The Twelve Foundations

The Twelve Foundations

“And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.” Rev 21:14

The twelve foundations represent the foundation principles that must guide the life of disciples so they can overcome all the obstacles and hurdles on the path of liberation.

These foundation principles are symbolized by the names of the twelve apostles. To understand these foundation principles we must examine their names. First, let us look at the leading apostles: Peter, James and John.

(1) Simon Peter

Simon means “to hear” and Peter means “rock.” The Messiah is also represented by a rock or stone. The symbolism here is obvious. The disciple must first, and above all, listen to hear the voice of the inner Christ. This establishes the most important foundation for the inhabitants of New Jerusalem. He listens to the inner voice, which then creates a sure foundation of rock upon which he immovably stands.

A line from the Affirmation of the Disciple by Djwhal Khul epitomizes this thought:

“I am a point of sacrificial fire, focused within the fiery Will of God. And thus I stand.”

(2) James

This name comes from the Greek IAKOBOS, which is derived from the Hebrew for Jacob.

The Patriarch Jacob had two names. First, he was known as Jacob, but then, after he wrestled with God, he was renamed Israel.

Jacob signifies the lower nature and comes from the Hebrew YA`AQOB and is derived from AQAB. From this word and its variations the Bible gives these various translations: “heel, take by the heel, supplant, restrain, lie in wait, crooked, deceitful, polluted, and subtlety.”

After Jacob wrestled with God his name was changed to Israel, which means “to prevail as God.”

When the disciple, as symbolized by James (Jacob), meets the Christ (God) he wrestles with his lower nature until he prevails as Israel and then lives a life through the consciousness of Christ or God.

This meaning is represented by this scripture:

“Let this mind BE IN YOU, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.” Phil 2:5

(3) John

John comes from the Hebrew “Yowchanan.” Dictionaries that define the word miss the full meaning. Basically, it implies that a man with this name will attract the attention of God to the extent that God will befriend him as an equal. Some say it means favored of God, but the meaning is more like “friend of God.”

Both James and John were sons of Zebedee. This name means “gift or endowment.”

This tells us that prevailing over the lower nature (James) and becoming the friend of God (John) are the true gifts of salvation.

We have thus identified the three initial characteristics an inhabitant of New Jerusalem must have.

He must hear the inner voice and stand steady in the light (Peter). In doing this he will prevail over his lower nature (James) and become the friend of God (John).

The additional foundations that guide the disciple to the New Jerusalem are found in the other names of the Apostles:

(4) Andrew

Andrew means “manly”, or implies male strength, energy and courage. Whereas female energy is magnetic and pulls to the center, male energy is active and radiant. The most important application of male energy is in the works of the disciple. In fact, the Book of Revelation itself tells us we shall be judged by our works, which indeed makes it a foundation principle.

“I will give unto every one of you according to your works.” Rev 2:22

“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.” Rev 14:13

“…and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.” Rev 20:12

(5) Matthew

Matthew means “gift or reward from God”, and represents the female aspect of the twelve names. Whereas the male energy must achieve reward by works, the female receives it as a gift. By intrinsic value the name magnetically draws reward to itself.

It is interesting that Matthew was a tax collector. Money from taxes is not earned by works, but are drawn to the State because of the value given to it by its citizens.

Gathering taxes for an empire is the lower use of female energy. After Matthew met Christ he quit his job and then used the magnetic power of his wealth to assist the Master and draw people to the Christ. He thus sacrificed the lower use of female energy and dedicated it to the higher. This is the foundation decision that all disciples must make.

(6) Philip

This name means “lover of horses.” This seems like a strange foundation principle until one recalls that the symbol of the horse is used throughout the Book of Revelation. We do then see that Philip is indeed a foundation principle. for a horse is a symbol of knowledge. Without the love of knowledge, the disciple can never progress toward the New Jerusalem.

(7) Thomas

Thomas means the twin. The disciple must duplicate himself. He must reach out to others behind him on the path and pull them up to where he is. This way, when the disciple is gone, the new disciple can continue the work.

(8) Bartholomew

This name means “son of Tolmai.” Tolmai means “one who has abundance in the furrows of the earth”, in other words, one who has a lot of plowed earth waiting for the seed to be planted.

Bartholomew thus works for his Father, God, and plows the fields of humanity to make them ready to receive the Word of Truth.

The disciple should be willing to do more than the fun work of reaping; he must be willing to do the nuts and bolts work of preparation for things to come. Perhaps he will receive no direct benefit in the present as he prepares the fields for the future.

(9) James, the son of Alphaeus

We have already given the meaning of James in this framework as one who progresses from the lower to the higher nature. This second James adds meaning to this by adding the “son of Alphaeus.” Alphaeus means “changing.”

James, the son of Alphaeus, brings us to the realization that change does not end with the attainment of higher consciousness, but we use that consciousness to stimulate still greater change and spiritual evolution.

This James comes to the realization behind the great statement: “I am Becoming.”

(10) Simon Zelotes

As previously stated Simon means “to hear.” Zelotes means “one burning with zeal.”

Again, zeal has a lower and higher aspect. Lower zeal has passion for fulfilling the carnal self. The zeal of the disciple who enters the New Jerusalem is much different and gives the disciple the spiritual passion to “become” and to serve his brothers and sisters.

(11) Lebbaeus Thaddaeus, sometimes called Judes or Judas.

The meaning behind Lebbaeus Thaddaeus describes a person with a courageous heart. Courage is indeed an obvious quality necessary for the spiritual pilgrim if he is to reach the gates of the city of God.

(12) Judas Iscariot

Judas comes from “Judah”, the main tribe of Israel, from whence came the Jews, an honorable name that means “he shall be praised.” Iscariot means, “man of the city.”

The man of the city is he who wants to build Zion upon the earth and see the City of God manifest among men.

