Discerning Sincerity

Discerning Sincerity

After a reader questions my sincerity I say this:

Let me clear it up for you then. I am the world’s greatest expert on myself and declare to you that I am totally sincere with pure intent to serve humanity.

Those who are linked to the Oneness Principle have picked that up about me.

I might add that there are many sincere people in this group..

Sincerity is not an unusual quality for most people are sincere most of the time. Those who are not are the few who are willing to cheat or deceive to get what they want. Everyone knows within their heart if they are sincere or not. If one says he is sincere and is not then he is making a bold face lie. Thus accusing one who says he is sincere of not being sincere is calling him a liar.

Every disciple should have this quality of sincerity, but having it does not mean he is correct in what he is sincere about or on the right path. A tyrant can be sincere in his methods, but so will be a saint.

The greatest advantage of true sincerity is it will lead the seeker to acknowledge truth when it is seen and will lead to the eventual dispelling of illusion.

As far as I am concerned if a person says he is sincere then I will accept him at his word unless I have good reason not to.

A reader accurately pointed out that one can detect sincerity by using common sense, and mental discrimination.

In most cases one can accurately assess sincerity using normal methods, but without some degree of soul contact one can always be deceived by a skilled person.

Now some here think they have no soul contact whatsoever but all true seekers have it to some degree. One of the first areas where it is used is in personal relationships, first with your mate and next with good friends and associates. After you get to know someone well if you are sincere yourself you will begin to tune into them and sense their feelings, their desires and their sincerity. This can be done to a small degree or a large degree depending on the sensitivity achieved through soul contact and the amount of attention placed on discovery.

Some receive an inner confirmation about the heart of another after some time has passed in the relationship and others can receive communion through the soul about another after a short time. Sometimes it will happen on the first meeting if the soul deems it to be advantageous.

When two individuals having a high degree of soul contact meet and commune there will be a high degree of instant knowing. They will be able to peer into each other’s hearts and know of the sincerity and purity thereof. This will be a joyous experience of discovery.

Some here have tuned into my heart and mind to a degree through soul contact and others tune in intellectually. Some are more sensitive than they realize and go beyond the limits of the brain without realizing it.


Question: The scriptures seem to indicate great destruction followed by 1000 years of peace. How do you see events unfolding?

JJ:  Unraveling, entropy and destruction is the line of least resistance. It takes much more effort to build than to destroy. This laziness shows up in humanity’s thinking of the future. It is much easier to see glorious change happening through everything being destroyed than to save humanity and create something beautiful.

There is always that danger that we could destroy ourselves in an apocalypse but the seeds of that danger are largely in the belief systems of people about the coming terrors. Energy follows thought and because there is so much thinking about the end of the world the possibility looms out there more than it should. It is amazing that we are in as good of shape as we are when you think of all the end of the world belief systems around there.

Unfortunately, the new agers are as bad as the Christians and Moslems in this for they are always setting dates for destruction whether it be Planet X, 2012 or the invasion of evil aliens.

It is the desire of the Brotherhood that we align ourselves with positive building energies and enter the new age without facing great destruction first. Remember the Son of man came not to destroy, but to save.

If the destruction that many wish for were to come it would not be followed by a glorious millennium but by a long trek back to a civilized world.

Blessed are they who have nothing to say, and who cannot be persuaded to say it. – J.R. Lowell

Feb 3, 2008

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