Animal Consciousness and Dialog

Animal Consciousness and Dialog

I thought I would clarify my views concerning the consciousness of animals.

I have never said that animals do not have consciousness. Indeed I have taught that all things, even apparently inorganic rocks have their own type of consciousness.

I have taught that animals do not have self consciousness such as humans. To put it in DK’s words they have not individualized.

Animals do have consciousness, are keenly aware of many things that are pertinent to their lives, but their consciousness is different from ours as is taught by the story in the Garden of Eden.

The consciousness of Adam and Eve in the garden represents the consciousness of our animal; nature before we became fully human. They were naked in the garden and were not ashamed.

The transfer from animal to human consciousness is represented by the eating of the tree of good and evil. After they ate of it they realized they were naked.

Why did they realize they were naked and seek to cover themselves?

Because they developed human self consciousness. They had individualized so they saw themselves as separate entities from all other creations and thus began to compare how they looked to others. They were “ashamed.”

No animal is ashamed or gets embarrassed because of how they look. They are happy to do their business on the floor in front of a thousand onlookers and think nothing of it. Few humans would do this unless they lost a large bet.

An animal cares not if you think it is fat, slow or stupid. We humans with our self consciousness are concerned about these things and much more.

The purpose of life in the animal kingdom is to master the principle of attention. All their consciousness is geared around the development of refined attention mainly through seeking food and survival.

Self consciousness in humans is geared toward the discovery of consciousness itself as well as that which consciousness takes in. This is why we experiment and explore to discover the universe around and within us.

Zion Discussion

Reader: It is my thought that these new teachings will come through all, not just an enlightened few.

JJ: All are not capable of communing with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit works wherever it can find a response and all those willing and open to receive will receive. There are many receiving now and whatever truth one who is in the Spirit teaches is in harmony with that taught by another in the Spirit. “Truth is true and nothing else is true.” The number of teachers will be according to the free will of those who seek.

Of course there are others who receive from their emotional self, their subconscious, mislead spirits, thoughtforms and strong egos. These will not be in harmony with each other, will not inspire the multitudes, neither will their words be confirmed by the Holy Spirit.

Reader: Interaction across the Internet is so limited. I can not consider that any form of gathering. They are certainly not working together as a group except in a very limited way.

JJ: We presently have an experimental group that does work together online. There are presently limitations, but we have managed to work through quite a few of them in preparation for the greater technology to come. Do you think the internet will always be limited as it is now?


Even today a few have the right equipment and software so they can gather and have real time meetings on line. In the near future this will be available to all and participants will be able to speak in real time, be seen, heard and interact with all who are hooked up to him. This new technology will open the door to new types of gatherings that were undreamed of in the past. (Note: This was a good description of Zoom given in 2003)

Reader: As each person is subject to the laws where he lives, there is no real gathering.

JJ: If you define a gathering as becoming a nation where the people are only subject to their own laws then you are correct. But this also means there is no gathering today except for the individual nations as various units.

Some believe they can live within the country and avoid its laws, but they are only fooling themselves. As soon as they become a group of consequence they will find out whose boss.

In principle a gathering is a gathering whether it be within a nation with outside governing laws or in a place whether they have laws of their own. The difference is the latter is more advantageous.

Joseph Smith initiated a literal gathering, yet the group were still subject to the laws of the United States. Did you not consider that a real gathering?

Reader Quoting JJ: “During this period civil and governing laws will not be laid down, only the essentials necessary to a group organization. Each individual will be subject to the laws where he lives and will be expected to follow them within reason.”

Reader: So who prepares this framework of laws and Constitution, those that have your Vision? Who makes that decision?

JJ: Those who make the decisions by natural law are those who initiate. They who initiate a project are those who decide and those who are exposed to the project decide whether or not the plan suits their philosophy and needs.

I live in Idaho because it suits my needs even though I have had nothing to do with any of the government over me outside of my vote.

Group decisions always reach the level of the lowest common denominator. The best decisions are made by individuals and presented to a group and then modified as the need arises.

You need to read my book The Molecular Relationship to see how the whole process works.

Reader: I know lots of people feel they are inspired, but I would want nothing to do with living their Vision.

JJ: Why not? If someone else has a vision that resonates with the Spirit within me I am personally happy to embrace it. This in no way interferes with any goal or personal vision I may have. Then other visions I may reject.

Reader: Putting several thousand people in a new spot is the most dangerous time. Where is the infrastructure that will support them? If it is a new city, then there is a huge amount of work required and it takes time. How do we feed these thousands of individuals in the meantime?

JJ: Your last question is easy. We buy food and eat it just as we do now. The plan does not require us to be in the middle of a wilderness with no resources.

