To Fix or Not Fix

To Fix or Not Fix

I had a question concerning my book Fixing America. The reader seemed to think America is pretty much doomed and we just should plan on leaving it when it falls apart.

In the Bible prophets were sent with a message to repent to various wayward peoples. If they repented, as did Nineveh through the administration of Jonah, they were “fixed” and continued on in an improved situation. If they did not repent, as did Israel after the ministrations of Jeremiah, then they were destroyed.

In this age when a nation reaches a perilous point, modern day prophets come forward. Instead of just giving the stereotype call for repentance, they teach the principle of repentance which is this:

Stop your journey toward a path that leads to slavery and destruction, turn around and fix the problems. Then continue on in a new and improved direction.

Many authors have come forward and written books telling America and other nations the error of their ways in economics, immigration, defense, enforced beliefs and other problematic areas. These are like modern day prophets and, unfortunately, they are ignored like the ancient prophets.

Whenever a nation becomes threatened the soul of that nation will send forth enlightened individuals who will attempt to fix the problems. Sometimes the problems are partially fixed and the nation continues on for a time. Eventually, all nations crystallize and reach their end and are replaced by new creations.

It is always desirable that a nation repair itself so the good and decent people can live out their lives and obtain some joy while learning important lessons.

My book on fixing America can have a positive effect whether or not America does see improvements.

[1] It is possible it can stimulate some change and thereby giving the lights more time to prepare for things to come and in more comfortable circumstances than would otherwise be the case.

[2] If the country heads toward a destructive course with no correction then what I write can supply good seed ideas to make the new civilization more stable and successful.

Whenever there is a great change developing between the ages the old is always given the opportunity to accept the new. If the old does not accept, or at least tolerate, then they will be destroyed by natural forces to pave the way for the new.

To this the reader responded: “I see nothing in modern America to lead me to believe that a sufficient number of people will heed these warnings.”

JJ: It may seem that way but there have been times that a partial fixing of the country has occurred. The latest one occurred through the Reagan administration.

Through his tax breaks, deregulation and forcing the Soviet Union into bankruptcy he bought us an extra thirty or more years of reasonable freedom. This fifty years was extremely necessary for the lights and disciples, for many of them have drifted from their purpose, and preparations for the future gathering have not been made as they should. Many disciples are still caught up in the Piscean energies and have not shifted focus to the Aquarian.

It’s beginning to look like we could use an extra thirty years again for the progression of light is still sluggish. There needs to be a breakthrough in the near future where the teachings of light capture national and world attention. Big national sellers like the “Celestine Prophecy,” “Conversations with God,” and “The Secret” show us there is a thirst for higher knowledge but these have not succeeded in giving purpose or higher principles to the seekers among humanity.

The rest of my post is responses I made on Sterling’s forum.

A reader gives his idea that the enlightened society of the future will live simply like the Amish and have little use for technology.

I have no idea where you get such a concept, certainly not from the scriptures and most certainly not from Isaiah 43. Listen and learn:

“Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?” (Isa 43:18-19)

The former ways are the ways of the ancient Israelites, the Amish, the Hutterites, and others. God says here and in Revelations that he does all things new. Those who want to go back and live in the past like the Taliban are going to miss the mark.

We are entering the Aquarian Age which is an air sign and ruled by mind. A natural product of this age is air travel, electronics, computers, the ipod, and others. These are not idols, but reveal the glory of God expressing itself in his reflected image — humankind.

If one gains his value in life through possession of outward things then he is worshipping idols, but if he follows the spirit within and uses the outward things for service and benefit of all, while placing the greatest value on the internal connection, then he is on the Path.

Why would we even be motivated to build Zion just to live in the past as do the Amish and the Taliban? Zion is not the gathering together to farm, live in straw huts or to live in the past, but Zion is the “pure in heart,” or more precisely, the gathering of the pure in heart.

When Israel gathered through Moses they were not told that their current technology were idols. They were not told to cease manufacturing swords, plows, wheat grinders, buildings etc. Neither did Jesus condemn the disciples for the technology they used to fish. Then, in the days of Joseph Smith the gathered saints did not attempt to live in the past but took advantage of new technology as it came along.

Why on earth would we want to take away from ourselves many items that aid in life’s enjoyments and progression?

For instance I have little time for reading because of my work schedule. About all the time I get for reading is through listening to books on my ipod. This is a great tool for me to gain knowledge and since the scriptures encourage us to gain knowledge then obviously I am using my ipod for good. It certainly is not an idol or an engraved image to me.

When Zion is built it will not just be another Amish community, but a gathering of the pure in heart who will have power to do greater things in the service of humanity than has ever been done before. They will embrace positive technology and all things that will serve to make the earth into a paradise.

All truth passes through three stages:

First, it is ridiculed;

Second, it is violently opposed; and

Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

Nov27, 2007

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