If Judas had sought this with purity of heart, he would have received justified praise; instead, he sought the praise of men and manifested the lower aspect of this name.

Even so, the name is still one of the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem, and tells us the disciple must seek to cause that which is in heaven to manifest on the earth as stated in the Lord’s Prayer:

“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

To attempt such work requires true humility and sacrifice on the part of the disciple, else he can easily fall into temptation. If he succeeds, the world will praise his name. If he fails, his name will be associated with infamy.

(12A – Replacement) Matthias

This was the apostle named to replace Judas; it comes from MATTHAIOS, the same Greek word from which Matthew is derived. He is essentially a second Matthew and has the same meaning, which is “gift or reward from God”

It is interesting that this name represents the female energy. Could it be that the name Judas Iscariot was dropped because the time was not right to build the physical kingdom of God on the earth? And could it be that the female energy was given a double portion to offset the mindset of people in that age toward male domination? I think so.

When male and female energy achieve the needed balance, disciples will again go forward in power, bring heaven and earth together and manifest the City of God on the earth. These will overcome the lower nature and receive great praise for ages to come.

The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it. William James (1842 – 1910)

Oct 24, 2006

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The Light of Life


The Light of Life

“And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb’s wife. And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God,” Rev 21:9-10

The bride, or the Lamb’s wife, represents those who have purified the lower self which is now dominated by the higher. These are they who tune in to and receive from the inner voice of the Christ consciousness. Because they listen to this voice rather than the outward voices, they are, as it were, married to the Christ within. This verse is also speaking of the collective bride, which is that group who have overcome the lower nature. They are the fruit of Christ’s work that shall manifest at the end of the spiritual evolution of humanity.

To see and fully understand the bride of Christ, John had to be “carried away in the spirit to a great and high mountain.” In this context, a mountain symbolizes higher consciousness. To understand where we as humans are really going within the will of God requires more understanding than belongs to the human condition. To comprehend it one must be “carried me away in the spirit” and see through the eyes of higher consciousness. In this high state, we will see the possibilities of humanity living as one in a great group life.

John saw the New Jerusalem descending out of heaven. These are advanced souls – who have gone on before us – who have come to raise us up to where they are, into a consciousness higher than we can attain on our own.

The old souls not of this earth and the newer souls of this earth become one in a great age of rest, peace and joy.

“Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;” Rev 21:11

Everything about the form of New Jerusalem has symbolic meaning.

The meaning seems odd the way it is worded. How is her light like a clear crystal? It helps to examine the Greek word from which “light” is translated. Instead of using the normal word for light, which is PHOS, John uses PHOSTER, which is used to describe the heavenly lights of the sun, moon and stars. Instead of referring to a light shining in the dark, this indicates a thing which is the source of light.

The whole city of New Jerusalem is composed of light itself. Because light is clear as crystal, and the city is composed of light, the city is translucent; for those in the Christ consciousness light is seen in the light and they become a light to others.

“And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel:” Rev 21:12

The great wall symbolizes the great and numerous obstacles that each disciple must overcome before he can enter into this greater light.

The “twelve gates” has a multitude of meanings. Among them are:

(1) There are twelve different notes or vibrations upon which the various inhabitants are in tune.

(2) There are twelve different paths, that are variations of the one path which leads to the city.

(3) There are twelve creative forces linked to the city that will eventually take its inhabitants to the path of higher evolution.

The twelve angels represent barriers, which prevent those who are not ready from attaining the higher consciousness before they can handle it.

The names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel are keys the disciple must obtain to enter the higher consciousness and abide there.

“On the east three gates; on the north three gates; on the south three gates; and on the west three gates.” Rev 21:13

The four sides symbolize the lower nature and the three gates the life of the Spirit. This tells us that those who enter the city must have the lower quaternary, the four parts of the lower self, dominated by the life of the Spirit.

Lack of money is the root of all evil. George Bernard Shaw (1856 – 1950)

Oct 21, 2006

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Peace & Fire

Peace & Fire

Question: Is the experience of the “baptism” adequately described by “the peace that passeth understanding” or is the “peace” normally associated with some other “contact”?

The Baptism of Fire and the Peace that passes all understanding are two different things. You can have the peace without the fire, but you will not have the fire without the peace. A deep peace is always a part of the higher spiritual experiences except in the case of warnings that come through the soul. But when the warning is appropriately dealt with then the peace will return.

Question: Will the “levels” of soul contact normally proceed in an “upward” manner from “still small voice” to “baptism”?

If you are talking about steps in the seeker’s progression, yes. First the still small voice will come. When it is followed a peace will come. If the disciple continues successfully, he will move on to higher spiritual experiences and will arrive at the baptism of fire. Then he will know without doubt that his contacts were real and not part of his imagination.

Question: Do all levels of soul contact necessarily involve “knowing” or is gnosis first experienced at the “baptism of fire”?

The baptism of fire has little to do with knowing or gaining knowledge, but it does accomplish several important things.

[1] It verifies the truth of the direction the disciple is going.

[2] It conditions his vibration so he can handle higher contacts.

Without proper adjustment the disciple could not handle these.

Direct knowing can take place without the fire by being sensitive to the inner voice. The seeker must pay attention to this voice before and after their fire experience.

Question: How is the first experience of the “baptism” likely related to “the point of tension that breaks through to the Oneness Principle and the group mind with whom you are associated”?

It is not directly related. You rarely feel the fire when tuning into the Oneness Principle as that is not its purpose. However, the fire does elevate consciousness so the disciple does become more sensitive in all areas. A point of tension is necessary to obtain the baptism of fire as well as contact the group mind, but faith, pure motive, focus, calmness and spiritual confidence are the important qualities to access the Oneness Principle.

