
Removing Barriers
Blayne asked how one can overcome the obstacles to unity. This is an important question – one that we should never put completely to rest.

Emotionally, the two major hurdles are oversensitivity and various glamours. Mentally the basic problem is illusion.

A problem common to both is a overly critical attitude.

The simple solution to these is found in one of my core truisms:

“Follow the highest you know.”

To follow the highest you know the seeker must have a pure heart. A pure heart greatly increases the power of the pilgrim. “My strength is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure,” said Tennyson.

So, what exactly does it mean to be pure in heart?

We all know that it is a good thing to be pure in heart but rarely has anyone tried to define it. Perhaps it is time to do it.

Here are some of the aspects that should be embraced by a person whose heart is pure:

(1) When such a person voices an intention, that intention is what it appears to be. There is no hidden intention that will cause harm or loss to others. In other words, the intention of the heart is pure, purely what it is expressed to be.

(2) He (or she) attempts to follow the path of harmlessness.

(3) He is honest with himself and others. “To thine own self be true” is the keynote here. You wouldn’t think it would be common for people to lie to themselves but they often do to fulfill the demands of the lower ego.

(4) When error is revealed he will accept the truth and make corrections. This is very difficult for the average person.

(5) He is inclusive rather than exclusive.

(6) He desires to do what is best for the whole rather than putting isolated attention on the part.

(7) He loves his fellowmen and seeks to be of service.

I’m sure this list could be expanded, but this is a good start and takes us the right direction.

A person must be pure in heart to follow the highest he knows for if he is not he will deceive himself and follow some easy deceptive path while lying to himself and assuring himself he is doing the right thing when he is not.

There is no magic bullet to remove the barriers to unity and soul contact but such will take many years and even lifetimes to attain. Even if progress may seem slow at times we must never get discouraged. It is true that sometimes you will be doing your best and it may seem that nothing is happening, but something will be happening.

If you are following the highest you know you will have an inner peace and a general feeling you are headed the right direction. Then at an hour where you may be expecting nothing you will have wonderful experiences that will renew your faith and bring joy to your heart because you will know that all your effort has not been in vain.

The two major problems of glamour and illusion are extremely difficult obstacles to unity. One of the major reasons is that the seeker who is under bondage to them will usually not feel they affect him.

The Course in Miracles tells us to recognize the problem so it can be solved. Illusion and glamour often go unrecognized and often goes for lifetimes unrecognized in the life of the aspirant.

If I had to give one key to removing barriers to unity and soul contact it would have to be centered around this quote from Socrates:

“A life unexamined, is not worth living.”

The disciple must constantly examine himself or he will never find the necessary problems to solve. At the end of each day (and often in the middle) he should ask questions such as:

(1) What flaws do I have that I am not seeing?

(2) How can I correct them?

(3) Do the various criticisms of me from my friends and associates have any merit? If not – why are they criticizing me?

(4) What are my blind spots?

(5) Am I keeping my ego in check?

(6) Do others think I have an air of superiority? If so, why?

(7) What are some foundation beliefs that have been planted in me that could be creating illusion? Are these beliefs accepted by me as being true because I am not examining them in the light of day or would they just be difficult for me to change?

One must never cease questioning. One cannot truly examine his life without asking lots of them.

It would be nice if a teacher could just say, “Do A, B & C and then you will have sufficient soul contact,” but such is not the case. The path is long and the trek strenuous but in the end the disciple would have it no other way because a fulfilling joy awaits at the end of the journey.

Sept 30, 2011
The Real Illusion
It always amazes that even though 99% of specific prophecies do not come true that there is never a shortage of people attempting to get the glory and accolades for making one that would.

We’ve had a couple more failed ones the past few days.

First as I related a while back David B. Cohen MD has predicted that a Supernova will occur in the constellation of Orion, which was supposed to open The Seventh Seal. This was supposed to happen Sept 23.

It is now Sept 30 and there is no supernova in sight.

He probably chose Orion for his predictions because scientists say that the giant star, Betelgeuse, located there, will go supernova. What he didn’t take into consideration is that it probably will not happen for another million years.

Then we had another prediction around Elenin. It was supposed to cause massive earthquakes around Sept 26 or 27th.

