Black Holes

Jan 15, 1999

Black Holes

In each Solar System that has evolving self-conscious life there are a small number of total failures. All of us have done some nasty things and have been very selfish in past lives but almost all of us are guided by pain back into the peaceful world of the soul. Nevertheless, there are a few who totally dedicate themselves to the dark side or the world of Self and become a full fledged Dark Brother “who knoweth he hath but a short time.”

Because he totally rejects the light of the soul his lower bodies enter a state of disintegration and after their purpose is fulfilled on the various planets where they have developed they are then gathered together into a place, which is called in the Bible a “Bottomless Pit.”

The Bottomless Pit is a Star System that is a gathering place for excess dense physical matter. After a sufficient amount is gathered, the combined energy creates an implosion of force which causes the system to collapse on itself. Then all light is sucked into a point of nothingness and as Jesus said “If your light is then darkness, how great is that darkness.”

All the lives in that system, all the matter, all the light is reduced to a point, a (singularity as Steven Hawking may call it). This point is neither a wormhole nor a gateway to another universe, but a point of pure soul which is a gateway back to essential Spirit. Thus do these lives go back to their source where their true Spiritual Selves contemplate in a state of Pralaya for several billion years before making another attempt at physical manifestation.

Another way to put this is to say a black hole is the recycling bin of the galaxy.

Concerning space travel and the speed of light we are fortunate that the Dark Brothers are limited to physical technology and are limited in their travels by time, acceleration and physical technology. This limitation makes it virtually impossible for them to conquer any other worlds except within certain star systems where they dominate.

They do, however, manipulate, etheric matter at times to create the illusion of flying saucers, but they are unable to materialize them in the dense physical. By hypnosis and the implanting of false memories they have deceived some into thinking they have had a physical contact when in the end it was a mere illusion.

Their main negative influence on other worlds is through strong astral and lower mental energies where they attempt to contact and manipulate dark disciples on other worlds. Hitler was a contact such as this.

The Brotherhood of Light, however, is not limited to normal physical travel problems for they travel through space using a spiritual technology. They have the ability to fold and unfold matter which matter is created on an illusionary principle. When the illusion of physical matter is folded into the higher bodies then they are able to travel through space at many times the speed of light. When they arrive at their destination they are able to unfold their vehicle or rematerialize in the physical..

There are also a handful of advanced civilizations who are doing exploratory space travel. These beings are neither Masters nor Dark Brothers, but just a little ahead of ourselves. These civilizations are very rare in our part of the galaxy.

Over 99% of alien encounters are either a deception or illusion of some kind, a fabrication or some type of hypnotic effect. For the most part we are left alone for long periods of time to develop on our own. The Prime Directive of Star Trek fame is very close to the real thing.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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