Chapter Twenty-One

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The Mission

For the next three days we recited the song faithfully several times a day; then on the fourth day we seemed to get distracted and didn’t think to say it.  We didn’t suffer any obvious attack, but I did notice that Elizabeth seemed more negative about her illness.  In addition, we got into several arguments which seemed to take us out of the spiritual mood.  During the fifth day there seemed to be a cloud hanging over us.  At bedtime neither of us felt like saying the song, but I felt it was important so I prodded Elizabeth into saying it along with me.

After we finished Elizabeth said:  “I think we slipped out of harmony with our souls.  I didn’t realize it until now.  Let’s say it again.”

We said it again and this time we felt a return to the great peace we previously felt.  As we were basking in the peace I said:  “This song really does have a positive effect.  We must remember to say it every day whether we feel like it or not.”

Elizabeth agreed and we made a mental commitment to remember to say the song each day.

Outside of the two days we did not say the song, the week went pretty well.  In fact it seemed to go better than usual.  I sold two homes without the usual problems and went through what was supposed to be a difficult closing without a hitch.  Elizabeth also seemed to have more physical strength and, except for the two negative days, her attitude was much improved.

Wayne and I were too busy for our weekly breakfast.  In my spare time that week I thought much about what my mission was supposed to be and formulated a number of questions for John.  From the little John told me, I knew I was supposed to somehow present his teachings and the keys of knowledge to the world, but I hadn’t taken that thought too seriously yet since I had not even completed the first key myself.  Yet he told me he was going to talk about my mission during our next meeting.  I was indeed curious about that.

This time, when Thursday night arrived, Elizabeth and I said the song together.  We both felt a great peace and neither of us was concerned about her staying alone for a couple hours.

As I got into my car to go to Denny’s I found myself half expecting to be whisked away to who-knows-where, but nothing happened.  Without incident I drove to Denny’s, went inside, and found John  drinking coffee and reading the local newspaper in our regular booth.

As I sat down John looked up and smiled,  “I see you have been saying the song,” he said.

“How can you tell?”  John was always a surprise to me.

“I see it, as I just told you.”

“What do you mean you see it?”

“When I sang the song for you what did you see?” John asked.

“I saw beautiful lights dancing around you.”

“So you saw me singing the song?”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“Did you not also feel me singing the song?”

“Yes, we felt the most wonderful feelings one can imagine.”

“And you also heard me utter the words, did you not?”

“Of course.”

“The true singing of the Song of the 144,000 is accomplished on three levels:  the physical, emotional and mental planes, which opens the door of the spiritual.  You have been singing the song recently and I can see your light and feel your peace.  Thus, I see that you have been singing the song.”

“Could you explain more about what you mean by singing on three levels?”

John paused and said, “If a person merely memorizes the words and repeats them only on the physical plane, he is not truly singing the song.  The vibrations of words only being uttered cause very little result.  In addition to saying the words one must feel and think the words.  In a sense you become the Word which is God.  The final thing you must always do is to sing the song as if you are in the presence of all others who are also in the great choir. When you do this you open the door to the spiritual energy and become a true singer of the song; you not only help yourself, but you also assist all others who also know and use the song.  There is a strong interplay and sharing of energy that is available to those who have the Father’s name written in their foreheads.”

“I have a question,” I said.  “When you sang the song we saw a visible light around us, but when Elizabeth and I did it we didn’t see a light.  How come?”

“You did not see a light, but I did.  When I saw you walking toward this booth you were glowing like an angel.  You saw the light in my presence for two reasons: I have had more practice singing the song than you and the light was thus more intense: second, your spiritual sight was more sensitive that night.  If you develop your spiritual sight you will be able to see the light each time you correctly sing the song.  You will sing this song in groups in the future and some will see the light and others will not.  Everyone, however, will feel some type of effect.  Those who are not ready will feel a negative effect and will drop out of the choir and not sing it again until they are more prepared.”

“What’s the main determination as  to whether a person is ready?” I asked.

“Each person will be his own judge.  But if one is not ready he will not benefit and thus will not even attempt to sing the song on a regular basis.”

“It seems odd to say we are singing a song when we are not singing in the normal sense.”

“From a higher point of view there is not a lot of difference in beauty between speaking and singing.  The beauty of the song of the soul far eclipses the most beautiful singing on the earth.  Thus you will find some of the most spiritual people on the planet often do not have a good physical singing voice.  This is because they have put so much attention on the inner beauty.  On the other hand, there are a handful of spiritual people who have also cultivated a good singing voice, so you can’t really judge the spiritual evolution of a person by the sound of his physical voice.”