Question: Would the next step on the “soul contact” spectrum involve learning how to consciously invoke/maintain the “fire”/oneness over time?

Eventually, the disciple learns to access at least portions of the Oneness Principle at will. Our access is limited by our ring-pass-not.

One would have to be a Master or higher to have the fire all the time. When the disciple has the experience, it usually lasts no longer than three days and is followed by a great temptation to retrogress back into the dark. With the assistance of a Master the disciple can experience the fire for a longer period of time. This is usually to establish a stronger link in preparation for service.

“An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows.” Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890 – 1969)

Oct 19, 2006

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The True God

The True God

A reader brings up the interesting possibility that we may have been deceived concerning the account of God and the serpent at the beginning of Genesis. Maybe Jehovah is really Satan and the serpent is really the true God.

After all, did not the serpent offer freedom of choice by getting Eve to partake of the tree of knowledge? Did not Jehovah command the Israelites to slaughter men, women and children in war?

Joseph Smith put an interesting twist on this tale by stating that Jehovah had planned all along for Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of knowledge. He set up the circumstances with the serpent as an unknowing pawn to create a “fall” and carry out the plan to introduce free agency.

On the other hand, some have made the case that the Jehovah of the Bible is Satan. H. P. Blavatsky quoted this scripture of Jesus responding to his Jewish adversaries:

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” John 8:44

She pointed out that these authorities claimed that their Father was Jehovah and here Jesus identified him as the devil that orders many men, women and children to be put to death.

It is interesting that other passages in the Bible support this idea.

In the Old Testament we read:

“And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel. And David said to Joab and to the rulers of the people, Go, number Israel from Beersheba even to Dan; and bring the number of them to me, that I may know it.” I Chronicles 21:1-2

And who was this Satan who caused David to number the people of Israel. The scripture plainly identifies him:

“And again the anger of the LORD (Jehovah) was kindled against Israel, and he moved David against them to say, Go, number Israel and Judah.  For the king said to Joab the captain of the host, which was with him, Go now through all the tribes of Israel, from Dan even to Beersheba, and number ye the people, that I (Jehovah) may know the number of the people.” II Sam 24:1-2

This second scripture clearly identifies Jehovah as the one who caused the numbering.

In Revelation we are given this description of the Beast:

“And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.” Rev 13:2

But as to dealing with the disobedient Jehovah says this about Himself:

“Therefore I will be unto them as a lion: as a leopard by the way will I observe them: I will meet them as a bear that is bereaved of her whelps, and will rend the caul of their heart, and there will I devour them like a lion: the wild beast shall tear them.” Hosea 13:7-8

Notice that the same animals are used to describe both Jehovah and the Beast representing Satan.

Also note that Paul calls Satan “the god of this world.” II Cor 4:3 and Isaiah says this about Jehovah, “The God of the whole earth shall he be called.” Isa 54:5

Whatever the case there is a danger in reaching a conclusion about names and then using it as a black and white blueprint for right and wrong. It matters not which one is the true God if the seeker does not use his own agency and judgment and then contact his own soul within. Once this is done the question will not be which one is the true God, but it will be what are the true principles revealed by which we can guide our lives toward everlasting peace and happiness?

Once one gives and receives in the language of principles through the soul he can learn from an experience with either a devil or an angel.

What’s the main lesson we take away from the Eden story?

It is revealed in this verse:

”…Behold, the man is to become as one of us, knowing good and evil…” (Genesis 3:22)

In the Hebrew it reads this way:

“The man becomes one of us to know good – evil.”

There is no conjunction in the Hebrew so the translator has to add one that seems to fit, so you can take your pick and choose either “from” or “and.” The interesting point is either one fits and reveals truth.

To know and understand duality and to be able to see the two sides of each situation and make a choice opens a path that will manifest the soul, and the true God within each one of us.

Be true to the principle of free will and you will meet the God who nourishes free will. Seek to control with strong authority and restrict free will and you will meet the god that enslaves. Even if you make an honest mistake and get the good and evil characters confused you will gravitate in the spirit to the one that is like yourself – therefore make yourself free and seek to bring freedom to others.

Question: Is the Jehovah of the Bible the same as the Ancient of Days?

I implied that the Ancient of Days appeared to Moses, but he did not say in that appearance that he was Jehovah, but “I AM Becoming that which I Decide to become.” He refused to give a name.

The name Jehovah which means “Eternal” or “Existing One” could apply to the Ancient of Days or any one of his assistants. A lot of the words attributed to Jehovah did not come from an actual advanced being, but the collective thoughtform of the Jewish race. This is why they were commanded to do some fairly repulsive things – because the revelations came from a collective intelligence that meted out revelation that they could accept that was in keeping with the traditions of the day.

It boils down to the idea that Jehovah is a collective, and the name could be applied to a high entity, a thoughtform created by group belief or even an adversarial figure called Satan.

I said that an “angel” who was called Jehovah was linked to the logos from Saturn. Both Saturn and the Earth are on the third ray so there is a natural connection there.

“I seek to bring about a much needed group integration. The polarisation of this group–as a unity upon the mental plane-is not yet accomplished. It is most needed and until this integration has been achieved, the united group inter-communication will not be possible or the desired group work capable of accomplishment. Several of you need to do some careful thinking and should align yourselves in love with your fellow disciples, eliminating all sense of criticism and personal self-satisfaction in your own judgment and rectitude.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, Page 80

Oct 14, 2006

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The Ego and Soul

The Ego and Soul

I’ve been contemplating on mind and soul understanding among students and felt impressed to write a few words.

As far as soul contact goes seekers fit into several categories.

[1] Those who believe they have soul contact and do.

[2] Those who believe they have soul contact and do not, or not as much as they think.

[3] Those who believe they have it from time to time.

[4] Those who want it and not sure if they have experienced it.

[5] Those who are pretty sure they have never experienced it.

