Passing the Temptations

18 Jan 1999

Passing the Temptations

Reader question: “I hope you all don’t think this is a silly question, but since Jesus passed all three tests, were there other Masters who incarnated but screwed up at temptation #1, 2 or 3? If so, was Jesus one of these people who had to leave, come back and try again?”

Answer: None of the prophets of Israel passed these three tests in full before the time of Jesus. There are a handful of masters who have such as the Buddha. All of us must pass these tests on the level of Maya, glamour and illusion before we obtain liberation.

Perhaps the hardest one is to be willing to give up our dream for a greater cause. How many of us have met seekers who are so caught up in their “vision” or “dream” that they cannot even consider that there may be a greater path of service available than the one they are on?

It is interesting to note that some of the problems in entering the Aquarian age is even greater than anticipated by the Brotherhood because quite a number of disciples in the flesh that were expected to accomplish an important piece of the puzzle have got sidetracked by illusion and have become temporarily worthless to God and man. They are spinning their wheels promoting their own illusions or caught up in glamour and Maya and doing virtually nothing.

Some have gotten discouraged and drifted off in the line of least resistance.

Finally, there are others who have been following the highest they know and have been progressing through the needed preparations and are becoming ready for service.

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