The Focus of Evil

The Focus of Evil

2021 Gathering, Part Twenty

Shawn: So, that’s an interesting one, and I liked the information you were giving us on 666. I had a funny experience with that.

Well, let me just first say I respect those who are teaching Relief Society in the Mormon Church or any other Sunday School or anywhere, because that’s what they’re supposed to be doing right now. So everything is kind of gray and there’s nothing that’s black and white or right for us all.

But for me tithing in the Church was a huge thing, you know. It’s your pass to the temple . . . one of the main passes. But my tithing was always kept track of meticulously. So I had multiple sources of income, even though they weren’t big, they were multiple sources. One year in 2014, I added all these up. And it was not a good year. (laugh) But the number was 666.

JJ: Oh really. (laughing)

Shawn: And I had to laugh because the Lord has a sense of humor. So that was the last time I paid tithing in that forum to the Mormon Church. I had records from years and years, and I just threw them all away. But I kept track of not just this current year, but all the years and it was in a spreadsheet, and I was getting to a point of trying to give more of a percentage away than just ten percent . . . and all this stuff . . . but then in the end it came down to 666. That’s what I paid; you know it was 666. Six hundred sixty-six dollars and sixty-six cents.

JJ: Haha, wow.

Shawn: So that was what, there’s a few sixes there. But that was what the number actually came out to be when you included everything I had. But that’s not to say that things aren’t changing, that we can’t change. That’s not to say that Elder Nelson can’t go from lying for the Lord to being maybe a prophet with a small p. I don’t know, you know. So we’re all able to change, we’re all able to grow, and to do things. And so his lying for the Lord in the past, maybe the Lord forgave him for that. There’s just a lot that changes. So I appreciate your information on judgment. Because I used to look at judgment as not judging others, but your information was enlightening for me yesterday. So thank you.

JJ: Yeah. When you think of unearned authority, it’s just not the Church, it’s everywhere. The medical establishment is very powerful with unearned authority. People go to their doctor, and he may say, “well, it looks like you’ve got three months to live, sorry fella.” And they’ll take it to heart and oftentimes when they’re told that, they’ll die right at three months, just because of their belief system.

Other people just think that through and reject it, and they’ll live a long life, but they have to put that negative thoughts out of their minds. They have to reject that unearned authority. That doctor doesn’t know he’s got three months to live for sure. Then they will just go through the orthodox prescription of medicine, orthodox treatment.

Concerning cancer, for instance, they will use standard radiation treatments and so on, that will often not only kill you but make your death very painful and distressful. Sometimes you’re a lot better off to live a few months, shorter time period, and a better quality of life.

My sister and Curtis’s mother went through hell with her cancer treatments, and I think she would’ve been better off to not take any treatment at all.

Curtis: Yeah, for a year, a year of pain and suffering.

JJ: She said my mother took some cancer treatments and they were successful for her. But I know when my sister got it, she said, “boy didn’t know what my mom must have gone through.” She said, “it was a lot harder than I imagined.” That’s what she told me.

Curtis: She said, “well I just saw my doctor and I just signed my death warrant.”

JJ: She said that?

Curtis: Yeah.

JJ:  Wow. Yeah, that’s too bad.

Curtis: There was no turning her around. There was no convincing her.

JJ: Yeah, that’s too bad.

And there are a lot of people with good cancer treatments that have saved a lot of lives, and many have been thrown in jail. They suffer persecution from the government, especially when they find treatments that are cheap. If there’s a treatment that’s expensive and big pharma can make a bunch money off of it, then that’s no problem. You can take that treatment all you want, as long as it makes the establishment a bunch of money.

The same thing with Covid, like, Ivermectin is really cheap. A lot of physicians who are honest will say that the virus could’ve been completely eliminated if we had just used that alone, as the major medicine. But because it’s cheap, nobody in the establishment wants to, for they are making a lot of money and want to promote it to keep the dollars flowing in.

Curtis: What is it that’s cheap?

JJ: Ivermectin. It is a really cheap drug that you can get. It’s a horse de-wormer.

Curtis: Oh yeah, I heard about that.

JJ: And a handful of people have taken the horse medicine, which is a thousand times as much as a human is supposed to take, and it’s made them sick. So the media projects this, “these stupid people out there taking this horse medicine and it’s making them sick.” Well, hardly anyone’s taking the horse medicine amount. I mean, maybe about two to three people out of millions. But that’s what they use as an example.

