Chapter Five

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Hints and the First Key

I gathered my forces and inquired, “So, how do we go about doing this?”

“If I were to just tell you the keys, your understanding of them would be quite limited and you would not appreciate the depth of knowledge that lies behind them. Instead, we will use what is called the Intuitive Principle. I will give you pieces of information, or hints, and you contemplate where they are leading you and give me your intuitive feedback. Then I give you more hints until you come to an understanding of the principle. Sometimes that understanding comes gradually and other times it comes instantly in a flash of light.”

“So, are you going to give me a hint now?”

“Yes. Your first hint is the question: WHO OR WHAT ARE YOU? Or if you put it in the first person you ask WHO OR WHAT AM I? Each time you are given a hint you are allowed to ask enough questions to get the direction of the hint settled in your mind so your intuition can foment. Do you have anything you want to ask?”

“I might as well take a stab at the answer. It seems easy enough. I am a human being.”

“That is the definition of your physical presence, but the term human being is just a vibrating term that tells you nothing of what you are. Think again. WHO OR WHAT ARE YOU?”

Obviously, John was not going to let me off easy here so I reflected for a moment and replied: “If I recall correctly the scriptures tell us that we are supposed to be sons of God. Is that what we are?”

“It is true that you are a human being. You are also a son of God as the scriptures teach. But just saying you are human or a son of God, Godlike or angelic means little. It is just an expression of words with little meaning to most. Let me ask you again… WHO OR WHAT ARE YOU, really?”

This sounded easy at first, but I was beginning to get the idea that it might be harder than I thought. I thought a moment of every teaching I could think of about who I was and then responded. “Some say I am Spirit or Soul. Is that who I am?”

“And what is Spirit or Soul?” said John.

“Well, I guess it is me without my body. Perhaps that which continues after death.”

“If I were to tell you that you are Spirit, does that tell you anything about who or what you are?”

“Well, yes. I guess so.”

“What does it tell you?”

“It tells me that I… that I’m…. that I’m, well, some type of spirit essence.”

“Didn’t you learn in Basic English that you are not supposed to define a word with the word you are defining? You do not define red by saying it is red. You do not define spirit by saying it is spirit. Now let me repeat. If I say you are Spirit, what does it tell you?”

I was about to define Spirit by using the word Spirit again, but caught myself and thought a moment. “I guess if I am Spirit then I am not physical.”

John then reached toward me and grabbed my wrist. “But I can feel your physical self. So are you really Spirit?”

“Well, I guess am a physical being with a spirit.”

“Let me explain something that you must remember throughout this course. I will always speak to you precisely. I did not say that you have a spirit, but I asked you what it would mean if you were Spirit?”

“I guess it would mean that I am not physical.”

“Progress at last!” said John. “But if you are not physical, then what is left?”

I thought a moment. “Spirit, I suppose.”

John sighed. “Again I ask, what is Spirit?”

“I’m not exactly sure… Perhaps life, essence, vibration. It is what we are when we are not physical.”

“But if you are Spirit it is also what you are when you are physical. If you are Spirit then you are always Spirit. Do you think you alter between being Spirit and not being Spirit?”

“I guess not.”

“You now have food for thought. Think about this question for the next week. We will then meet in seven days and review your thoughts and give you more direction. Please repeat the question for me again.”

“What is Spirit?”

“No, my friend. That followed the question. If you are to get the correct answer, you must contemplate the correct question. What is the question?”

“Who am I?”

“Not quite. Think again. What is the question? Remember what I said about exact wording.”

“Was it What am I?”

“Think again.”

I thought back to the beginning. “Was it WHO OR WHAT AM I?”

“That is correct, my friend. Now, contemplate that exact wording and the direction of our conversation during this next week. Make notes of what comes to your mind no matter how out- of-place or ridiculous the thoughts may seem. Also, keep this thought in mind as we progress. Sometimes the hints will help you discover the direction you are not supposed to go, or wrong answers, so eventually only the way of truth is left.”

“Interesting,” I nodded in appreciation.

“Now let me ask again. If I were to tell you that you are Spirit, does that tell you anything about who or what you are?”

“I guess in reality it doesn’t tell me a whole lot.”

“You are correct. Even if the statement is true, it means very little to you or anyone else in your present state of understanding. When and if you get the first principle, you will at least have some understanding along with it.”

“Fascinating.” I felt like Spock on Star Trek observing an advanced alien race.

“Time is about up. I should be on my way.”

“John. I have one more question.”


“Can I share what I have learned with my wife?”

“If you are successful you will share your knowledge with the world. Because the destiny of male and female is to become one, you should share all things with your trusted wife. But do not tell anyone else of your experience until the time is right or you will be cut off from further teachings. Here, let me get the tab.”

“It seems strange to have John the Apostle buy me coffee. I would have thought someone of your status would just materialize what you need.”

“How little do you realize the correct use of power, my friend. When in the world of man interacting with man, I must be as a man just as you are. You will learn more about power later.” He shook my hand. “Good-bye for now.”

“Where and when will I see you again?”

“I am working as a bell ringer seven days a week at Albertson’s supermarket. I am easy to find. Come back in seven days, next Thursday, and we will continue class.”

“OK. Sure,” I said, as I watched him pay for coffee and walk out the door. I half expected to blink my eyes and watch him disappear as he walked down the sidewalk, but he did not. He just looked like a normal older person strolling down the walk until he was out of sight.

Copyright 1997 by J J Dewey

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