Choosing Life or Death

Choosing Life or Death

A reader asks about the resurrection in relation to reincarnation. If Jesus or a Master overcomes death and supposedly has an immortal body how can he be born again in a new body? Is it possible that Jesus or the Christ could be reincarnated?

First let me quote to you a scripture that refers to celestial beings who have overcome death. It states: “Wherefore, all things are theirs, whether life or death…” D&C 76:59

Thus if a person becomes a master, all things are his. He can choose life or death. If a master can choose death then his body is only as permanent as he desires it to be.

There are two main stages in the overcoming of physical death. The first is the obtaining of the power to rejuvenate the body for as long as service in the physical world is required. This was obtained by Moses for instance. During the forty years in the wilderness living conditions were so harsh that all died but a handful. At the end of this period Moses was still vigorous because he obtained the power from God to rejuvenate his body. Finally, when his mission was accomplished he let his body go the way of all flesh.

The second major state is restoration and is referred to in the scriptures as the “better resurrection.” Jesus was the only one in recorded history to demonstrate this. When the power of restoration is acquired the adept’s body can be destroyed and he can restore it to pristine condition. He can also restore or resurrect any body from a past life for the memory of all his past and the patterns thereof are recorded in his physical permanent atom.

If the high initiate decides he wants to incarnate as a regular human again he can do it several different ways depending on his evolution. If he is in a current body and wants to preserve it he can place the body in a secure location, and then leave it and enter the body of a new baby or participate in an overshadowing where another body is shared.

The second method is to fold up his physical body within the parent vibration of the spirit and then enter again into a new incarnation. In this case his new body will be his vehicle of manifestation for some time to come.

True immortality is in the spiritual body and not the physical as the Mormons believe.

Paul made a reference to this:

“It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.

“Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.” I Cor 15:44 & 50

When one travels to kingdoms above the physical he does not go there as a physical being. When Jesus walked through the walls to meet the apostles what body was he in as he passed through the wall? It was not the physical for the physical body in its present condition cannot pass through a wall. When a Master passes through a wall or to other worlds he folds his physical up in the spiritual. One could say it is a little like deep sea diving. When you come up out of the water you no longer need the diving suit. You take it off and only use it again when you want to make another plunge.

Hope this gives you food for thought.

Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit

Some want to know if there is a difference between the Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit. In actuality there is no difference. Everywhere in the new Testament where “Holy Ghost” and “Holy Spirit” is used, both the words “Ghost” and “Spirit” come from the same Greek word which is PNEUMA.

Translators merely used the word “Ghost” instead of “Spirit” because they felt like wording it as such at the time, not because of anything in the original language.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

A reader expressed concern that I may be secretly affiliated with some sinister organization or have some secret agenda to establish control over people’s lives. He brought us Urantia and Hurtak as possible connections.

Let me first specify that I have nothing to do with any Urantia organization or Hurtak. I read his book around 20 years ago and that was all. I am not particularly impressed with Hurtak or Urantia. I cannot find a true newly revealed principle in either of them and the revelation of principles is my main criteria for value.

I am not a member of any church or even loosely affiliated with any organization among humanity. I haven’t even joined the local Chamber of Commerce.

As Glenys said I have stated my intentions numerous times.

Here they are in a nutshell.

(1) To do all I can to bring peace on earth goodwill to human kind.

(2) To enhance the power of decision and the exercise of free will for the individual and group.

(3) To free the individual and group from unearned and appointed authority which is the mark of the Beast. I do this by teaching that all things must be tested against a person’s own soul in connection with judging through mind and heart.

(4) To pass on teachings that I believe have much value.

(5) To stimulate higher spiritual progress and evolution.

(6) To do what I can to prepare the world for the coming of Christ.

(7) To have a good time in the process.


A newer reader criticizes me for the way I present my teachings, to which I responded:

Many find my presentation as a breath of fresh air after working through numerous works of fiction that are presented as truth. Anything that I present as a true occurrence I assure you is an event that really happened. Any teaching I present is presented as an item for consideration that you should not accept as true unless you give it every test possible, especially the test of your own soul.

My methodology may be good or bad but method has nothing to do with fruit. Many disliked the methods of Jesus and crucified him for it, but his fruit was still good.

One can plant a tree and have strange and unusual methods in cultivating it, but in the end it is the taste and quality of the fruit that is the test of value. The fruit is the fruit; the method is the method. They are two separate items.

I would say that judging by the quality of people who are in harmony with me that the fruit is very good so far. Like attracts like. If this principle is indeed true then I am flattered.

The reader continued saying that I present my teachings as truth rather than just saying that they are mere opinion. He says that members should question me.

In many cases I see the teaching I give out as more than opinion, Thus it would be a lie to state it as such from my point of view. I present all teachings in as positive light as possible to jolt all seekers into using their discernment to discover the truth. The best way to get a response from your soul is not to run a weak opinion by it but to run an easily understood positive or negative statement or thought past your inner higher intelligence. Thus if I say something in error it is more likely to ring a bell within than some watered down statement that does not even wake the interest of the soul.

I have preceded my teaching many times with the statement that they may or may not be true and that they go out with no claim of authority and that each seeker must test them with his own soul.

Perhaps you and other newer members should read over the archives where many teachings were totally dedicated to laying the foundation of not trusting me without confirmation.

If I am right about everything and you believe it and follow the teachings without confirmation from within you have found nothing. The fountain of living waters is the Spirit of God within you, and guiding seekers to this discovery is at the core of my teachings.

I challenge you to find another teaching situation where there is more questioning (and answers given) than there is here. I probably spend about a third of my teaching time handling challenges. In fact I spend so much time that many complain to me that we spend too much time with the type of questioning you mentioned.

Again I think you are underestimating the intelligence of many group members who accept most of my teachings. Just because they do not challenge me on a regular basis does not mean that they are not independent thinkers. Often times a person does not agree entirely and just wants to mull it around in their mind a while rather than overtly question.

April 24, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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