Understanding Authority

Understanding Authority

There are a few who have read my interpretation of the Beast and have basically accepted the principle that the Beast is unjust authority, yet just cannot register what unjust authority is. This has been evidenced a few times in this group but now my teachings are moving off this group and are being attacked, used and distorted in other groups.

These people seem to like the idea that the mark of the Beast is not a computer chip, but wrong use of authority instead. They thus use a portion of my teachings, but distort them to the extent that all outer authority is the mark of the Beast. This distortion is so great that they call me the Beast for having a slightly moderated group and my insisting we have the right to stay on topic in a classroom. To equate this with Hitler barking orders to blind followers is pretty peculiar, to say the least. Nevertheless, it is happening.

The first question to ask is why so many have such difficulty in discriminating between just and unjust authority?

The answer, as usual, comes down to the Second Key. The more the seeker progresses on the path the more he will see the importance of the Second Key of judgment and its two aspects.

Let me remind you that the difficulty in following the Second Key is that thought is required and the lazy do not wish to think. Instead, they just want a black and white formula that requires no thought.

Instead of learning that there is a good authority and an unjust authority and they have to use judgment to discern between the two the lazy just want to register the simple equation that Beast = Authority and all Authority = Beast.

This is simply not true.

Positive authority not related to the Beast is earned or just authority. Much of the authority exercised among humanity is not related to the Beast but is helpful to us.


[1] A teacher presenting material which he has mastered to a considerable degree. For instance, if a Spanish teacher can read and write fluently in Spanish and has demonstrated this to the students then he has an earned authority. The students do not expect him to be infallible but they expect that he knows what he is talking about and this authority makes it very helpful to assist the student in his learning.

[2] The teacher or some other authority deciding how the class should be taught and who should be allowed in. If it is advanced Spanish then those with no learning at all in the subject would not be allowed in. The teacher also uses just authority in deciding how the subject will be presented and what is on or off topic as far as the material to be covered.

There is nothing wrong with authority as presented in these examples. The problem with the lazy of mind is they just want a simple answer like the hippies of the Sixties concluded – something like “All authority is wrong. We must challenge it all and rebel against it all.”

Obviously, all authority is not wrong; else the burglar would have a case when he claims injustice that authorities stop him from burglarizing a home.

Authority is a power just as are money, magnetism and gasoline, and can be used for good or evil. Unfortunately, it is one of the most difficult and subtle powers to differentiate, for most unjust authority masquerades itself as benevolent and often all-knowing.

For instance, the religious leaders often present themselves as authorities speaking the mind and will of God. This is not true just because they say it, or they occupy the seat of a great teacher. This unproven authority must be challenged.

All tyrants and dictators use Beastly authority in that if they are challenged, often slightly, the person gets thrown in prison, tortured or at the very least loses his livelihood.

When one understands the right use of authority, he will find it amusing that some out there are calling me a beast for having a lightly moderated group or controlling the current topic at hand. There are and have been those who want to come in this group and challenge what has already been challenged and refuted, post off topic subjects (especially on the supposed conspiracy) and try and insult me and other members just to hear the sound of their own ego.

At least some of these are gravitating to their own group so they can drown themselves in their own venom.

It is interesting that I have been strongly criticized from both sides of the spectrum for our moderation here. One side says I let too much negativity and off topic posts through – that we need to only let those through who are positive and have something worthwhile to say.

The other side bellyaches when anything is rejected, even something like a revelation from Zor that the end is near.

Thank God that over 90 percent of the group is fairly reasonable and are glad that a small amount of authority is used to keep the class in order. The needs of the 90 percent, or possibly 99 percent, certainly outweigh the needs of the egos of the 1 percent.

It’s very hard to take yourself too seriously when you look at the world from outer space. Thomas K. Mattingly II

Aug 13, 2006

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