The problem is that these divisions create problems, just as all situations where separation occurs create problems. Since this is a natural separation that happens to all of us as we progress upon the path there is nothing we can do to change the situation. The solution lies in understanding the situation and seeing the inner unity behind the outer divisions.

Divisions 1 and 2 are generally the spiritual teachers among us and there is often a cleavage between these and the other three. A lot of this comes from the perception that these teachers are being set apart either by themselves or their students. Categories 3-5 will often perceive the upper two in the following ways.

 [1] They perceive the teacher as thinking he is better than others.

[2] They perceive that some devoted students think they are better than others.

[3] They perceive others think they are always right so if they disagree their opinion doesn’t count for anything.

[4] They think they see more truth from the resources they have than does the teacher who thinks he sees in the soul.

This problem is complicated by the fact that most teachers who think they have reliable soul contact are merely in touch with solar plexus energies and many of these do have an air of superiority and infallibility. In these cases, criticisms like this are often accurate.

The irony, however, is that these perceptions of superiority and infallibility are more pronounced in the groups headed by a true teacher with real soul contact than a false teacher. The reason for this is the false teacher uses the authority of the Beast and speaks more strongly to the astral feelings in devotees. Because of fear or glamour, which is thus created, the students are much less likely to speak out.

The true teacher attempts to cultivate an atmosphere of maximum freedom of thought and speech and because there is more feedback he will often be viewed by outsiders as more worthy of the criticism than the false teacher with a muffled following.

That said, categories 3-5 often contribute to the problem. The core reason for this is the ego. The ego tells us that we are as good as anyone else. Because this is true on the inner planes this thought is seen internally as true, but the truth is warped by the ego to produce separation and isolation to the student whereas true equality produces unity. The ego takes that which is different and says it is the same, whereas the soul sees eternal equality and unity and transmits the ideal to the disciple.

Let’s use the Spanish example again. If I were to take a Spanish class from someone who can speak the language, it would be silly of me to assume I am as “good” at it as is the teacher. The ego tends to twist the meaning of the word “good” into relating to the whole person. If the student begins accusing the Spanish teacher of thinking he is better than the students he is warping the use of good. In a sense of wholeness no one is better than anyone else, but all of us are better than others in some areas where our talents are concerned.

The teacher or student with soul contact may indeed have more ability (for want of a better word) to perceive through the soul, but he will never desire to present the image of being an intrinsically better person. His main concern will be his own ability to communicate, to help and to serve.

This will often not be seen correctly by students. Those who themselves are struggling with ego will see motivation of the teacher as being from the ego whether it is there or not. Ego sees ego in all except authorities of the Beast. The soul sees ego where ego lives and soul where soul dominates.

Generally speaking, it is true that none of us like being wrong, or having our words or thoughts seen as inferior to the words and thoughts of others. It is almost a miracle that any of us can be students and learn from anyone, but we all manage to do it at one time or another, some of us better than others.

Fortunately, learning is fairly uninhibited if we learn from an accepted authority. This accepted authority carries significant power and there is little resistance if he has finished a proven work and students do not have to deal with his personality.

For instance, easy authorities to accept by many members of this group are: DK, Jesus, H. P. Blavatsky, Tesla, various scriptures, Buddha and others.

I, being a living accessible teacher, am much more difficult to accept. In another hundred years it will be much easier for students to study my teachings without resistance for I will only represent a name from the past that seems easy to accept or reject and will be in no perceived competition with anyone’s ego.

Since we cannot avoid living teachers, perhaps some tips are in order to effectively deal with them. Here are a few.

[1] We must realize that living teachers and innovators will always be necessary. Because of evolution and changes in society we cannot learn all we need from dead teachers. We must all be mentally conditioned to be open to learning from others. None of us are experts in every field and all can learn from others who are living.

[2] The ego must be recognized for what it is and overridden by the mind when it interferes with learning or cooperating.

[3] Each of us has areas where we excel. We can often placate the ego by telling it something like this: “So what if Bob is my teacher in this area. I know more than him in ‘X’ area.” When the ego is still in play tactics like this can be helpful.

[4] The seeker must realize that living teachers can help him, or stimulate him to progress. Even the ego likes personal advancement.

[5] The seeker who does not believe he has soul contact should realize that the energy of soul filters down to us all. Many of us just do not consciously access it, but all are influenced by it. Soul energy is equally available to all, but it does take attention, focus and purity of motive to consciously register it.

The seeker who has not established conscious soul contact has many perils to face in crossing the bridge between spirit and matter. Later new perils emerge but he must concentrate on where he is, not where he is not. If he does not successfully navigate the ego, as he is on the road to mastering the ego, many frustrations will occur and he will be in a constant state of tension with seekers who do have true soul contact.

For all of us to overcome our next hurdle, the advice is the same: Follow the highest you know and let not your attention fall below that level.

DK quote: “This attitude of non-interference and the refusal to criticise, in no way prevents service to each other or constructive group relations. It does not negate the expression of love or happy group cooperation. There is ever much opportunity for the practice of impersonality in all group relations. In every group there is usually one group member (and perhaps several) who constitute a problem to themselves and to their group brothers. Perhaps you yourself are such an one and know it not. Perhaps you know who, among your co-servers, provides a testing for his fellows. Perhaps you can see clearly what is the group weakness and who it is that is keeping the group back from finer activity. That is well and good, provided that you continue to love and serve and to refrain from criticism. It is a wrong attitude to seek assiduously to straighten out your brother, to chide him or seek to impose your will on him or your point of view, though it is always legitimate to express ideas and make suggestion. Groups of disciples are groups of free and independent souls who submerge their personal interests in service and who seek that inner linking which will fuse the group into an instrument for the service of humanity and of the Hierarchy. Continue with your own soul discipline and leave your brothers to continue theirs.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, Pages 48-49

Oct 13, 2006

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Chapter One: Why Should We Take A Course in Miracles Seriously?