Again, nothing happened. But are believers discouraged?

Not hardly. As usually happens with failed predictions rationalization sets in. Now the word is that Elenin was just a foreshadowing of the real red dwarf star which will shortly come and doom us all.

It is an amazing thing to Google Elenin. Instead of getting writings from any type of real scientists on it at least 95% of the sites associate Elenin with Nibiru, a red dwarf, the end of the world, God’s judgment, UFOs, NASA cover-ups or other conspiracies.

This is indeed an example of an illusion but it is an illusion that should be easy for disciples to see through.

But the thing to take note of is the real core illusion is hidden. Because the truth around Elenin is obvious to the rational mind we can assume that the hype around Elenin is merely a symptom of the true illusion of the alarmists.

I haven’t given the group a question for a while so here is a good one.

What was the real illusion that caused so many to think that Elenin would bring great destruction by now?

As we discuss this I will respond more to Rob’s question.

Oct 1, 2011
Finding the Principle

The question: What was the real illusion that caused so many to think that Elenin would bring great destruction by now?

The group gave some great responses to this question. Here are some:

Dan: That man is an un-natural and evil occurrence that deserves to and should be severely punished.

Ruth: The answer could be that the main core foundational beliefs come from the Bible

Larry W gave an interesting account as to why Elenin attracted his interest.

Tom: I think it is fear of death, doom or dying…or being helpless. It gives these others who make the dooms day predication the power to scare the living crap out of people. Also, the illusion of an outward authority figure. It is Fear!!!!

Johann: That change is bad and is to be avoided and a it is a belief in a static unchangeable world/universe where nothing is added to or subtracted from the “fragile” visible order that is.

Then the core belief in the end has to be that we humans cannot create and if we can not create (only god can) then the only things we can create is chaos and death or entropy in a static system.

Kelly: This is another doomsday prophecy that enables the lazy out there to casts shadows on the light and make them believe their end has come. It generates a belief in powerlessness, instills greater fear so to speak and kills hope in people. Hence, the message that comes to me would be «Here is humanity: the product of inevitable destruction so don’t even try! What’s the point in trying so just give up now and save yourself the energy». Sad to say but if you ask people around you, what they’ll do if the earth is coming to an end, they will actually begin to celebrate.

Clayton quotes his friend: “I probably should not merely be resigned to the end, I should actually look forward to the end, as it will resolve all the problems…”

Blayne The real illusion is that such destruction would be a sort of cleansing wiping out the bad guys and the good guys would get to rebuild society without all the problems of today. And of course the strongest believers assume they are these good guys. When in fact it would set back humanity thousands of years.

Rob: I submit that a doom-and-gloom mindset is caused by the belief in the separation of God and man, and that separation is underpinned by the belief that “God is perfect”.

Marcy: I too spent many years anxious and worried about the 2nd coming/end of the world and it came from feeling that I had a responsibility to understand the end of the world prophesies/scripture! I was one of the good gals – of coarse 🙂 – and needed to help others prepare, prepare, prepare so they too could be on the right side of the Lord when the end came.

I even had a little panic when JJ recently recommended food storage again since I had given up my food-storage-hobby!

LWK So I don’t suppose we should be surprised that many people expect disaster. It is what they experienced in many of their lives. You might say their soul is “conditioned” to expect disaster.

JJ LWK’s answer was one few would have thought of yet contains a lot of truth. Good thinking Larry.

Yes, a lot of our illusions and other flaws have their origins in past lives. We may not have our memories when we are reborn but many of our basic impulses carry over.

We do not realize how good we have it in this age and how much things have changed. Through most of our recorded history average people lived in fear of catastrophic happenings.

Today if there is crop failure in Kansas they just import what they need from somewhere else that had good weather. But in the old says a famine created mass starvation. It was just 150 years ago that one million people died from the Irish Potato Famine. Even today there are still many millions starving in various parts of the world.

Very few of us lived in freedom in our past lives and had to deal with a king or tyrant who had power over our lives.

In other words, many of us faced the end of our personal world many times in our past lives. This has got to have a strong influence on us in the present and cause the consciousness of many to contemplate some type of apocalypse.