“What a relief!” I joked.  “I’d probably go to Hell if I was judged by the way I sing.”

“Actually you sing very well.  If you were to listen to your whole self, you would see it.” John smiled.

“This is news to me,” I said.   “I’ve never thought of myself as being a good singer any way you look at it.”

John took a sip of coffee and asked.  “Do you think you have the first key word?”

“Yes.  I really think I do.”

“Let me have it then.”

I told him the word that came to me last week.

“Are you sure that is correct?” he asked.

“Reasonably sure, yes.”

“You must learn to trust the inner voice.  When you are in  tune with it, there will not be doubt.  What does your inner Self say?  Do you have the right word or not?”

“I’m real sure, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.”

“There will come times when you must bet your life and more on your inner voice.  You must learn to register it and then trust it with all you have.  That is the only way to completely free yourself of the influence of the Dark Brothers and all negative energy.  Now look deep within yourself and answer.  Have you found the right key word?  Yes or no?”

I tried to tune into that still small voice, but the more I tried to receive the more I doubted myself.  Was I imagining the confirmation because that’s what I wanted or was I getting a real answer?  “I think I have the right answer, but to be honest I don’t know for sure.”

“It is good that you are honest, but to complete your mission you must learn to hear the inner voice and trust it.  The question is this:  Is the key word you thought you received confirmed by your inner voice or not?”

John sat up straighter and leaned forward.  “If you cannot give me the correct answer in the next few minutes then our relationship is at an end and you will not see me again in this life.”

I was stunned by his words and I felt myself flush.  “What?  After all that I have gone through you would just cast me aside if I cannot give you the correct answer here and now?”  I couldn’t believe his words!

John studied my face for a moment. “I would not cast you aside, but if you cannot receive and trust the inner voice of the Spirit after all that you have gone through, I must find someone else for the job.  It is nothing personal, but I have a job to do and I must have someone who trusts the still small voice.  Now I will give you a moment of silence, then give me the answer.”

John was silent and I tried to tune into the voice, but seemed to get nothing.  John’s statement unnerved me, but I tried to focus. After a moment of frustration on my part John asked “What is your answer?”

I was angry with myself because my moment of contemplation gave me nothing.  I decided to guess.  “Yes.  I have the right answer.  I’ll go with it.”

“Did your inner voice confirm that to you?” John asked.

I paused a moment in fear.  I never wanted to lie so much in my life, but if I told John I received something it would be a lie, and he would probably know it.  I painfully told him the truth. “I tried to get a confirmation, but I drew a blank.  Have I failed?”

“Not yet.  Now take a couple minutes and contemplate.  Are you sure you have the right key word?  Do you have confirmation from the soul and do you trust it?  Your next answer will be final.  I’m going to the rest room. When I return I expect your answer.”

“Take your time,” I said to John as he walked off.

I had never felt under pressure like this before.  In the past when I wanted some inner guidance I always tried to be in a situation where there were no distractions, but this seemed impossible.  Nevertheless, I tried to clear myself and hear my inner voice.  “I think I have the key word.  Is it correct?  God help me.  Please tell me if it is correct!”

There was no answer.  Nothing.  I had never drawn such a blank in my life.  Here I was, with perhaps the greatest opportunity a man has had for two thousand years, and I was going to let it slip through my fingers.  In addition to that, I would probably lose Elizabeth because I would never receive the first three principles.  I almost started to cry, but held back the tears and forced myself to continue.  John would be coming back any minute.

I sat back in my seat, closed my eyes, and thought back to last Thursday night when John taught us the parable and song and when the key word came to me.  For a moment I relived those few glorious moments.

In an instant I realized I had the answer John  wanted.  At that exact moment John came out of the bathroom.

He casually sat down in the booth and took another sip of coffee and asked,  “Do you have a confirmed answer?”

“Yes.  I do.”

“What is it, my friend?”

“I did not get confirmation tonight because I already received confirmation at the time I received the key word.  At the moment I received it,  I was completely sure, but during the week my trust wavered and I doubted myself.  When I let my mind go back to that moment last week, I realized anew I had definitely received the correct key word.  My answer is yes.  I am sure the key word is right and it was confirmed by my inner self.”

“No doubts, then?” he said.

“I am now sure,”  I said firmly.

“What if I were to tell you that you are wrong?”

I felt a shiver of fear go through me for a second, but then gathered my composure.  “I would say that you are wrong, because I know what the inner voice confirmed to me, and even God cannot take that away.”