Chapter Two: Who Wrote A Course in Miracles?

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Imposing Freedom?

Imposing Freedom?

I’ve been thinking about the idea that is in circulation lately that freedom can be imposed. This popular idea which is used as an attack on attempts by the United States at spreading democracy has really run against my grain yet the only counter to it I have heard presented is the opposing argument: Freedom cannot be imposed.

One side says freedom can be imposed for we could invade any totalitarian country and then impose the type of government we desire and mandate the creation of a democracy.

The other side says freedom cannot be imposed because freedom itself is the opposite of compulsion.

Neither answer satisfies my soul, but now the answer has come it is very simple and I wonder why the realization never came earlier.

It is indeed true that freedom cannot be imposed. Can you force a man to be a Democrat or Republican when he has complete free will (freedom) to choose?

No. This is impossible. If he has freedom to choose then the choice cannot be imposed. If the choice is imposed then he has no freedom.

So what about Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan? Did we not defeat them by force and impose freedom on them?

The answer is key. We did overpower them by force but we did not impose freedom.

If we did not impose freedom through the use of force then what did we do?

The answer is that freedom was not imposed. What was imposed by force was the destruction or holding back of those powers that restrict freedom.

This is the principle that is behind the justifiable use of force which is this:

Authority and force are positive things if they are used to restrict those forces which restrict life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If the bully is beating up a helpless kid and stealing his lunch money it is a positive thing to use whatever means necessary, including force, to restrict the bully. When force is used to restrict the bully only the fool would say the lunch money was imposed on the kid.

It is equally as silly to say that defeating Nazism by force imposed freedom on the Germans.

It is also silly to say that we are seeking to impose freedom on Afghanistan and Iraq. Any freedom that manifests there will be the result, not of imposition, but of the restriction of tyranny.

It is interesting that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, which gave us the freedoms we have enjoyed over the past couple centuries, did not impose freedom but restricted the forces that prevent freedom.

The essence of them could be summed up by this sentence: “Congress shall make no law that restricts freedom.” If we substitute many of the restrictions instituted by the Founding Fathers with that phrase – “restricts freedom” we can see that it fits in nicely with the intended meaning.

Conclusion: Freedom cannot be imposed. It can only manifest through free will when those conditions, which prevent freedom, are restrained.

As Solomon says, there is a time and a place for everything, even the use of force. A just police force applies this principle daily to assist us in maintaining life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

They are prepared to use whatever force is necessary to prevent murder, rape, robbery and many other affronts on human freedom. Unfortunately, without this threat of force our civilization would be in anarchy and little freedom would be available to the individual.

In a future age this threat of force will not be needed, but our civilization is yet some distance from achieving this.

On this note here is a great quote from DK written during World War II:

“The leaders of the United Nations (Allied nations) and of their armies are not Godless men, as are the leaders of the Axis Powers; they are men of rectitude and of spiritual and humanitarian purpose and are able thus to work-consciously or unconsciously-under the inspiration of the Hierarchy. This has been amply demonstrated. On account of this decision of the Hierarchy, Christ became automatically the Leader of these Forces. His work has been greatly hindered by the sweet sentimentality of the unthinking Christian and by the well-meaning, but oft unintelligent, pacifist. Both these groups would sacrifice the future of humanity to temporary methods of “being nice” or “being kind” or taking gentle measures. The forces of evil, stalking the world today, do not understand such measures. The cry of such people that “God loves all men” is true-eternally and forever true. It is one of the unalterable facts of existence itself. God loves-without distinction and irrespective of race or creed. To that Great Life naught matters but humanity and its perfecting, because upon humanity depends the salvation of all the kingdoms in nature. But this statement (made in time and space and as it concerns the form aspect and not the spirit in man) is frequently misleading, and the simple-minded are apt to forget that the Christ said, “He that is not with me is against me.”

“Men fail also to realise the potency of the thought wielded by Those who work under and with the Christ. Thought is pure divine energy, impersonal and-like the sun-it pours down upon the worthy and the unworthy, unless definitely and deliberately directed. The Hierarchy was therefore faced with the problem and the necessity of seeing that pure impersonal thought energy did not find its way into the ranks of those fighting human freedoms, for it stimulates the minds and the mental processes of the good and the bad alike. This danger They deliberately offset by directing Their thought to the forces fighting under the leaders of the United Nations and by openly taking Their stand upon the side of right human relations. They did not dare to do otherwise, for-in their place and given circumstances-the leaders of the forces of evil have proved themselves cleverer and more calculating than those fighting for human freedom. It is this distinction and its necessity that some kindly and well-intentioned but ignorant Christian thinkers often overlook.” Externalization of the Hierarchy, Pages 476-477

“People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.” Soren Kierkegaard (1813 – 1855)

Oct 9, 2006

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Violent Scriptures

Violent Scriptures

There’s an interesting discussion on Sterling’s list about similar acts of violence in the Bible and the Koran. This issue has come to the surface somewhat since Pope Benedict made his famous quote of a 14th-century Persian scholar who said Muhammad commanded that faith be spread by the sword.

In the Old Testament days God commanded the Israelites on a number of occasions to slay men, women and children as did Mohammed in apparently obeying the voice of his God, Allah.

So does this mean that Christianity is as violent as Islam? How do the two scriptures measure up?

It is true that by the standards of civilized people of today the Jews of the Old Testament and the Islamic people under Mohammed and later leaders were somewhat disgustingly violent and ruthless in conquest.

There are similarities, but there are also differences.

In addition to the violence, the major similarity was that they were both tribal people who were surrounded by ruthless enemies. It was difficult to fight wars and survive in those days and be mister nice guy.