That said the group did a great job of describing influences that lead to doomsday illusions, but no one has described the principle.

Think… what is the principle involved.

Hint: All these influences the group mentioned push the pilgrim toward illusion, but what actually makes him see and chose illusion over reality? What principle explains it?

Oct 2, 2011
Finding What You Are Looking For

The Question: What is the actual principle involved that causes people to focus on end of the world scenarios?

Again, we had some good comments and insights. Here are a few (but not all) of the good ones. Larry W Powerlessness. People don’t feel good enough to tackle their own problems. They feel powerless.

They want a Hercules or a Christ figure to come and solve their tough problems while they only address the smaller problems.

While I’m asking these questions, JJ, when are you gonna recreate yourself perfect? I realize if you did it for us that would probably violate some principle like helping the butterfly emerge from the cocoon too easy, but you could do that for yourself.

When healing someone using this kind of power, does the malady get healed only, or does the whole person get renewed?

Johann You do find what you look for but what makes them look for outward signs for the end of the world? It must be a corrupted perception of the world and in that perception the whole truth is not seen, like when we do not see the whole truth about our past lives.

Intolerance. Copy copy copy instead of adaption and a new creation or Lo and behold, I make everything new.

Natalie: My thought was Wrong Perception. Wrong perception that comes from corruption of thought from many sources.

Rob: Inertia the principle that causes us to choose the illusion of always expecting a disaster on the horizon?

Maybe we have collective inertia to always be on the lookout for disaster because for hundreds of past lives looking out for and avoiding disaster allowed us to survive.

Adam One of the great illusions is to see ourselves as victims,

We find what we’re looking for. Everything discussed pushes us toward the illusion that we want to be our reality. When we find something that lines up with the reality we desire, we embrace it.

Sharon: I was thinking maybe it is the Pendulum Principle, where the persons current understanding of the truth is at one of the extremes. This makes the person believe that the current pathway is the correct one to follow, but it is not until they go further to the extreme that they can eventually see the truth and then go back to the centre again where they can more accurately discern the truth.

And also a lot of information has 85% of truth and 15% error which makes people think that the information is all truth, making the information seem probable.

Jerry The principle is they lack true, proper and correct principles

Blayne: The driving principle behind this is that it is what they want to happen. The see what the expect to see and find evidence to support it whether it is true or not.

You find what you look for whether it is true or an illusion. if it is illusion you will latch on to the biggest thought form that fits what you a re looking for. If it is the true you will find that.

Ruth: There have been times where I have been under the spell of some illusion, and after a while I recognized the illusion and what it was, but I still pursued the illusion because it was what I wanted (desired)at the time, even when I knew it wasn’t real. Perhaps the Principle lays in this desire somewhere?

JJ The core principle involved was enunciated by three posters, Johann, Adam and Blayne. The principle is this:

“You find what you are looking for.”

Since the group is doing so well with insights let us go another round before I give my two cents.


If we find what we are looking for then why in the world are so many looking for doom, destruction and gloom rather than creation, joy and prosperity?

Have you found yourself being guilty of this misdirection yourself?

What is the key to shifting our attention toward the good, the beautiful and the true?

Is such a shift really possible when every day we read and hear from associates about events and situations that indicate calamity may be around the corner?

What is the difference between finding what you are looking for and finding what you are looking at?

Oct 3, 2011
Seeing What We Want

Again, the group gave an impressive response to my questions. Unfortunately, I do not have time to itemize them and comment but will attempt to paint an overall picture.

As we said earlier, each of us has lived many lives and in the past our lifetimes were a much greater struggle for survival than they are today. I know life is difficult enough today, but in the past we had to worry about losing our heads if we said the wrong thing, losing our possessions through conquest or tyranny, losing our freedom etc. Despite our problems, we really have it good today compared to times past.

In addition to deep-seated feelings from past lives there are other influences.

Religion is a big one and influences many, even a few that aren’t that religious. But those who are strong in a faith take prophecies of doom much more serious.

The problem is that most of the world scriptures talk about some type of end of the world scenario. If one takes the Book of Revelations literally and think that the time of fulfillment is near then doom and gloom will indeed be his lot.

Islam expects the coming of a great savior, the Imam Mahdi, who will appear coinciding with great destruction. Many think the Jewish state must be destroyed first.

