Chapter Eighteen

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Dark Brothers Revealed

The next Thursday evening, as Elizabeth and I were sitting down for dinner and I was wondering how I was going to contact John this week, I heard a knock on the door.  To my surprise it was John!

“I hope I’m not imposing,” he said.

“No… No, come on in.  Sweetie, look who’s here!”

Elizabeth looked pleasantly surprised.  “Come have some dinner with us.”

“You might talk me into it,” John smiled.

“Hope you don’t mind Sloppy Joes,” I said.

“If it tastes as good as it smells I won’t mind at all.”

We all sat down to dinner and told him what happened to Elizabeth.

“I knew they were going to try something like this,” John said frowning.

“What would have happened after the six seconds if she didn’t break it off?” I asked.

“This adversary would have stolen your life force to enhance his own vitality.  Without assistance from the Brothers of Light you would have died within a few days.”

Elizabeth looked horrified.  “What are these guys, some type of spiritual vampires?” I asked, looking at her reaction, then to John.

“That’s exactly what they are,” he said.  “You will find that many stories and fables from your culture contain some seeds of truth.  According to stories, a vampire will steal blood from his victim to give himself a renewal of life.  Theoretically, he could live forever if he could have an endless supply of victims.  These dark brothers do not take your blood, but they do take your life force, which corresponds to the physical power of blood.  This stolen life force allows them to continue their existence.”

“What do they do then, spend their time preying on helpless victims like Elizabeth?” I asked, taking Elizabeth’s hand.

“He attacked Elizabeth because he was trying to get to you and put an end to our work.  Taking her life force would have been a bonus.  Actually they get most of their energy by working through agents on the earth.”

“What do you mean by agents?” Elizabeth asked.

“Just as you will soon be an agent for the Brotherhood of Light so also are there agents on the earth for the adversaries of light, or the Dark Brotherhood.  The enlightened brothers feed the multitudes of those who are open to the Spirit  and give out an increase of energy, but the Dark Brothers steal energy by feeding off the multitudes and are only interested in helping themselves.”

John continued,  “When you are in the presence of a dark agent you will often feel a drain of energy that is unexplainable.  Sometimes you will feel weak and even have to sit down.  A person under his influence will often not think clearly and be literally unable to speak anything but approving words.”

“You know,” I interrupted, “I’ve felt that way several times in my life, but I can’t say that the people that made me feel that way were dark agents.  One was a religious leader of high acclaim, another was a government official and the other was a head of a corporation.  They all had impeccable reputations.”

“Did you notice they all seemed to be surrounded with an unusual aura of authority?”

I thought of them a moment. “Yes.  I particularly remember the authority around the religious leader.  I remember that I disagreed with him and couldn’t bring myself to vocalize it.  At the time I couldn’t understand why I didn’t say anything.”

John smiled knowingly.  “They have to shut down your resistance before they can steal your energy.  When you yield to their illusionary authority you virtually become a subject and a source of their power, but their power is not real because it is stolen.  When humanity wakes up and reclaims their power, the power of the Dark Brothers will instantly vanish and the adversaries will be bound for over one thousand years as predicted.”

“So how does one free himself from their control?” Elizabeth asked.

“The illusion of authority is what gives them power.  They had power to shut you up because there was a part of you that yielded to that authority.  You can easily neutralize any dark agent by completely releasing yourself from all his so-called authority and recognizing only one authority.  Do you know what that is?”


“And where do you find God?”

“Within, I guess.”

“Yes.  The Master said The kingdom of God is within you. If you subject yourself spiritually to any person outside you, you are in danger of losing the true light and being subject to a false one.”

“Does that mean that in a perfect world we shouldn’t have leaders or civil authorities?”

“Not at all.  The structure of society could not stand without leaders, bosses, and some civil authorities.  You can support a boss, mayor, local police and others and yet give all your spiritual allegiance to God within yourself.  Only a few can perceive the difference between cooperating with authority for the good of the whole and yielding your power to an authority.  You only learn this completely when you successfully neutralize a dark agent.  Then the seeker understands.  You have successfully accomplished this when you neutralized the Dark Brother who appeared to you.”  John laughed wryly.  “Believe me, you really caught him off guard by laughing at him.  He’s still reeling from that encounter.  It’s one reason why he attacked your wife.”  John focused his gaze on me.  “Did you notice who he pretended to be?”

“Yes, he pretended he was you,” I replied.

“Why do you suppose he did that?”

“Was it because you are the greatest spiritual authority in our lives?”

“Yes, and this is unfortunate.  Elizabeth has given me too much of her power and this created an opportunity for the Dark Brothers to attack.  You must remember this:  A door must be open before they can come in.  When you learn to keep all the doors shut they will be unable to touch you on the spiritual and energy levels.”

“His eyes were terrible,” Elizabeth grimaced.  “They were white with no pupils or iris.”

“The reason his eyes appeared white is because they were turned inward toward self.  This is a symbol of their utter selfishness.  Their eyes can appear normal when they desire, but when they attempt to commit the ultimate act of selfishness, which is to take another’s life force and use it as their own, they turn their eyes inward to the self.  This aids them in siphoning off your energy for their terrible use.  Thus if you ever see or dream of an entity who only shows the whites of his eyes, avoid looking at him as you would the Medusa.”

“Do the agents of the Dark Brothers on the physical plane have this power to steal life force?” I asked.