But there are differences. Here are a few:

The violence by the Jews occurred a couple thousand years before Mohammed. During Mohammed’s time period most of the civilized world had evolved socially and many nations were more humane in their conquests. There are numerous exceptions of course.

Even though the ancient Israelites and the Islamic people were both commanded at times to conquer, subdue and even destroy their enemies there is a very major, oft overlooked, difference.

The ancient Jews were commanded to go to war with specific tribes such as the Hittites, Canaanites, Philistines, etc. These tribes now no longer exist so any command by God for war with them is meaningless today.

It is different with the Koran. Those who are unbelievers or reject Mohammed or the Islamic teachings or rule are to be punished and subdued. Islamic fundamentalists believe this applies to most of the civilized world today. Death is seen as too good for the inhabitants of the United States and Israel especially.

The problem then with Islam is their command to destroy and subdue is still in effect for all non-Muslims unto the end of time and we are part of their target. The modern Christian and Jew, on the other hand, do not feel obligated to go on the offense to destroy because their violent commands concerned people who no longer exist.

The main book of the Christians is the New Testament and their leader Jesus taught them to “turn the other cheek. He discouraged war by saying “he who kills with the sword shall be killed by the sword.” In addition, most Christians feel the teachings of the New Testament supersede the Old.

Mohammed believed in crushing his enemies and did not normally turn the other cheek.

Even though Christians and Jews have had their atrocities and have certainly not followed the example of a loving Messiah they have evolved in the present to the point where most just want to live and let live.

Many fundamentalist Muslims, on the other hand, feel duty bound, because of commands in their scriptures, to take the war to the enemy. There are many Muslims who do not support this idea, but there are enough that do to make this a dangerous world for those who do not believe. Until this issue is resolved we live in the danger of other 911s, or worse – even possible nuclear disasters.

Is there a solution to this danger? Some think all we have to do is be nice to the fundamentalist Muslims and they will be nice back. Unfortunately, that will not work. No matter how nice we are many will still feel they have a mission to destroy us because it is God’s will.

The only real solution is this. The public opinion of the masses must be influenced. When the time comes that the fanatics lose influence over the masses then they will lose their power.

This can only be done by bypassing the leaders and going directly to the people with the media and helping hands to help common people get ahead in the world.

Just as Christians and Jews no longer seek to put gays and witches to death, even though the command is still in the Old Testament, even so will Muslims eventually see the violent commands of their scriptures are out of date. This realization could come in a generation or two if the world can hold things together in one piece until the time arrives.

The Solution

I touched on why Christianity as a whole has been able to distance itself from the violent commands that Islam is still troubled by.

There is one more major reason that wasn’t covered which is all important.

Christians broke free from their black and white adherence to negative commands because the movement toward democracy began and fomented in Christian nations while the Islamic nations barely budged from the idea of being ruled by a supreme authority – and generally a religious authority at that.

The movement toward greater freedom in Christianity began some time before the founding of America and had its seeds in the teachings of Christ. Jesus spoke the famous words “the truth shall make you free.” He also said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” In addition, he showed a great disdain for worldly totalitarian authorities and set the example by being a gentile leader who sought to save his enemies rather than destroy them.

These and other seeds led to the sprouting of the desire for freedom in the human heart until the freedom lovers finally broke off from Europe to move to a land where there was greater freedom to be had.

Even after arriving in America there were atrocities committed by Christians. The three major ones were slavery, mistreatment of American Indians and the burning of witches.

The question that brings enlightenment is this? Why were these three errors corrected in America whereas there has been little movement with a similar correction in Islam?

The answer is that an atmosphere of freedom brings self-correction. Without freedom a corrective measure can be decreed, but then that correction will often bring more oppression (or as much) as the original problem.

It is a sad fact that many people cannot see this and have little faith in the goodness that will materialize through the freedom of the human spirit.

Why do they not see this?

The answer is simple. When a problem develops in an atmosphere of freedom the problem usually grows worse for a period of time before the correction comes. Many short-sighted people see the worsening of the problem and blame it on too much freedom. Then, if they get their way, a restriction of freedom comes along with more problems and atrocities.

The prohibition is a good example of which most will agree. To counter the problems associated with alcohol do-gooders passed an amendment that made alcoholic beverages illegal across the board.

Did new problems come? Indeed, we saw the rise of mob power and the likes of Al Capone become more powerful than most political leaders.

”I agree with this principle,” says one until we throw something at him with which he disagrees – like the freedom to keep and bear arms. “That’s different,” he says. “The world would be safer if we took away the freedom to own firearms.”

Such a person does not really believe in the principle of freedom. He only believes in freedom as it applies to his own little belief system. He does not believe in holistic freedom. The holistic person will accept the freedom of others to do that which may disgust him personally.

The only freedom that needs to be restricted is the freedom to take away another person’s freedom. The example I give again and again is that the burglar must not have the freedom to break into your house and diminish your own freedom to possess goods and be secure. The common laws usually deal with securing these types of freedoms.

If the seeds of freedom can be planted in the midst of the Islamic countries, then over a period of 50-100 years a complete revolution can occur. The conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have the potential to plant the seeds of freedom that can cause this revolution to occur. All the resistance to making this happen comes not by accident as many are influenced by the Dark Brotherhood to withdraw our forces before the seeds have been able to properly sprout.

There is much more at stake in the current conflict than even the most ardent supporters realize.

A positive result is far from a sure thing for the forces to prevent the seeds of freedom being planted in Iraq are horrendous but success must come or the appearance and work of Christ cannot come off as hoped. The Christ must have the freedom to teach the Islamic people in freedom as well as the other religions.

It is when power is wedded to chronic fear that it becomes formidable. Eric Hoffer (1902 – 1983)

Oct 3, 2006

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Principles of Discovery, Part 17

Principles of Discovery, Part 17
Energy Follows Thought

Today’s Principle of Discovery is, “Energy Follows Thought.”

