More On Handwriting


More On Handwriting

A reader asks: Do you do the analysis yourself and how does it work? How do you explain that my handwriting changes periodically?

Yes, I do the analysis myself as I have over 40 years’ experience.

The slant of your handwriting will change with your mood and the size by your focus but little else.

My ex-wife worked for a large corporation and for a while was asked to select new employees. I told her to bring me the applications and I would pick the best ones. She came home with about a hundred of them and I picked a half dozen good ones. After doing this for a while management was quite impressed with the quality of people she caused to be hired.

On a humorous note, one time I thought I would try and do this professionally and went to the main guy at Albertsons Grocery stores in charge of hiring. After I explained what I could do he gave me a sample to analyze. I said some negative things about whoever wrote it including that he was overbearing and any employees under him would have a difficult time.

He then mumbled that he would think over my proposal and get back to me.

On the way out I noticed several secretaries were quietly laughing. I stopped and asked one of them what was so funny. She whispered to me: “We heard your analysis and the handwriting belongs to him and everything you said was exactly right! We are so glad someone told him what he is really like.”

I immediately realized that I wasn’t going to get a call back from this guy.

It works because handwriting is merely frozen action and just as you can analyze a person from watching his actions you can even do it faster by looking at his frozen actions in his writing.

Back in my college days I used to analyze people during lunch. I found that when I analyzed one person that almost every day thereafter someone was bringing me something new to analyze. One of my roommates was very skeptical and kept trying to convince everyone that I was not accurate. He kept saying that I was too general and what I said could apply to anyone. It seemed that no matter how impressed others were that he was unfazed and demanded I be more specific. I think part of the problem was he was very religious and had read in some LDS  publication that handwriting analysis was not endorsed by the church.

He started getting on my nerves so I looked for an opportunity to turn the tables on him. One day I had my chance. Since we lived in the same house I passed his desk on a regular basis and looked at his handwriting from time to time. One day I noticed that his handwriting on his desk revealed his nervous system was adversely affected as often happens just before a cold or flu shows up. I went a little out on a limb and said to him:

“I just glanced at your handwriting and it tells me that you will be coming down with a cold in about two days.”

He gave me a look that said, “Yeah, right.”

Then exactly two days later I passed his bunk and noticed he was dead to the world. I asked him if he was OK and he told me he had his worst cold in years.

I then reminded him of what I had seen in his handwriting and asked him if I was specific enough this time.

He reluctantly admitted that I was pretty specific this time.

I could write about many more interesting experiences but this will suffice for now.

Meaning in Words

I received some resistance to the teaching that the hidden meaning in words is not a coincidence. For instance, related words often rhyme, like womb and tomb

To this another reader stated that words like “June and “Moon” rhyme, but have no connection.

Then I pointed out that there is a connection, often beyond the obvious. Where sounds in particular are similar there are always esoteric similarities of some kind.

For instance, June is the month associated with marriage and romance and so is the moon. June is named after the Roman goddess Juno, goddess of marriage and the well-being of women. The moon is also associated with the feminine principle.

Some similarities may be accidental but most are not. The reason lies in the science of sound itself and the fact that our inner selves sense certain meanings in sound.

Just one example. When something terrible happens we will often shout out “No…!” Other times we will shout “Oh No!” It is no coincidence that both words have the hard “O” for they are both making a similar soul statement.

Question: How about other languages? Are they missing out on the word relationships?

No, they are not missing out at all. Other languages will have esoteric meaning embedded in sounds of various words, but they will be different words and a study of corresponding sounds in any language will bring light on meaning of importance to that culture.

The words “womb” and “tomb” in other languages may not sound so similar, but if the correspondence has meaning to that culture then it will be found somewhere in the language.

There is a great mystery behind the sounds of words themselves and is the basis for a future Key.

In addition to meanings being hidden in sounds that go beyond surface meaning all languages also have subtle meanings hidden in various words and phrases. One DK mentions several times is the word “disease.” He separates it as “dis-ease” which gives the subtle meaning of not being at ease as being one of the causes of disease.

Another one is atonement which separates into “at-one-ment” giving the inner meaning of an event happening at one moment or instant in time.

Here are some others to ponder:

Enjoy = in joy.

Forgiving = for giving we forgive and are forgiven.

Entrance = in trance.

Evil = Live in reverse.

Righteousness = right use

See if you can come up with additional ones.

“Maybe in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself: ‘Mankind.’ Basically, it’s made up of two separate words — ‘mank and ‘ind.’ What do these words mean ? It’s a mystery, and that’s why so is mankind.” — Jack Handy

Jan 29, 2008

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