Key Six, The Law of Correspondences

Key Six, The Law of Correspondences

2021 Gathering, Part Twenty-Seven

JJ: What process does God use in creation?

Adam: God does all things new, but everything new with a twist.

JJ:  Right. As below, so above, but with a twist. Think of it this way. Put yourself in the position that you’re a god, and you identified with God at one time in the fact that you are a cell in the life of God. And as a cell in the life of God, you experience the whole life of God. Just like a cell within your body doesn’t think I am a cell it thinks I am a body because it identifies with the whole body.

We identify with the life of God. But think of it this way. Visualize yourself as having the creative power of God and you just created on a certain level. Now you want to do something a little bit more challenging. Are you just going to do the exact same thing again on the higher level; and then the exact same thing again on another higher level and just keep doing that for all eternity?

Susan: Sounds boring.

JJ: How long would you have to do that before you got bored?

Well, what does the Scripture say about God’s creation? He says, “Behold, I do all things new.” And Isaiah says that which was created before will no longer exist and a new thing will appear. And so on.

So God does all things new. And this is totally different than most of the religions teach that he’s just completely changeless, does the same thing over and over and over. But how long before that gets boring?

Now A Course In Miracles has an interesting story. It says that in the beginning we were all with God and we were all really happy. And there was . . . everything was changeless. And then there was a rebellion where people got this what was considered this crazy idea to create time and space where there were challenges, limitations and lots of change.

If that is true, you can see why it happened. Because even if we were in an eternal bliss, which all the ancient wisdom teachings tell us that we go through cycles, we go through cycles of creation, or we go through dualities and limitations, and eventually we become masters of all things in this universe. Then after we go through it and we master everything, then we go through a pralaya, and in the pralaya we go into a changeless state of rest, where we can reflect on everything that has happened and absorb it. And then when we get bored, in other words, just being in that state of bliss where it’s kind of nice, just like when you take a rest of night, it’s nice to have a nice deep rest, but do you want to rest forever?

No. Pretty soon you think, “Oh, no, I want to get up and do some stuff.” Okay, so eventually get up and you do some stuff. Well, we do this on a higher level. We go through levels of creation, then levels of mastery and then levels where we rest and relax and prepare for an increase.

This is kind of symbolized in Genesis, where God worked for six days, and then on the seventh day he rested. You always have to have a period of rest. Now esoterically, normally the rest is equivalent to the work time, and in the Book of Genesis, God works six days and rested on rested on the seventh.

So one day out of seven isn’t a lot of rest, but maybe that’s all esoterically that we need. But in the great pralaya where we rest and we’re freed from dualities, there’s no time, or space, or distance, or anything so there’s really no measuring of time as to amount of time we rest. It’s just a period that we take where we get the rest that we need.

When God creates on a higher level, it’s as below, so above, but with a twist. There’s always a twist, always something added that is different than what is below. And this is what many of the esoteric teachers miss. Many of them teach that it’s exactly the same on one level as another level and it’s not.

We know that because of the atom. The atom was theorized to be like a solar system . . . and so using the correlation as below, so above and as above, so below, scientists, like Neils Bohr, came to a correct conclusion about the atom before they could actually prove it, that the atom had a nucleus where most of the mass is, just like in the solar system, most of the mass is in the sun. And then we have the electrons, which are much smaller, just like in the solar system, the planets are much smaller.

The planet Earth is one millionth the size of the sun. In other words, one million Earths can fit in the sun, and it’d take about a thousand earths to fit in the biggest planet, Jupiter, because it’s a really big compared to the earth.

So the correspondences are interesting. But unlike the microcosmic world, the planetary world has quite a few differences. For one thing, each planet is quite a bit different in size from every other planet, but with the atoms, each electron is essentially exactly the same. So there’s one very powerful difference. And there are many other differences in the fact that, well, we have a sun in the center, but the suns are different masses and so on, but they don’t really correspond exactly to the atoms. Some atoms just have one proton in the center, and other atoms have numerous protons, plus neutrons in the center. And we don’t have an exact correspondence there, but we have a rough correspondence where we have a circulation of units going around a center.

The orbiting units are much smaller in mass than the central part that they’re circulating, so there’s a lot of correspondences, but they are not exact.

Our universe is on a different time frame than the microscopic universe. In other words, the atomic world has reached the maximum point in its evolution. The hydrogen atom is the same everywhere in the universe. Our hydrogen atom isn’t going to evolve into anything different than it is. Whereas, our universe is just beginning to evolve compared to the atomic world. Now, in the atomic world, the time frame is a totally different. The time frame in our universe is trillions of times slower than the atomic world.

So the time it takes an electron to circle around its central sun is less than a trillionth of a second. The time it takes the earth to circle around the sun is a whole year. So think of the difference. And that gives you an idea of the difference in time. The difference in time is fantastic.

So in the beginning of the creation of this universe, the consciousness of God focused on the atomic world. At that time, that was all there was. In the beginning, there were no stars and planets and everything, but there was just the development of the subatomic world. And that took billions of years by the standard that it was measured by the life of God at that time. By our standard though it took only a few seconds. But by the life of God that It was in that time, it took billions of years.

Once everything was built in the subatomic world, then all kinds of computer programs were written, and everything operated on what we would call a program. So the reason that every hydrogen atom acts like every other hydrogen atom and does the same thing is because they all have the same programing, and it took a lot of effort and intelligence to write that program.

But when it was written then it was easy to duplicate and the Creator duplicated hydrogen atoms throughout the entire universe, and the hydrogen atoms became the basis of matter. As they accumulate, then they produce suns, and they produce heavier elements, and they blow up and produce heavier elements still. And they gather together, and they create planets like Earth.

And so after all this evolution, then we finally get to where we are now. And we’re now at a point to where the life of God is focused on humanity. Eons ago, it was focused on the subatomic world until it was created perfectly – as perfect as it could be, and then it moved up to a higher level, which is our universe as it exists now. The life of God is still creating all kinds of different worlds and life forms in the universe. The planet Earth is one of those worlds, and we humans are the inhabitants of this particular planet.

Now, what are we? We are the soul of the universe and to understand that we need to understand what soul is. First of all, we have to understand what soul energy is. What is soul energy? Joshua?

Joshua: Well, it’s the interplay between matter and spirit.

JJ: Right. The interplay between matter and spirit produces soul energy, and speaking of soul esoterically is quite confusing to a lot of people because it used a number of different ways. It used to describe the soul energy, which is the interplay of spirit and matter, and it’s used to also describe a vehicle which we live in after we die, which is the soul.

So it’s really two different things. But the soul lives at a point where the soul energy is strong, and so that’s why it’s called the soul. Soul energy is the interplay of spirit and matter. To contact the higher worlds, the disciple needs to focus not on the material, not totally on the spiritual, but right at the point in between.

The point where land, water, and air meet, which is neither wet nor dry, is a point where upon a magician’s feet must be set. So this is the secret of white magic, which is to understand that point. And that point where matter meets with spirit – if you focus on that point right in between – then it opens a door. It opens a door to the higher realms so that the person can then obtain soul contact.

Once a person obtains soul contact, then he is in contact with the higher part of himself, and he gets impressions and feelings and sensations and sometimes words will come, maybe visions, and intuitions. But he and his soul can be one if he opens that door between spirit and matter.

Now the great point about the law of correspondences, is it allows you to find the truth about a lot of things. Because if something is true, there will be correspondences to it. You may have heard presentations where people present a story, like Jesus presented parables. The parables use the law of correspondences. And the reason his parables were so good was because he focused so strongly on the law of correspondences.

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