For the first time since I had known him  John  looked visibly affected.  His eyes became moist as he grabbed my right hand with both of his,. and said,  “The long famine of truth is over my brother.  You are ready to assist in bringing a great light to the earth.  Welcome to the Brotherhood.”

John and I sat there in silence holding hands for what seemed to be an hour, but I knew it was less than a moment.  During that interlude I did not have to ask him if the key word was correct.  I knew it was.  During this time something else happened.  I saw the story of John’s life over the past two thousand years.   I was amazed beyond words at the struggles he  went through to help mankind.  But what affected me the most was that time and time again, his work met with failure because of lack of cooperation from those whom he had  taught.  Sometimes those who were supposed  to be working for the Brotherhood of Light were just sluggish; other times they sought for their own glory; sometimes they were paralyzed with fear; then, sadly, there were other times when the workers of light lost their light and moved to the side of darkness and sought to destroy all things that bring freedom and light to mankind.

Then, once every several hundred years I saw that John had a faithful co-worker or two, and his heart was gladdened and his hope in mankind renewed.  After that I felt overwhelming emotion over the hope and expectation that John had for me.  At that instant I broke off contact.

“You expect more out of me than I expect from myself.  I don’t want to let you down as others have done.”

“Never, never let fear of failure prevent you from  taking action.  Remember the lesson of the parable.  Always take action on the highest you know and you will learn from your mistakes and eventually meet with success.”

I waited for the lump in my throat to go down and said, “One thing that bothers me is that as great of a teacher and human being as you are, you have still met with failure time and time again over the past two thousand years.  Do you really believe we can succeed this time?”

“The past two thousand years has been a time of training and preparation for the Workers of Light.   We are now on the cusp of a new age and a new energy.  The keynote for the past two thousand years has been sacrifice beginning with the sacrifice of Christ.  Now we are entering a grand new period where we can enjoy the fruits of the sacrifice.  The new keynote is service.  Perhaps the greatest phrase ever recorded from Joshua is that the greatest in the kingdom of heaven shall be the greatest servant.  The greatest among the Brotherhood of Light are those with the greatest capacity and willingness to serve.

“We seemed to fail a lot the past two thousand years because we were learning and demonstrating sacrifice, but now it is decreed we will learn and demonstrate service.  In order to serve we must succeed;  therefore, it is our destiny we will succeed this time around.  There will be setbacks here and there, but our ultimate success is as good as guaranteed.”  John smiled at me as if I was part of this success.

“So, I take it I have passed some type of test here?” I asked.

“Yes, you have.  More important than learning the keys is learning to trust what the Spirit confirms to you.  When you are given a confirmation, you are not usually given another one until you are faithful to what you have already been given.  Last Thursday you were given a confirmation of the key word and you were tempted to doubt it.  Therefore, when you tried to get confirmation again it did not come.  Doubt throws up a wall between you and your soul.  You did exactly the right thing when you went back to the point of reception and reviewed it.  You did the same thing when the Dark Brother tried to deceive you; you thought back to what the true voice of the Spirit was like and compared it to your dream.  This is a process few have mastered.  Almost everyone wants confirmation of truth again and again instead of trusting confirmation they have already received.  If you cannot trust confirmation you received yesterday, how do we know you will trust renewed confirmation today?”

John continued. “The true disciple will not look for new confirmations again and again.  He will find them naturally when he lives by the highest light he has already received.

John leaned forward and lowered his voice after our waitress finished filling our coffee cups.  “Let me repeat myself.  This is perhaps the most important advice you will ever receive: Always live by the highest light you have already received.  If you do, you will receive more,  worlds without end.  If you do not, your progression will come to an end and cannot proceed until you go back, review the last light you have received, and then live your life according to the standard of that light.”

I thought a moment.  “I’ve always tried to do that, but did not realize the full implications of that standard until now.   So tell me.  Am I done with the first key or what?”

“You have found the first key word.  Now your next step is to understand the key itself.  During the next week I want you to think about why this particular word is a key of knowledge and why it identifies the core of your existence.   Why is it the cause of all motion in the universe from a planet to a pen to an atom?”

“I feel privileged to continue this after the scare you gave me.” I said, laughing with relief.

John smiled reassuringly.  “Not as bad as the scare you gave me.  I would probably feel worse losing a student with the mission you are supposed to have than you would have in losing the opportunity.  After all, I have much more knowledge of the implications of it all than you.”