This finishes the Principles of Discovery for now. The reason I say for now is I am sure we missed a few and more may be added later.

This is an ancient esoteric truism but very useful in the discovery of truth. In fact, there is a book’s worth of truth in the statement itself. Rather than write a book on this principle we shall briefly cover it as it relates to finding truth.

The question is this. How does this principle aid us in truth’s discovery? The answer is quite simple. If your thoughts are directed toward truth then energy will follow. If spiritual energy flows in the direction of truth, consciousness will follow. When consciousness, attention and energy are focused on the truth, then the truth is much easier to discover than when this is not the case.

Do not most people want to know the truth? Do not the majority have thoughts on truth with the energy following?

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Most people believe they would like to know the truth, but the majority of their energy and thought is on achieving their desires. The desires at the top of their list are generally centered around numerous things other than truth.

Among them are:

* Taking care of family.

* Increasing income.

* Getting bigger house and newer car.

* Getting a more enjoyable job.

* Romance.

* Getting in shape.

* Recreation.

* Spending time with friends.

Generally, all of these items draw more attention than does the truth. If a pleasant truth comes along, fine, the average person will accept it, but he’s not going to spend much time going after it, especially if that truth may upset the way he looks at life.

Socrates gives us the great example of the importance of putting truth high in this group. One time a student came to him and said, “Oh great teacher, I want to know what you know. Tell me how to be as wise as you are.” Socrates took him out in a lake and unexpectedly grabbed him and plunged him under the water and held him under for about a minute or two, then he pulled him up. The guy says, “What did you do that for?? I was dying for air! I asked you how to be wise like you.”

Socrates replied, “When you want knowledge and understanding the way you just wanted air, then you’ll be wise as me.”

To make the breakthroughs necessary to be one of the few who independently discover truth the seeker will need to want it as did Socrates. If Socrates were given a choice between a new discovery or a new chariot, which do you think he would choose? Most in that day would have chosen the chariot and today a new car, but the person with the Socrates mindset is he who will put truth first. Energy will soon follow and then discovery.

The discovery of truth will bring a feeling of inner satisfaction and lasting value that cannot be matched by the acquisition of any material thing.

Questions on the new earth

Question: How is the new earth related to the 1000 years of peace mention in your treatise on the Book of Revelation?

The new earth mentioned has nothing to do with the thousand years. This part of Revelations is in chronological order and we have already covered the 1000 years, and then moved on to the release of negativity after this period is over. Finally, we come to a final battle between good and evil. This will be millions of years in the future but before this final battle we shall see numerous correspondences of such a battle.

It will be after this major culminating conflict that will finally divide the graduates from those who do not pass this earthly course. Then, as DK confirms, 40% of humanity will be moved elsewhere.

After this cycle passes the Beast will have little power, but people will still be deceived through glamour and illusion. It’s quite likely that in future cycles the Beast will surface again though, but the book of Revelations does not go into this.

We will still be on this physical earth for millions of years until the divine hermaphrodite manifests and dominates. The main thing that will make a new heaven and new earth for us in our future are the changes in the consciousness of humanity.

Some time after the 40%, or the failures leave, the 60% on earth will be transferred to a duplicate earth made of more refined spiritual matter.

Question: Why would we want to extend life in the physical world?

We will want to extend life in the future for the same reason we want to extend it now. We have things we want to experience and accomplish – plus we enjoy being alive.

Question: Why wouldn’t everyone just exist in the higher realms/worlds?

For the same reason they do not do it now.

We will still be on this same physical earth in the interpretation I wrote of Revelation. Why did you think otherwise?

No matter which realm we are in disciples will seek to lift up others as well as move themselves forward. It is an eternal order.

In the New Heaven and New earth (which is still physical) there will be many grades of accomplishment and those who are further along upon the path will still help those on this earth who want to progress. Progression and Becoming will never cease.

The failures that will move to another planet will have to learn to help each other and the new souls they blend with.

As a general principle those in the higher realms work in the higher realms. Those in the lower realms work in the lower realms. Work in the higher realms has a ripple effect that filters down to us and there is some contact between the worlds. But the actual work is mostly done in the world where we reside.

Question: Where do Shamballa and the Hierarchy fit in?

Shamballa is the head center and the Christ and his Hierarchy are the heart center. Humanity is the throat center of the planet. Shamballa is built of higher etheric matter, sometimes called the true physical matter.

Shamballa is the head center now and will continue to be in the more progressed, or new earth. There are many higher lives working in higher spheres not directly connected with this earth as is Shamballa and the Hierarchy.

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)

Oct 1, 2006

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All Things New

All Things New

“And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” Rev 21:1

After those who have not manifested the God within have been removed from the earth and no longer incarnate on it, a new heaven (consciousness) and new earth (government & organizational structures) manifests. In this new way of life, truth no longer has to be compromised to deal with those of lower consciousness, but is now geared to a much higher level than with the old earth.

One of the main differences in the new earth is that there is “no more sea.” The sea stands for the lower emotional-astral-desire nature. The inhabitants of this new world are governed by higher spiritual feelings, intuition and higher mind. Lower desire and lower emotion no longer have any dominant sway and are non-existent as far as having any major influence – hence no more sea.

“And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” Rev 21:2

Just as there is a new heaven and earth, there is also a new city – a new Jerusalem. Jerusalem was a city where the faithful Jews lived in the days of John. Even so, it was far from perfect and was subject to war, pain and much conflict. The New Jerusalem symbolizes the life of the people in our future world where peace and brotherhood is firmly established.

The next two verses explain how life in the New Jerusalem will be different from the old.

