Steps to Zion


Steps to Zion

There has been an increasing interest in the group in the manifestation of the ideal society, which many call Zion, so I thought I would make some additional comments.

My plan is to teach the basic principles of Zion first and fill in the details as needed.

I know some have written up laws, constitutions and other details for the ideal society, but this does little good in the present when we have no society in which to implement these ideas.

Even so, it doesn’t hurt for dreamers to put their ideas into writing as the final product may make use of some of them.

My idea is to take Zion one step at a time. You have to lay the foundation of a building long before you work on the tenth story. I have the vision of the whole building, but the essential thing at the moment is to convey my understanding of the foundation so it can be correctly laid.

Two readers pointed out four essential principles in laying the foundation.

(1) A oneness of spirit, vision and understanding among those who begin the work.

(2) An understanding and acceptance of the Molecular Relationship and its governing principles, especially the principle of self correction which is built into it to make it a living self healing form.

(3) An understanding of the Gathering Principle in relation to the spiritual progress of humanity.

(4) A willingness to accept new teachings that may not conform to a past paradigm, yet can be confirmed by the spirit. “A time to come in the which nothing shall be withheld, whether there be one God or many gods, they shall be manifest.” D&C 121:28.

Before Zion can be built a significant group must be gathered and work together and sifted until a group exists that can see eye to eye not because of an outward authority, but because they have all learned to look through the eyes of the Spirit.

During this period civil and governing laws will not be laid down, only the essentials necessary to a group organization. Each individual will be subject to the laws where he lives and will be expected to follow them within reason.

This stage will be a time of teaching, learning and preparation. Members will be attracted by light and love rather than the details of the laws of Zion.

Then when a critical mass of people is reached who are willing to create a new society a new gathering will commence. This will be the time to have a framework of laws and Constitution ready. Several thousand who are prepared will lead the way and the commencement of the gathering will capture the imagination of the entire world. Many who are not known as particularly religious or spiritual (but good people) will be attracted and join with us. Some fairly dangerous and dark characters will also be attracted, as always happens, but hopefully they can be weeded out.

Where is the gathering place? This will be revealed when the time is right.

This first gathering will not build Zion as Fundamentalists conceive of it, but it will create a much better society than we have today. It will correspond more, on a higher turn of the spiral, to the discovery of America and the gathering of freedom loving people than it will to any rigid religious system.

In the future there will be additional siftings, gatherings and regatherings until “the whole earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord.”

The principles in the Molecular Relationship will be the basis of the government of the new society. They can be applied to civil law, spiritual law as well as business.

A reader mentioned The Molecular Business. This is not a prototype of a Zion society, but it is a stepping stone to get there which will assist individuals in seeing the equality of all people.

She also mentioned Molecular Politics. Again this is not designed to create the perfect political system but to move the one we have to its next level of effectiveness.

To be “equal in earthly things” as commanded in the scriptures is not something that can be achieved with strong authority or speaking in the name of God. This will take some time to perfect without infringing on the free will of humanity.

When the time comes I will write more about “The Economic Order of the New Age,” wherein I will outline several steps towards a Zion economy as well as a plan to revitalize the economic systems of the nations, particularly the United States.

The Spirit of Christ is here not to destroy, but to save, and the spirit will always strive with humanity as long as there is a chance of assisting them.

Think not the world is beyond redemption. The heart of the average hard working person raising his or her family is sound and can be touched if properly approached. God takes no joy in the destruction, pain and sorrow of such people and these “common people” have cried out en mass in their hearts to God and have been heard. His hand is extended to save and many will respond.

Whether you accept it or not I see my current job is to teach and to send a light which can be recognized by those who have the spirit of gathering. Those who recognize the light reflecting off their own souls will gather on the internet and later physically and shall create the Mustard Seed which grows forth into a great plant which shall be seen to be the Kingdom of God manifest on the physical plane.

I do not claim to be alone in this work. There are thousands of servants scattered throughout the planet who are doing their assigned work to prepare humanity for things to come, and many of them are not considered spiritual by the masses. Every true servant has a place in the machinery of God and plays a part which does not compete or infringe upon the work of another. Those who do compete or infringe are out of harmony with the Spirit and need to find their true place.

When we find our place and do the work acknowledged by the Spirit the laborer will be at peace with himself and feel a sense of moving forward, even if all seems still before his eyes.

May we all behold the great design of God and find our correct place within it that we as individuals can be a part of the divine movement manifesting things on earth as they are in heaven.

I went down the street to the 24-hour grocery. When I got there, the guy was locking the front door. I said, “Hey, the sign says you’re open 24 hours.” He said, “Yes, but not in a row.” Steven Wright

Oct 17, 2003

Copyright by J J Dewey

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