“So you were supposed to tell me more about this mission…” I urged.

“Yes,” he said.  “There are several stages and all will not be revealed at once.  We want you to concentrate on the work at hand rather than some future event that seems impossible at the moment.”

“What then is the first stage?”

“The first stage is for you to write several books giving out new teachings and keys to the world.”

I scratched my head. “I don’t think you understand how busy I am.  To pay all my bills including Elizabeth’s medical expenses I now work 7 days a week, often 12-16 hours a day.  I not only have to work like crazy to make money, but I have to do all the work around the house since Elizabeth’s illness.  I would be happy to do whatever you ask if you would materialize a few gold bars so my hands could be free.”

John smiled.  “I remember those few sweet years with the Master – how we  would often give Him replies like that.  Do you know what He usually said back to us?”


“Oh ye of little faith.”

I chuckled.  “Well with me it should be Oh ye of little time.  There are only so many hours in a day.”

“Are you telling me it impossible for you to find time to write a book?”

I reflected a moment.  Oh, what the hell.   “All right.  Nothing is impossible.  I’ll find some way.”

“Let’s look at the practical possibilities first.  Can you mortgage your house to free up some money which would free up some time?”

I frowned. “Are you kidding?  I’m mortgaged to the hilt!”

“How about friends or relatives.  Will any of them help?”

“Most of them already think I’m too far out.  No.  None of them would loan me money to write a book.  I’d have to lie to them and I know you don’t want that.”

“Dealing with the material side of life is something that even the highest teachers have a problem with,” said John, frowning.  “But especially in this age we recognize that it is a necessity.  All you need to do is find time to write your first book or two.  Now because of certain spiritual laws we cannot just materialize you bars of gold or other wealth, but we do believe that many people will be interested in the teachings and be willing to buy the books.  When this happens, you will have enough coming in to free your hands so you can spend full time as a student, teacher and writer.”

I took a long sip of coffee. “Maybe I could stay up an extra hour or two each evening until I get the book done.  I’ll find a way to do it.  I must warn you I have been planning on doing some writing for years and have just not been able to find the time, but I know this is important.  When am I supposed to start?”

“Right away.”

“But I haven’t even completed the first key.”

“You don’t have to.  The first book will tell about your encounter with me and your experiences and what you have learned up to this moment.  You are not to reveal the first key word in the first book.  One reason is you are to give many copies of the first book free by making it available on the Internet or any other way you can come up with.  There, seekers can download copies and get a feel for what is to come.  If they are then interested, they can either purchase a hard copy or future books you write.  This will supply you with money to free your hands and begin other projects we have in mind for you.”

“So I am supposed to start writing right away and write everything exactly as it has happened?  The trouble with that idea is no one will believe it.  They’ll think the book is the work of an illusionary dreamer.”

“Actually, you are more correct  than you realize.  We have made two previous attempts to put out advanced teachings to the world in a straightforward method and both failed miserably.  We found that new age gurus who just made everything up from their subconscious had more success than did our two disciples.  An additional problem was our disciples  were so honest and straightforward they were boring.”

“I’m sure you’re not asking me to be dishonest.”

“Far from it.  Even Joshua would fall from the light if he asked you to do that.”

“So what are you asking?”

“We are asking you to write a book of fiction,” John replied.

“Fiction?  But none of these fantastic things that has transpired is fiction.” I exclaimed.

“No.  But some of them are too unbelievable for you to write and there are other things that lack a certain glamour necessary to attract an audience.  Therefore, we want you to create any characters or events you want to make the book interesting.  Since you will publish the book as fiction you will not be dishonest in creating any characters, situations or events necessary to make an interesting story.  There is one criteria, however, that you must adhere to.”

“What is that?” I asked.

“The whole purpose of your writings will be to present teachings important for the coming age of peace.  Therefore, you are under strict command to not alter any teachings you receive from me or any other future spiritual teacher.  You are to present them as clearly and as honestly as you are capable.  Even though you will publish the writings as fiction there are many who will sense the teachings themselves are true and many will want to know more.”

“The most unbelievable part of this whole adventure is you,” I smiled.   “Should I tell the whole story about you?”

“We are leaving that up to you.  You will probably have to alter me to some degree, or possibly many degrees.  If necessary you can say you met Hercules, or the moon goddess,  whatever you think will make a good story.  Just be true to the teachings you have received.

“You and the Christ are much wiser than me.  Why are you leaving such an important assignment up to me?”

“Teachings to humanity must come through humanity, through ordinary mortals such as yourself.  Every time we have broken that rule in the history of the world it has always ended in disaster.”

