Recognizing True Servants

Recognizing True Servants

I’ve spent some time dialoging with a couple ex-Mormon fundamentalists who think that Jesus has returned in secret and is hiding out in Utah.

The one guy has Dewey for a first name and this makes the exchange a little confusing to some. He thinks Jesus is here and working in Utah. The other guy, Brian, has been regularly challenging me.

The first guy summarizes my approach to recognizing a true servant r the Christ as follows:

I recognize the Christ by his words.

I recognize the Christ by his works.

Then he adds: “I receive the witness of the Holy Ghost… This is the Christ.”

JJ: The first problem is that you have only partially stated my method. Let me clarify:

My method: I take in his words and watch his works and then seek verification from the Holy Spirit about them. If the words and works are true then he is a true servant. That still doesn’t mean he is Christ or OMS [the One Mighty & Strong] and chances are it does not matter. What matters is what he teaches and what he is attempting to accomplish.

On the other hand this seems to be your method:

Even though we know nothing of a possible Messiah’s words or works we are to pray and ask where he is and who he is. We are supposed to get a revelation on this.

Question: Are you telling us to follow the path you have set by example?

Based on not reading or hearing anything this Christ has written and not knowing his name and not knowing any of his works one day out of the blue you prayed and God told you his name and where to find him. Is this what happened to you? It would have to be if you did what you expect us to do.

I suspect that you already knew this guy’s identity and read or heard some of his words before you received your witness as you suppose.

Am I right?

If so then why did you have the advantage of reading his words first and we do not?

Second question: Has even one single soul followed your advice and received a witness following the procedure you outline? If so where is he or she and let him testify. In the mouth of two or more witnesses shall all things be established.

If not, then is the Holy Ghost asleep — or what is the problem here? Christ will require thousands and eventually millions to assist him in his work. If this method you outline doesn’t work then how will the scriptures as you interpret them be fulfilled? Perhaps there is a “Plan B”?

A second guy chimes in and speaks of the importance of the Holy Ghost telling us that is how Peter received a witness.

JJ: It wasn’t that simple. It was AFTER Peter heard the words of Jesus and saw his works that he received the witness. He also knew who Jesus was before such witness.

Here are further scriptures that tell us how to recognize true servants:

* Moroni 7:5: “For I remember the word of God, which saith by their works ye shall know them; for if their works be good, then they are good also.”

* Matt 7:15-16 “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?”

* D&C 18:38: “And by their desires and their works you shall know them.” (The Twelve Apostles)

* “The servants of God teach nothing but principles of eternal life, by their works ye shall know them. A good man will speak good things and holy principles, and an evil man evil things.” (Joseph Smith Teachings, page 367)

The Second guy continues: “One problem with the words and works testimony is the time will come when evil is called good, and good, evil.”

JJ: The time is always the present with this problem. Many called Jesus evil while he was among us.

Jesus said “my sheep will hear my voice.” Those who are in tune will recognize the true words and works. Those who are into self will not.

The second guy continues: “So you see, like I tried to say earlier, I do not claim to be the One Mighty and  Strong, but I do know the real OMS is going to recognize my words and my works and the things God has done in my life, even my wives so disdained here by most as evil, and that is the biggest way I will know him.

JJ: There are several problems with this approach. First you could be in error on a number of items.

Secondly the OMS may not be interested in the same things you are.

I take a different approach. It matters not to me if a great one recognizes me and my work. My only concern is whether his words and works harmonize with the Spirit. If they do then I will support him whether he recognizes me or not.

I see a number of great souls out there in the world doing work that harmonizes with the Spirit who would disagree with me on a number of items, but so what? The important thing is that the great work moves forward.

No servant is perfect in the eyes of the student. Even the apostles had problems with Jesus.


Next he says: “You write so wisely about the Magi, yet when you come face to face with real magi, you don’t have a clue.”

JJ: And why should we believe you are a real magi? Because you have solved a code? And what does that accomplish and why should we care?

Any teacher worth his salt will be interested in your true progression but he will not work to inflate your ego or sustain your illusions.

Next he issues a challenge:  “JJ Dewey, either declare you are NOT the OMS or… If you are the OMS… act like it.”

JJ: I’ve answered this question before. Here it goes again.

I am not mighty and strong, but the opposite. I am one of the weak things of the world as predicted in the following verse:

“The weak things of the world shall come forth and break down the mighty and strong ones, that man should not counsel his fellow man, neither trust in the arm of flesh…” (D & C 1:19)

I am the worst nightmare of those who think they are mighty and strong.

The only true Mighty and Strong One is the Spirit of God and he upon whom he descends is a vessel of strength, but God is no respecter of persons and the Spirit can descend on anyone who is capable of receiving it.

Then he quotes this scripture: “that man should not counsel his fellow man, neither trust in the arm of flesh.” He then accuses me of counseling my fellowmen through my teachings.

JJ: So, do you think Jesus and Joseph Smith also violated this scripture by giving out teachings?

I don’t think so.

Obviously, you are not interpreting it correctly.

The scripture is not by any means condemning the giving out teachings but condemns actions that cause others to lean on the arm of flesh. If it did condemn teaching, we would have to eliminate all schools. It is speaking of the habit many have of not making their own decisions without consulting an authority. I make it a habit to stay out of the way of influencing people in their personal decisions.

Revolutionary movements attract the best and worst elements in a given society. – George Bernard Shaw

Oct 30, 2007

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