A problem which many of the religious do not consider is that numerous writers of religious works were strongly influenced by a negative thought form themselves. When reading the New Testament with an open mind it becomes obvious that they expected some type of end of the world, not now, 2000 years later, but in their day.

Do you see any visionaries in this day making end of the world predictions for the year 4000 and beyond? No one even thinks that far ahead.

Even so, in the first century I can assure you that 2000 years in their future was not even in their minds. Their concept of time was more limited than ours. Most thought like Paul who said: “we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord…” I Thess 4:15

Most of the early Christians thought the end of the world was near and they would live through it to see the coming of Christ in glory.

This mistake has been repeated decade after decade, century after century since then.

Later Christian sects had this same problem. The Mormons, the Adventists, the Jehovah Witnesses and others all thought they would see the end of the world and coming of the Lord in their lifetime. This occurred at the foundation of these sects and this belief continues with their members today.

It is interesting that this religious type gloom and doom is not restricted to believers in God. Many atheists and agnostics have fallen into this trap with a religious type belief in an environmental apocalypse that borders on the fanatical.

Al Gore has scared the uneducated and little kids as much as any old time preacher has with the fires of hell. His illustrations of how global warming will submerge many of our cities and lands underwater and destroy thousands of species is terrifying to those who love Mother Earth.

Fortunately, the data does not back him up but the media falls behind him just as the old time media did with the doom and gloom preachers not that long ago.

Many of these environmentalists see humans as a virus that mother nature wants to destroy to heal itself. Some feel that there is only room for a few million people and all will be destroyed except for a handful of purists. Of course, the true believers think they will qualify to remain here after the polluters are destroyed.

I talked with a member of the Sierra Club a while back and he was expecting an end to the civilized world in the near future. He seemed to think he would happily live in the wild on berries or something and not be affected by it.

This thinking is indeed prevalent. And why? The reason lies deeper than the influence of scriptures, writings and teachers. Those caught up in such things are usually frustrated with the life they are living. They see the situation as it is now as hell and want it turned into a heaven. They are powerless to make earth heaven by their own power (so they think) so they expect God or Mother Nature to do it for them. All the bad things will de destroyed and replaced with the new.

For the heavenly world to make its appearance the present world must be destroyed. Therefore, what do the true believers look for?

They look for signs of destruction for such signs also means that a heavenly new creation will shortly follow.

The principle involved is that we find what we look for and if we eagerly await destruction then that is what we look for and signs of such is also what we see.

We had gone through a small space of time when there were no major threatening planetary alignments or signs in the heavens when Elenin was discovered. Normally the discovery of a fairly insignificant comet would be no big deal but then someone posted alarm and predictions of doom around this followed by statements that NASA was covering up the fact that it was a red dwarf that was doomed to destroy us.

Instead of checking out valid scientific data on this, which was readily available, those who were looking for signs saw this as a sign the end was near. Soon the internet was ablaze with misinformation about this comet.

I found the noted Coast to Coast science advisor, Richard C. Hoagland’s comments on Elenin interesting. He is an educated and intelligent man but has certain mindsets and always finds what he is looking for. For instance, he believes there were ancient civilizations on Mars and the moon and in almost every picture he studies he sees remnants of ancient structures. I look at the same pictures and see structures that are most probably natural formations.

Well, George Noory asked him what he thought of the Elenin predictions. Being an actual scientist he had to admit it was just a couple miles in diameter and was far from being any red dwarf. He could see the chances of it causing any destruction were slim. But when this guy looks at anything long enough he always finds something very odd – because that is what he is looking for.

After studying Elenin he found what he considered as too many oddities to be a normal comet and determined that it was some probe sent here by aliens. It might be here to cause destruction or maybe just to study us and we should find out soon.

Elenin has now came and gone from its closest approach to the earth and there is no sign that it is an alien manufactured device. Hoagland has since moved on to other subjects.

The fact remains that Elenin is a small comet having a miniscule probability of having any effect on us.

Seeing anything else is merely the result of seeing what one looks for.

There’s 50 pictures on this site. Take a look. You will not be disappointed.

Great Pictures from Space HERE

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