The Two Systems

The Two Systems

Question: Which is the better system – capitalism or socialism?

Neither socialism, capitalism or money are good or evil in themselves. As concepts they are all neutral. Instead, it is how they are put to use or implemented that determines the good or bad of them.

The common phrase is “money is the root of all evil,” but the Bible words it more accurately by saying:

“The love of money is the root of all evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10

Money itself is neutral and people leave out the most important phrase “love of money” when quoting this important scripture.

The whore of Babylon (from the Book of Revelation) has a “love of money” which has a priority above the love of fellowmen.

The whore of Babylon is not evil because she makes money or promotes free enterprise, but because she loves money and will do anything to get it.

To see the prostitute from the Book of Revelation at work today one merely has to look at any vacuum that would be repulsive to fill. In each case we see that the vacuum does not remain empty for long.

For instance, if there is a demand for child porn and it is possible to circumvent the law on the matter, it will not be long before some prostituting individuals come out of the woodwork and fill the need. They will wind up making lots of money and doing irreparable damage to children on the way. Their love of money outweighs their sensitivity toward children.

After Gulf War I when the people of Iraq were in dire need of money and medical supplies, prostituting capitalists from around the world made under the table deals with Saddam Hussein that shortchanged the people and caused the deaths of innocent men, women and children.

During World War II when the freedom of the world was at stake prostituting capitalists from the Allied nations made deals with Hitler and the Axis powers only to enrich themselves.

The point is this. If there is a need and money is to be made filling that need, prostitutes will come out of the woodwork to fill the need to matter how disgusting or hurtful it is to their brothers – even to the destruction of civilization.

Now some misuse of money is very obvious, but others are not.

It is not evil to use money to fill your basic needs of happiness. There’s nothing wrong with buying a nice home, car and amenities that make your life better. Just buying things, by themselves does not make a person in cahoots with the prostitute of Revelations. It is when the person loves money more than he loves his fellow men and women. When money is loved above people then the person will not much question where the money comes from. If it comes from drugs that ruined people’s lives then that is fine to the person who loves money.

In real life the prostitute makes good money, but many who are not prostitutes do also. The difference with the prostitute is she loves money to the extent that she will do most anything to get it and this is the great evil that consumes the whore described in Revelations. Unfortunately, there are enough financial prostitutes in the world to create great evil in every country on the planet.

The idealists see this flaw and seek to destroy the system that makes this prostitution possible and implement a socialist system where all are equal.

The problem is that both sides are dominated by the authority of the Beast and care not for the free will of average humanity.

It is free will that must triumph in the end and when freedom rules the best possible system will prevail.

It has been said that pure capitalism has never been tried – at least not on any major level. It certainly does not exist in this age. Instead, we have the corrupted prostitute sitting upon the beast of authority using corrupted capitalism to her advantage.

On the other hand, relatively pure communism has been tried and in each case it has been a disaster.

Part of the reason for the success of capitalism and the failure of communism and socialism is that capitalism must operate within some degree of freedom and communism has always been forced upon the people. No good and lasting work can ever materialize through slavery. Capitalism, as it currently exists, succeeds to some degree because it has built in incentives for the individual and communism has very little incentive. Communism has group incentive, but few are evolved enough to be highly motivated by this, especially without free will. Some day through free will mankind will incorporate the best of the two systems, but it cannot be accomplished by force from Big Brother, or the Beast of authority.

We have talked about the corrupt woman of Revelation symbolizing misuse of capital, but previously we discussed another woman:

“And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars.” Revelation 12:1

This woman here represents right use of energy, including money, for she has enlightened views (the sun) right control and direction of desire (moon under her feet) and a pure heart (twelve stars).

Both Socialism and Capitalism need the virtues of this uncorrupted woman to reach their full potential. The ideal of socialism is to provide goods and services in abundance to all the people. Unfortunately for idealists, capitalism is essential to create those goods and services. Hence the evolution toward the workable ingredients in socialism must be through capitalism.

It is quite possible that a pure form of capitalism must be finally created before the true social ideals will be manifest. In a truly successful capitalism where there is maximum free will the poor will be taken better care of through giving and generosity than they are by the present governments of the earth.


Question: What is the difference between an idea and a principle?

Actually, an idea and a principle are two different things. An idea is a concept and if it is a good one it will become clothed in form.

A principle is a description, or picture, of how and why things work and is always applicable. For instance, we just talked about the Lion Principle. This is not an idea but a picture of how we can effectively deal with people who roar at us.

Question: When you speak of “relative perfection”, and progression towards it; do you mean the relative perfection of the embodiment (form) of the/an idea, exclusive of or inclusive of the idea itself?

Yes, this is what I mean. Ideas are already perfect. For instance, if your idea includes a circle it will be a perfect circle. When clothing this circle with form you try to come as close to the perfect idea of a circle as possible. You may come close but no matter how hard you try you will never get the perfect circle. But you will reach a point where the circle you create will be good enough to get the job done. For instance, the circular form of the tires on your car is good enough so the ride is smooth. Attempting to make your tires more perfectly round is unproductive. Therefore, the shape of your tires is relatively perfect as it matches up to the perfect idea of the designer.

Your car with its tires will eventually be destroyed and recycled, but the idea will remain and can be recreated at any time.

That which is a thought or an idea in the mind of God is a part of the life of God and as the life of God progresses so do its parts progress.

Entropy causes all form to eventually disintegrate whether it be physical, astral or mental, but ideas reside in the atmic spheres and originate in the divine which is eternal.

Question: Do the creations of the mind suffer entropy?

Shape on the plane of the mind can reform quickly and can far outlast the physical, but just as occurs in the physical, intelligent energy must be poured into mental matter to overcome entropy just as happens on the physical plane. It just takes much less energy to maintain the form on the plane of the mind.

Entropy is overcome on all three planes of form when intelligent thought and energy are poured into the form.

The mind has the ability to draw spiritual energy and direct it toward building and evolution so entropy is neutralized as long as the thought is maintained.

These questions touch on the mystery behind all existence which has caused mystics in the past to exclaim: “How great the mystery of Godliness!” and let it go at that for their own sanity.

“Speak less and love more.” Djwahl Khul

Aug 7, 2006

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