Telepathy & More

Telepathy & More

My thanks go to the members who expressed comments and appreciative thoughts of my efforts to communicate the many principles that flow through my mind.

I think the important point is the importance of a teacher not glomming onto some title that sets him apart as special in relation to his brothers. Jesus emphasized this principle when he told his followers to call no man Rabbi or Father. Other titles used today are Reverend, Your Holiness, Prophet, your Majesty, etc.

Some titles do not express specialness if used in the right context in normal conversation. Brother is such a word as well as teacher, or even spiritual teacher. BUT if a person demands to be addressed by these titles then a specialness is implied. For instance, in the Immortal Books when Philo was first introduced, you’ll recall that he insisted he be called “Brother Philo.” Thus the common term Brother or Sister, that can be applied to anyone, was turned into a special title. Philo wanted to be called Brother in a situation where the term only applied to him.

When it becomes pertinent to communicate what I am attempting to do with my life I will say that I am a teacher. This term not only applies to me but to anyone who is attempting to assist his fellow men and women by giving out knowledge that may be of assistance. Technically I suppose I am attempting to be a spiritual teacher for I teach things more of a spiritual nature than worldly matters.

Do I insist I be called a teacher or spiritual teacher? No, of course not. One need not even see me as a teacher in order to participate in this discussion group.

The important thing is not to seek recognition, for the moment a teacher does this he ceases to teach on a spiritual level. The Sons of God must be Suns of God and give forth radiations of truth with the realization that many rays will fall upon the darkness of space, but a few will reach living beings who will have joy basking in the light of truth.

Allow me to add a few thoughts on mental telepathy. A mind cannot be read by merely amplifying brain waves and then broadcasting thoughts as words over a speaker. The problem with reading minds is not the problem of a weak signal but lies in the fact that thinking is a much different process than speaking.

Suppose you are at the dinner table and decide you want someone to bring you a piece of pie. You ask your hostess stating, “Please bring me a piece of pie.”

Now what went on in the mind before you formulated that question. Are you thinking the words, “Please bring me a piece of pie.” Not likely.

What is happening then?

I’ll tell you what I am thinking in that situation.


I’m not thinking at all but am feeling a desire for pie communicated to me by my body. Then without formulating any words at all beforehand I just blurt out, “Please bring me a piece of pie.”

If you read my mind seconds beforehand you would have gotten a blank. To understand that I wanted pie you would have had to descend to my desire body.

At this present moment I am typing lots of words in a post to the group. Was I thinking any of these words before I typed them? No. My mind was blank as far as words go. Principles are flowing through my mind and my consciousness looks at these principles and reduces them to words at the moment I type them and not before. If you had access to my mind a few minutes ago you would not see the words I am typing now.

When I am asked what I am thinking the answer is often nothing, but my consciousness is not on nothing but something formless that is the source of all thoughts, principles and ideas.

If we often are thinking of nothing is mental telepathy even possible?

Yes, but there are several ways to do it.

If the sender wants to communicate words through the power of the mind then he just can’t let his mind drift off into the formless, but must formulate words with his mind and send them to a designated receiver. To effectively do this takes a lot of practice and Masters sometimes use this. Djwahl Khul used this method with Alice A. Bailey when they first started the work together.

The most popular method of telepathy is not mental but emotional. A sensitive person can pick up the feelings of another and understand what is being felt with no words. This is sometimes painful for the receiver as emotional pain is easier to pick up than other feelings and the sensitive will sometimes feel as much distress as the person in pain.

Another method is to achieve enough sensitivity to be able to see the outer film of the aura of another. On this will be projected geometric forms that can be interpreted so the seer can assess what is going on in the mind of another. To become adept at this he must understand the language of universal symbols.

Another method operates through what DK calls the “science impression.” Here the receiver tunes into concepts from the mind of another through the Oneness Principle and can download a whole book in an instant at times. All seekers receive some things from impression, but there are many degrees of receivership just as there are many shades or degrees of light. As the seeker places attention on receiving, his power of recognition will increase. Someday the race will evolve to the point where words will become unnecessary and much greater oneness will be the result.

Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech. Martin Fraquhar Tupper

Feb 15, 2008

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