Artie and I have taken it several times and you don’t feel as much effect as you do from an aspirin. You just don’t feel anything.

Curtis: And it’ll knock out the virus?

JJ: Yeah, and prevents you from having it too.

Curtis: I want some.

JJ: Well Artie will give you the name of a doctor that will prescribe it.

Asaph: Indiscernible. (laughter)

JJ: Yeah, a lot of people are going to the veterinarian supplies and getting it and trying to chop off the right amount for themselves. But you have to make sure you don’t get the horse dosage.

Susan: You take an eighth of a teaspoon per 150 pounds.

JJ: Have you taken it, Sue?

Susan: I have for ten months.

JJ: For ten months, oh. Yeah, you can’t afford to get it can you?

Susan: (nods)

JJ: And this is all part of the control of the beast. The beast right now is really tightly controlling the media. You have anyone in the media that tries to write an honest article or present an honest news story on controversial items that they don’t want out . . . they’ll get fired immediately. Or they’ll get reassigned. Or they’ll get warned, you know.

“We won’t publish this, and any more of this and you’re gone.” So they control these people tremendously in the media, and the funny thing about the tricky old beast, is he moves from one place to another. The mistake a lot of conservatives make who try to pinpoint the conspiracies out there . . . they’ll say, “well the conspiracies among the Jews or the international bankers . . . I’m sure Asaph is a big conspirator.

Asaph: I own the bank.

JJ: The international bankers or the intelligentsia of some type, the illuminati . . . and they try to pinpoint all these . . . or the communist conspiracy. But what they don’t realize is the dark brotherhood moves around. During Hitler’s time, they were focused on the Nazis.

After the Nazis were defeated, a lot of people were worried that that’s where the focus of evil still was, so they were doing everything they could to eliminate every Nazi they could that continued to exist, but that wasn’t where the beast was anymore.

Then it moved over to communism and built up the Soviet empire. And then when it became obvious where the focus of evil was, communism fell, and the dark brothers moved somewhere else.

Ed: Those who control the money.


Well, money’s always been part of the control, whether it’s been Communism, Naziism, or whatever, but money itself is neutral and can be used for good or evil.

Asaph: Extreme Islam

JJ: Right. Extreme Islam. That became the next one. And then, Bush started this war against radical Islam and we kind of got things somewhat under control, and we never got attacked again, and so the beast snuck away from them and thought, “well, maybe I’ll get back to them a little later.” Where’s the focus of evil right now?

Curtis: Afghanistan.

Adam: CNN. (laughter)

Michael: Wallstreet.

Asaph: China.

Adam: The media.

JJ: The media. Right. The media. It’s focusing on the media. The media is breaking all the rules. I minored in journalism when I was in college, worked on the college newspaper, and the prime directive was you do not insert opinion in hard news. If I were to do that in the papers that I wrote in college, I would have gotten an F. And now, all these media people deserve F’s because they inject their opinion in hard news.

For instance they will act like Ivermectin is used only for horses and we are not horses and shouldn’t be taking it, and that’s a complete lie. People are not taking the horse dosage. Maybe a couple did a long time ago. They’ll say that it’s unproven and doesn’t work, and they inject their opinion. And most who have used it says that it does work. The nations that are using it have a lot lower infection rate than we do.

Nations in Africa are using it. The only nation in Africa that has a problem is South Africa, which is very western in their thinking. The rest of the continent uses natural methods and use Ivermectin, and they don’t have much problem. And they also use Hydroxychloroquine there a lot in like Nigeria. We have several people in the group from Nigeria and they don’t have any problem there at all to speak of. They tell us . . . yeah, they use Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, which are completely discouraged by the media here.

So it’s interesting how the mark of the beast is so powerful and in control. And it shifts, it shifts around, and right now it’s in the media. And in the media, anyone with any light cannot write anything that reveals light and truth. If they do, they will be fired . . . unless it’s in alignment, unless it doesn’t disturb the thoughtform.

You know they could maybe write about motherly love or loving your dog or something like that, and they’d say, “well that’s okay.” But they can’t write anything that reveals light and truth on say, the virus or anything controversial that they have taken a side on.

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