I have all the details in my mind but it is premature to present them. Right now I am not concerned whether or not anyone thinks I have a good plan for building cities for we have no power to build cities at the moment. At the moment I am only concerned with the first step which is the presentation of additional light to humanity. To have a successful gathering you have to have people available with whom you can see eye to eye in the Spirit. If this first step is not achieved then any gathering will create more enemies than it does friends and eventually self destruct.

When the time comes the second step will be presented. Some who took the first step will just want to stay on the first step and continue to learn new principles. Others will take the next step which requires action. No one is expected to embrace anything unless they see a benefit and inner confirmation. No one will be looked down upon if they want to stay on the first step.

Reader: So this location is part of your vision that has to be taught to this people. What if they see/feel a different location?

JJ: Then they can go to that location and gather to their heart’s content.

Reader: I have met with several Fundamentalists groups, and I have not seen a consensus as to what Zion will be like. So what do you see as their concept of Zion, that you will not be like?

JJ: (1) Their emphasis on the past and the old rather than the new. (2) Their rigid interpretation of the scriptures rather than seeking the spirit of the scriptures through the Holy Spirit as well as the new which is not in the scriptures past. (3) Their strong authoritarian nature.

Reader: The discovery of America? What does that mean? If you are gathering freedom loving people, (and I know a lot of them), then who do you separate those with Your Vision from those that don’t.

JJ: I do not separate. Free people choose the society in which they live. Those who do not share the vision I have will be free to choose another or create one of their own. Why would you think otherwise?

Reader: It would appear that if all the people don’t share your Vision, then this will quickly collapse.

JJ: It would not even begin. Those who do not agree with the plan will not participate. I would hope not anyway.

I do not like the idea of describing that which I will present as merely “my vision”. If it is verified by the Holy Spirit then it belongs to all.

Reader: Again, are you implying that only those that share your Vision of these molecular relationships, etc, will be part of Zion?

JJ: Are you saying that those who see two contrary visions will build the same Zion?

“If you re not one you are not mine” says the scripture.

There are many who see the vision of Zion and those who see it through the Spirit will be in harmony after they commune in person.

Those who see a vision of Zion created through the filters of their ego will not be in harmony with each other.

Reader: So in the meantime, those that are not “equal in earthly things” can they not be part of Zion?

JJ: Without this equality there will not yet be Zion but that doesn’t mean that we do not take steps in that direction and make the best of it.

Those who present the vision do not decide who will follow, but the decision is made by the person to whom it is presented.

Reader: Again it is Your vision, and direction, revelation that is central to the creation of Zion? Without your master plan, then all would be lost?

JJ: You seem to be insinuating that there is something wrong with presenting a plan for the betterment of humanity, as if it is a selfish separative act.

If the vision I have is in harmony with the Spirit then it is not mine but it belongs to all and the Spirit will confirm to all who seek to know with a sincere heart.

All is never lost. If one fails another will pick up the inspiration and move ahead.

Reader: I also believe there are many being led by the spirit. I also believe they have a different Vision and responsibility given to them. I feel that there will be many gathering places throughout the land and even world. Each will have their own vision. But that does not make them Zion. God will take a much more active role in building Zion, then what you have so far described.

JJ: I basically agree except that those who have a vision through the Spirit will be in basic harmony with others who have received and will be willing to work together. Two in the Spirit do not receive a “different vision” but may wind up with a different interpretation of some of the details.

Reader: Even those that don’t have the complete vision, will be blessed to the extent that they choose to be.

JJ: Agreed.

Reader: Just because we think we have found our correct place, does not mean that someone else has not found theirs also, even when their place is much different than ours.

JJ: Agreed again. Then there are those who think they can boss the rest of us around who are in their wrong place.

Reader: I honestly believe that you believe.

JJ: I would expect no less.

Reader: And I respect that in you. There will be many that gather that are looking for light. There will be many candles held up by many servants, drawing a few here, a few there. But the true source of the Light, will overshadow them all.

JJ: Some have and will gather in the light and others out of the light. Just because a group gathers does not mean they are in harmony with the Spirit. Those who do gather in the Spirit will recognize and cooperate with others who have thus gathered and will eventually be under one banner just as happened with the original 13 colonies.

Reader: As I see it, the plan you present so far, is far too nebulous to ever be considered workable.

JJ: It appears nebulous because I have only told you that a plan exists, but have not presented the plan itself. I am working on the first stage as I have seen it. When the complete plan for the second and third stage is presented then you will be able to make an assessment of value.

In the meantime all I ask is that you read my writings and see if the Spirit verifies. If the Spirit verifies stage one then the chances are it will verify stage two.

I saw a small bottle of cologne and asked if it was for sale. She said, “It’s free with purchase.” I asked her if anyone bought anything today. Steven Wright

Oct 18, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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