“And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.” Rev 21:3

This is not telling us that some being will come sit on a throne as God and live with us, but a much higher presence will be common to humanity than it is today. All people will have soul contact and many will have direct contact with the monad, their true source, and share a oneness with God. In some measure, each inhabitant will sense the presence of God within and without and seek to follow its direction.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” Rev 21:4

The new focus of humanity will cause all the pain and suffering that now exists in the world to cease. No longer will there be physical war where man seeks to destroy his brother. No longer will we live in extreme selfishness where man seeks to benefit himself even if others suffer and die. No longer will lower emotion dominate and cause sorrow and painful tears.

Technology and spiritual power both will greatly increase, which will heal all diseases and allow people to live in radiant health for as long as they want to stay in physical incarnation.

“there shall be no more death…”

True death is a separation from the Spirit of God. No longer will any be separated from God, and without this separation there is no death and physical life will be extended. Some will live thousands of years, but all will eventually leave the physical and go to the higher worlds. This will not be seen as death, but will be seen as a journey from which they can return if desired.

“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.” Rev 21:5

We shall live in a new heaven, a new earth and a new city, but this is just the beginning. Everything will be new, improved and different when compared with today. These words are “true and faithful,” meaning we can depend on them coming to pass.

“And he said unto me, It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.” Rev 21:6

In this new world, all the good things that bring joy and happiness will be abundant and readily available. Money will no longer be necessary, for all the needs of humanity will be readily available and any necessary services will be provided by volunteers.

“He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.” Rev 21:7

If we overcome all things concerning the lower nature, we can qualify to live in this new heaven and new earth.

The Seven Obstacles

“But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.” Rev 21:8

This provides an interesting list of qualities that will hold us back from obtaining the New Jerusalem. Let us list the:.

(1) Fear

Fear is rarely thought of as a sin, but it is definitely a negative emotion that energizes all the other lower emotions. One can never live in a new earth with “no more sea” if he lives with fear, which energizes the sea of lower emotions.

(2) The Unbelieving

To obtain the New Jerusalem, we have to have a believing spirit. This is much different from a gullible spirit. The gullible spirit has no filters, discrimination or judgment. The believing spirit does not ignore the real, but discerns the possibility that there is nothing too good to be true and all things are possible. He is not blind to the obstacles that may appear upon the path or be in his way as is the gullible one. The believing spirit sees these things, but believes they can be overcome with sustained effort.

(3) The Abominable

This religious-sounding word isn’t used much by the average person today. Some define it as merely something repulsive to God, or one’s version of God, but is this the intended meaning? It comes from the Greek BDELUSSO, which basically means “one who gives off a repulsive stench.”

This is not a physical repulsion but a spiritual one. In any group there are always a few who the main body have extreme difficulty in accepting, not because they are advanced but because of personality problems. There are various reasons for this. They may be obnoxious, overly critical, unsupportive, fearful, doubting, non-conforming, complaining, superior acting, irritating, etc. We’ve all met these people, people that just cannot get along with any group.

The New Jerusalem has group consciousness, so to be accepted the seeker must join in with that consciousness through the soul.

This does not mean he will lose his independence, for, in actuality he will be more independent than ever due to many limitations being removed. Instead, it means he has an attitude of seeking oneness through the soul with his brothers.

Fortunately, these rejected ones have many lifetimes to improve themselves… but there is a time limit.

(4) Whoremongers.

This word comes from the Greek PORNOS, which is a male prostitute. Male energy is sending and radiant, while female energy is receiving and magnetic. Whereas the female prostitute sells her beauty and charms, the male symbolically sells his labor and the works of his hands.

How is labor prostituted?

To understand, we must ask what are we to labor for? The answer is we are supposed to labor for that which has real value – that which provides a useful service for humanity and is produced through honest and harmless means.

The true whoremonger prostitutes his labor and is neither concerned about the fruits of his labors nor who gets hurts in the process. Ambulance-chasing attorneys, corrupt politicians, and misleading salespeople are just a few of these. Others are companies that exploit their workers or use slave labor for the production of their products. Employers who shortchange their employees are also in this category, as well as those who make inferior or harmful products. Lastly, in this category are those who are literal prostitutes and especially those who hire or encourage them.

Right livelihood from Buddha’s eightfold path is the keynote here.

(5) Sorcerers

I’ll repeat what I have previously written about sorcerers:

The word “comes from the Greek PHARMAEIA. The modern words ‘pharmacy’ and ‘pharmaceutical’ come from the same Greek root as this word. In fact, one of the definitions of PHARMAEIA is “the use of administering drugs.” Some of these ancient drugs that were used by the doctors of the time were so powerful that they were seen as supernatural in effect and the druggist was seen as a sorcerer.

These, then, would be the drug dealers in our day, not only the illegal ones, but the legal ones who blindly prescribe and cause innumerable addictions. They probably do even more harm overall than illegal drug dealers.

(6) Idolaters

An idolater is one who worships a false god, or substitutes the true God within for a false god without. This is one who is subject to the power of the Beast and will believe that the outward authority of the Beast and his minions is to be trusted above the voice within. An idolater is also one who worships and values money more than he values his own soul, and will sell that which is sacred for mammon.

(7) All Liars

Notice the verse does not say some liars, but “all liars.” This is because the most important lesson a disciple can learn is the value of the truth and telling the truth to the best of his ability.

Knowingly telling a lie places a cloud between the seeker and his soul. All have had difficulty in telling the truth at one time or another in life, but when the seeker learns the value of total honesty he will change his course and do all in his power to make sure all of his words are accurate.

This does not mean the seeker must tell all he knows, but he will make sure that what he does reveal will be true.

The scripture ends saying that these “shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”

People in these categories who have not learned the basic lessons of the path of Spirit will be forced to remain behind and enter other worlds where death and pain are the dominate means of learning.

Sept 30, 2006

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