“I thought you spiritual teachers were infallible.  It sounds like even the Christ can make a mistake.”

“True perfection consists in having the ability to complete a task successfully.  When one is in the process of completing a work there will always be mistakes, but that does not prevent the end product from  being perfect.  Look at this world and the inhabitants on it.  There is much imperfection here created by God himself, but the end result of it all will be a perfection beyond imagination.”

‘Hm-m-m, interesting.’ I thought.  “So you are forced to rely on a mere mortal such as myself to get the word out?”

“Yes.  The closest I can come to you is as a teacher, and even then you must be an active participant in asking questions and finding answers.  You have to really want to know  each step of the way as you progress.”

“Well, I must admit I have a strong motive since the life of my wife depends on it.”

John smiled, “I believe you would pursue the truth with a vengeance even if her life did not depend on it.”

“Perhaps.  I guess we’ll find out when she is healed.”

“I have faith you will help her achieve that healing.  Just remember to always follow the highest you know.  This principle also encompasses the area of healing.  In fact, she is now anxiously awaiting your return.  You need to go home so she can peacefully sleep.”

“You’re probably right.” I said.  “I’ll try to get my first chapter done for our meeting next week.”

“Do not bring it to me until the book is done,” John said.

“Why is that?”

“The less influence I have the more powerful it will be even if it is written in your weakness.  I will read it when you are finished, but I will be constrained from editing it.”

“Won’t you be able to give me your opinion at least?”

“I will tell you whether I enjoyed it or not.  When you are done we will see how much more I can reveal.”  He got up to leave and said,  “We’d better call it a day here.”

“Will I see you next week?” I asked hopefully.

“We’ll just meet here at Denny’s again unless you hear otherwise.”

“I look forward to it.”

John turned back to face me. “There is just one thing I ask as you begin this task.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Write a good book.  Try to not embarrass me.”

“I’ll make you larger than life,” I replied, smiling.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter Twenty-One

  1. I’m torn about leaving a comment here. I read this book on the suggestion of a friend on Second Life and I really wanted to be able to say something positive about it, but the plain honest truth is I didn’t like it all that much, and I find myself with nothing to say that are not critiques which are probably best kept to myself. But, as I’ve taken the time to read it I feel compelled to record my comments, for better or worse, with apologies to my friend on Second Life.

    I might have found this book more impressive were I not familiar with the works of Richard Bach. This book is so similar to “The Reluctant Messiah” that you could have just linked people to that book and not bothered writing this one.

    I found nothing to disagree with in the “teachings.” Though there’s nothing here I haven’t read before. Indeed, I use all those “teachings” in my own writing. The difference being that I write real works of fiction. Your book fails as fiction because of the duplicitous implication that you’re presenting something as fiction that really isn’t fiction. Ok, I know Richard Bach did the same thing, but that still doesn’t make it a wise way to go, especially if you’re trying to accomplish the goal that is stated in the last chapter.

    I personally have been attempting to do what your character was instructed to do in the last chapter since 1979. I write a fictional series in which the very same “teachings” in your book are brought out from within myself to give my story and characters substance. I publish the results on the net for free at the site I linked in the comment box, which you’re welcome to check out if you like.

    Anyway, what follows is a little list of rules I practice in order to accomplish the goal that was laid on your character – rules which I wish I’d been around to share with you before you started writing. They probably won’t do you any good at this late date, but I’ll share them anyway.

    1. Story comes first. The more elaborate and captivating the story the better.

    2. Create characters by dividing yourself into aspects. Every character should be an expression of some part of yourself.

    3. Don’t plan the story with the idea that you’re going to explain this or that “teaching” here or there. I write the story. The “teachings” will write themselves in of their own accord by virtue of the characters acting as an amplifier for the still small voice inside.

    4. Leave no one any doubt that this is fiction, and that the readers are not being asked to believe anything that they read. This is not a place to preach, nor is it a place to sell. The reader must be completely free to take or leave the “teachings” as they float past in the course of the story.

    5. The “teachings” must not constitute the bulk of the book. Preaching or teaching must not be the first objective of the project. For something like this to be successful the first goal must be to offer the world an extraordinary story. And the teachings are there only to add substance to that story.

    6. Avoid using Biblical characters. They evoke preconceived notions in the reader. The ideas are what’s important. They don’t need God or Jesus to sell them. More than that, they need to be accessible to people who aren’t Christians. They need to be accessible to people who may not be religious at all.

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