Expanding the Ring-Pass-Not

Expanding the Ring-Pass-Not

Question: How does one expand or transcend the ring-pass-not?

JJ: First let us make sure readers understand what the ring-pass-not is. There is a limit to what anyone’s consciousness can understand or master. That limit is the ring-pass-not.

All of us have before us a number of abilities that seem to be beyond our ring-pass-not. Quite a number of them are things we all wish we had the consciousness to apply. For instance, it would be nice to be able to walk through walls, turn invisible, to heal at will, ascend to higher worlds, among other.

However, these type of things are a number of steps beyond the ring-pass-not of the average seeker. Instead of attacking the seeming impossible the seeker must tackle his next step. Unfortunately, there is usually a big problem in taking his next step.

And what is that?

It is that he cannot see it. On hindsight, after it is taken, it will seem obvious, but when he faces it he can often not see the forest for the trees.

There are several reasons for this:

[1] He overestimates his place on the Path and thinks he has already completed a step that is yet to be successfully taken.

[2] The next step is not something he really wants to take. He thus seeks to bypass it. Unfortunately, each step must be taken and higher powers will keep bringing him back to his next step and force it to be taken, even if great pain is involved. Most of the pain we suffer is caused by resistance to the promptings of the Spirit to progress.

In a simple statement the best way to work toward expanding the next ring on the ring-pass-not is to contemplate and think back to the last definite inner direction you have received affecting your spiritual progress. It may have been yesterday or thirty years ago. You may have even put it aside so successfully that you have forgotten it. Even so, you must find it and then seek to do it until the step is accomplished. When the step is taken then you will be given direction for another step. This time listen the first time and if you do it will not be long until your desires for achievement begin to materialize.

I received a series of questions from a concerned reader. Here they are with my replies.

Question: Is it possible to be soul-less?

JJ: The soul never leaves us but we can leave the soul. Only those who are dedicated to the selfish path are completely disconnected. If you have any desire at all for love, light and service then you are still connected to the soul. Seekers here are obviously still searching so they are connected to the soul. All seekers go through periods of dark nights where they feel deserted, but they are not. The light of day will soon come.

Question: “Is there a chance that in a previous life I could have denied my soul and am reduced to a simple meat puppet in this life?”

JJ: I’m sure you made mistakes that are influencing you now but your soul is still looking over you.

Question: “What does one do when nothing resonates within?”

JJ: You probably have a blind spot that is interfering with sensing true meaning. Perhaps your faith in the goodness of God is at a low point.

Question: “What does it say about the soul when nothing surprises you anymore?”

JJ: Nothing bad or nothing good or both? If you are experiencing apathy, it could be due to the blind spot mentioned above.

Question: “What can one soul do for the world?”

JJ: Forget about the world and ask what you can do for those in your circle. If each life in the universe or the world assists those in his circle then the whole world will be saved.

Question: “How does suicide effect the progress of the soul?”

JJ: It merely delays progress. The entity has to face the depressing situation again in a future life until he solves the problem.

Question: “What do I do when I have no interest at all in serving others?”

JJ: Is there anyone you love? If so then there is a person you seek to please and to serve to a degree.

Seek to find love in all its forms and the desire for service will grow.

Seek to gain power to serve and the desire for service will grow.

Seek to make yourself happy without harming others and the desire to serve will grow.

Question: “How do I prevent myself from serving the dark when I am discouraged in within the light?”

JJ: If you are discouraged within the light then part of that light is darkness. Seek to dispel that darkness and you will serve with joy in the noonday light. One cannot be discouraged when basking in the fullness of light.

Question: “Why do I feel so hollow even when I follow the highest that I know?”

JJ: There’s a responsibility you need to recognize that is hidden somewhere in your consciousness. Find it and embrace it.

Question: “What do I do when I do not know what the highest I know is?”

JJ: The follow the highest your common sense can see. Guess if you have to, but you must act. Indecision is always the wrong decision.

Question: “Is it wrong to serve self now to better serve others later?”

JJ: You are one of the Sons of God so you deserve benefits just as much as the next guy. We must serve ourselves with good judgement. The harm only comes when we serve the self to the exclusion of all else.

Question: “Does age have any influence on contacting the soul?”

JJ: Some. If one gets old and set in his ways then it is more difficult to move to higher consciousness but can still be done if one is a seeker and accesses the will.

Comment: “I apologize for the bombardment of questions, but I seem to be going through some tough mental/spiritual times and am only looking for feedback of some sort.”

JJ: Happens to everyone. You are never alone. Your soul and many of your brothers are there for you.

“Despair not, but if you despair, work on in your despair.” — Robert Louis Stevenson

Nov 14, 2007

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