Principles of Discovery – Part 11

Principles of Discovery – Part 11
The Law of Correspondences

The next principle of discovery is called “the Law of Correspondences.” The principle behind it is “as above so below,” and visa versa.

A correct understanding of this key by two people will lead to the union of minds and then to union of souls. A correct understanding will also lead your mind to discoveries only known to the Masters, for even they use it as they progress in knowledge and understanding.

Quoting myself from an earlier post: “Here is a tributary law in connection with this key.

Any principle which is true or leads to truth will have enough correspondences to known truth that a resonation will occur with the inner self when such correspondences are contemplated.”

Let us now use this Law of Correspondences to discover truth never before realized by humanity.

Let us correspond from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

The higher correspondence to an atom is a cell. The higher to a cell is a human being. The higher to a human is a solar system. The higher to a solar system is a galaxy. The next step up is an unknown. This would be a universe of galaxies.

Question How large would the universe likely be according to the Law of Correspondences?

A reader gives an interesting answer: “Well, our own galaxy, which is like a cell in the universal body, has a diameter of 100.000 light years. 1 light year is 9,466,411,842,000 kilometers, and if we agree that the orbit of Pluto (5,913,520,000 km from the Sun, average) defines the diameter of our solar system, then we get the ratio 80,040,414 which tells us that the diameter of our galaxy is over 80 million times the diameter of our solar system (unless I totally screwed up my calculation, which wouldn’t make me too good of an engineer for this universe, hehe:) It’s my understanding that these ratios grow when the “cells” grow, meaning the ratio between human body and one of its cells is smaller than the one between a galaxy and its solar system, so the diameter of our universe would be way bigger than 80 million times that of our galaxy. HUGE alright.”

Now the big mystery among scientists is this. The universe is expanding and they are amazed that each galaxy is moving away from every other galaxy at a uniform speed.

Question: Could this correspond to growth of a living body?

The big question among scientists is whether or not the universe will ever cease expanding or just expand forever.

Using the Law of Correspondences what would the answer be?

What would be its shape?

A reader responds: Thinking of the shape of our solar system and home galaxy I would like to answer that it’s disc-shaped, but somehow I feel that our solar system only appears disc-shaped to the physical eye (where the disc represents the plane in which the planets revolve around the sun) and is really a sphere, if we could only see all the frequencies of energy forming it.

Good answer. None of the living bodies are circular. The human, for instance, is egg shaped. Keep in mind that you have to consider the shape of our aura and outer film to see our true shape. The earth is flattened at the poles. Then the solar system is more flattened still and a galaxy even more so. This would suggest that the universe is not circular, but disked shaped. But since the universe is young compared to a galaxy we would have to look at a young galaxy to get an idea as to the current shape of the universe. Thus it would look a little like a cloud coming into the shape of a disc.

An atom is very complex. How complex we do not know because we have not unlocked all of its secrets.

The next step up is a cell and we do know that its complexity is beyond our imagination.

As far as humans go, we are much less complex. Our state of organization in cities and states is very elementary compare to the smaller lives.

As we go larger the complexity is less. The complexity of the organization of a galaxy is less than human ones. The stars circle around a center forming elementary relationships with each other.

This would mean that the organization between the galaxies in the universe is more elementary still. Astronomers have attempted to map sections of the universe and have found evidence of this. They have found elementary associations of groups of galaxies.

Question: What does this tell you about the association of one universe with another?

Are there other universes?

The Law of Correspondences does suggest there would be other universes. Now everyone says that the number of creations is infinite, but because everyone believes this does not make it true.

We can use the Law of Correspondences to discover many truths. Use this law and you can find many truths.

Here is one to think about. We all know what hot and cold is on the physical plane and that heat is caused by increased vibration and cold is caused by decreased vibration.

How does hot and cold play out on the emotional or astral plane?

What about the plane of the mind?

How about the human kingdom itself?

Great answers on this as well as the last assignment on Revelations. Here are my comments on the above.

Question One: How does hot and cold play out on the emotional or astral plane?

The answer is quite simple. Since heat is more rapid vibration or movement and cold is less vibration then we merely look at movement created by the astral plane. One thing to keep in mind is that neither hot nor cold is good or evil. It depends on how it is applied.

Many emotions produce activity from the world of feeling. Therefore, they would be a source of heat from that world. Some of these are love, desire, ambition, courage, hope, hate, anger, jealousy, possessiveness, envy, pride, pleasure, revenge, rage, affection, lust, compassion, irritation and others.

Those that prevent action and are therefore cool are, unhappiness, bliss, fear, sorrow, misery, despair, sadness, shame, guilt, grief, adoration, gladness, relief, insecurity, humiliation, worry, dread and nervousness among others.

Question Two: Now let us look for sources of heat on the plane of the mind. Thought is perhaps the greatest source for it produces activity, not only in the mental spheres but all the lower ones also. On the other hand, meditation that stills thought is cool. Any type of giving or teaching from the mind is hot whereas study and receiving is cool.

Question Three: To see how hot and cold play out in the human kingdom itself we must visualize each human as an atom in motion. A group of humans are hot when they are working, playing, building, organizing etc. They are cool when they are resting, sleeping and watching TV.

The world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel. – Horace Walpole

July 27, 2006

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