Weak Predictions

Weak Predictions

I received this from a reader: “Look what this guy wrote in the year 1999, about our present day wars with Iraq, about the World Trade Center bombings, and about what our everyday life would soon be like in America. All of it obviously describing these and a zillion other things, years before they ever took place. As Americans we had better hope his last prophecies are not as accurate as the eighty or so that are spelled out in these 1999 prophecies. All of it documented with over a hundred recent photos. Better hope this guy is wrong with his very descriptive prophecies re: the America he says we are soon to see. Then, they provide a forum for posting comments anonymously, and reading the comments made by others.”

NOTE: The site referred to contains numerous prophesies, but doesn’t say who was behind them. It is no longer online but you can read the deleted material here: Link

JJ: I’m not impressed with his predictions at all for they are a lot like many others who are predicting doom for America or the world and most of them are very nebulous, also giving no indication of the timeline. If you have an indefinite timeline anything will eventually come true.

For instance, in 1990 he predicted a drought, but every decade or so we have a drought and one occurring within 17 years of his prophecy is not impressive.

Many of his predictions about our government could have applied many times in history such as the Sixties or the Carter administration.

The claim is he predicted 911 with the following prediction in August 2001.

“Behold, I will stir up the Arabs against the fourth kingdom, which shall not regard silver; and as for gold, they shall not delight in it.” (Isaiah 13:17)

JJ: The Arabs were already stirred up and had already tried to destroy the World Trade Center.

The prediction continues: “And it shall come to pass in the day of My sacrifice, that I will punish the princes, and the king’s children, and all such as are clothed with strange apparel (business suits).”

JJ: I wouldn’t call a business suit strange apparel but very orthodox apparel. The rank and file, firemen and hard workers, widows and orphans were punished more than the princes.

Prediction: “America will howl, and scream in agony, said THE LORD. For all the leaders of your merchants will be cut down.”

JJ: I think the description of the American people after 911 was stunned into silence more than a howling. The leaders of the merchants were not cut down, certainly not “ALL” of them. The stock market is much higher now than it was back then.

I’m not impressed at all with this prediction.

If you examine hundreds of prophesies of doom and wait long enough some will always come true.

In January of this year I posted on the Keys that 2007 would be a year of destruction by fire and a fall of the dollar against the Euro. Even though this is right on I am not even impressed with myself for I am not capable of more than about 50 percent accuracy with specific predictions. But that’s a lot better than prophets and psychics who average about 10 percent.

Our future destiny is not written in stone but is in our hands to a large degree. Yes, it’s possible that America or the world could face complete destruction but the more probable and desired outcome by both angels and men is this: That we will have difficulties it is true, but will learn from them, make corrections and within 150 years move into a new age of peace and abundance.


A reader quotes me as follows:

“Uncontrolled fire is a symbol of anger. Water is a symbol of emotion and a flood is a symbol of uncontrolled emotion.”

Question: “Where do you acquire this knowledge? I know a list of x=y is a little much to ask, but where can one find these symbol’s meanings?”

JJ: There’s no manual that gives the interpretation of all symbols. One problem is that the use of objects or things can have numerous true symbolic representations depending on the situation in which they are used.

Take fire for example. If it is used in relation to Spirit it is interpreted in a very positive way. It can relate to transmuting desire to higher purpose and then following along that path with focused intent.

If it is used in conjunction with mind then it can relate to directed mental energies that stir the heart in the search for higher knowledge.

If it is used in conjunction with emotion then it can relate to passion in either a positive or negative way. Uncontrolled fiery emotion can lead to anger, revenge, hate etc. Controlled fiery emotion can result in high accomplishment.

DK and other esoteric writers give a number of hints in the interpretation of various symbols but I find the best source is the inner self in attunement with the Oneness Principle.

Some symbols are fairly obvious and others take a period of contemplation to understand. Every once in a while, I come across a symbolic statement or idea that is difficult to see correctly – in a way that fits in with the Law of Correspondences.

When this happens I try and find out what others may have said about it. If you cannot find any writing about it then find a good dream interpretation book or site and see what they have to say about it. Never accept the interpretation of others as gospel, but use it as a seed thought and after contemplation see if you come up with an interpretation that harmonizes with all known reality.

A good site for seed ideas on many symbols is: LINK

Oct 28, 2007

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