“The uninitiated agents on the earth do not have power to kill with negative energy, but do have power to steal enough to make you weak. Then there are a handful of Dark initiates on the physical plane who have greater power.  The advanced Dark Brothers are in another astral sphere such as the one you just encountered.  Generally you will only encounter them if you pose a real threat to their plans.”

John continued, “These agents of the Dark Brotherhood are often given material success and prestige in return for transferring energy to the Dark Brothers.  Even though they are dedicated to selfishness there are still some obvious reasons to assist each other.  The Overlords in the unseen world find certain agents useful, and they know they must give them a few crumbs to get their cooperation; and when they are no longer useful, they no longer get the crumbs.  On the other hand, the Brotherhood of Light is dedicated to their disciples as well as mankind, and are ever vigilant to lend a helping hand.  We are not quite as all powerful as many assume; however, and are limited in a number of ways in the amount we can assist.  You are fortunate that I have freed myself sufficiently to teach you.”

“We are both honored to have you,” I said, getting a nod of agreement from Elizabeth.  “So I take it that many of our leaders in high authority, position and influence are really Dark Agents.”

“Yes.  Many of them are.  Most of them are not aware they are agents transmitting dark energy, but a handful of the most dangerous are completely aware.  Then too we must remember that all leaders are not dark agents.  There are always a handful who are sincerely doing their best to serve.  Even in this latter category many are following deceptive paths and their good intentions are thus neutralized.”

“Are you saying,” Elizabeth interjected, “that I would not have been in danger if I had not given you too much power?”

“That is exactly true,” said John.

“How then can we learn from you if we don’t recognize you as an authority?”

“The key,” said John  “is to realize there is only one authority.  That authority is the Holy Spirit and can only be contacted from within.  Nevertheless, all humans are interconnected by the Spirit.  The only authority that I have is through the Spirit.  When I speak truth and you are focused on the Spirit within, you will feel a confirmation within.  When you then feel that confirmation, you will accept my words not because you see me as an authority, but because of confirmation through your personal authority.

“You were deceived by the Dark Brother because you were accepting my words and actions without checking with the Spirit within.  The healing power of the handkerchief convinced you that you just had to accept me no matter what.  This is the great error beginning disciples always make.  Even if I am right all the time, you must still check; for there may come a time that he who you think is me is not me after all, just as happened with your deception.  Thus, giving your power even to a true servant may open the door for a Dark Brother to trick you.”

“These Dark Brothers don’t make a lot of sense to me,” Elizabeth said, shaking her head.  “I don’t understand why they are so destructive.”

“The main difference between the Light and Dark Brothers is one sees in the light and the other feels in the darkness,” John replied.

I thought about this statement and asked, “Is this another way of saying one uses his mind to perceive the truth and the other uses emotion to cover the truth?”

John smiled.  “Exactly, my friend.  Imagine two groups of people trying to find their way home.  One travels by night and the other in the light of day.  Which one would have the easiest time?”

“The one traveling by day, of course,”  I answered.

“All intelligent lives seek God at one time or another.  Even the Dark Brothers have gone through what both sides call the long dark night of the soul; but in that night they did not find Him, so they created God after their image and thus established a system where God is not found in the Universal Spirit, but in external forms.  Thus, you see why the Dark Brothers convinced the Israelites to build the golden calf as a source of external power.

“All but a very few have their golden calf, which steals their power.  But the glitter of gold must eventually yield to the pure white light of Mount Sinai that reveals the way home.

“There is much yet to be revealed about light and darkness.   One may see correctly at one time and be deceived at another.  To stay in the light requires eternal vigilance.  I will reveal more to you about this from time to time.”

John sipped his coffee, “My time is short so we need to get on with our lesson.  Have you discovered who or what you are yet?”

“I think I have either found the truth or am close to it,” I said, leaning toward John.  “When scientists examine matter they say that they cannot find proof that solid particles exist.  All they can seem to find on the smallest level is wavelengths in motion.  If all these wavelengths were to be stilled, the universe would virtually disappear.  If the motion of the wavelengths that make me would be stilled, then I would probably cease to exist.  Therefore, the real me has to be motion or action of some kind.”

“That’s very good,” said John.  “Coming to this point is a milestone, but you are not there yet.  Answer me this: What is it that is in motion and what is the force creating the motion?”

I thought a moment.  “If there is no such thing as solid matter then nothing is in motion, if that is possible.  I guess the force propelling the wavelengths is pure energy.”

“But,” said John, “if there is no solid matter, then nothing is in motion, as you say.    Therefore, does it not stand to reason that energy is not required for motion since nothing is really in motion?”

“Maybe I was right after all,” Elizabeth chuckled.  “I said half joking that we were nothing and perhaps I was right.”

“As far as the material plane goes, you are correct,” said John.  “But from the greater reality you are a great something.  That something which creates all motion in the universe is the great mystery.  Energy is not the answer because in reality there is really nothing solid in motion.

“Now I will give you two major hints.  First, in my hand I have a pen.  Now I will take this pen and throw it on that sofa over there.”

John threw the pen on the sofa.

“Now, what made that pen fly over to the sofa?”

“Obviously you did,” I said

“And who or what am I? And don’t say John.”

“So the real you threw that pen?”

“Yes.  That which is the real me made the pen move.  This is the first major hint.  The second one is a parable.  Do you both have a few minutes while I relate it to you?”

“We’re not going anywhere on a bet,” I said.
Copyright 1997 by J J Dewey

Chapter Nineteen

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