Finding Purpose

Finding Purpose

A reader gave this quote from DK

“Register the idea, received by the soul intuitively, and recognize the form which it should take. These last seven words are of vital importance.” A Treatise on White Magic, Pg 45

Thinking on this made me  reflect on recent computer developments. (Written Jan 2005) I was just checking out the new mini Mac at It measures 6.5inches x 6.5 inches x 2 inches, the smallest complete computer made. As I was looking at it on the screen the future flashed before my eyes. I saw that as miniaturization progressed a few more steps that computers as we know them will disappear and be replaced by a multifunction hand held device. It may be called something like a multifunction computer, or MC for short. (written in 2005. The iPhone was introduced two years later)

This MC may appear in the next few steps of progression in the evolution of the portable phone and about the same size. This device will not only be a phone, a camera, a voice recorder, a miniature TV, a radio and an internet connection, but also your full-sized personal computer.

At your desk will be a monitor and keyboard, but no computer. This will be normally carried around on your person. Often you can use voice commands to activate the functions you need, but when you desire to use a keyboard and screen you will sit at your desk, punch a button on your MC and your screen and keyboard will be ready to use in connection with your portable computer or MC.

Eventually the keyboard and screen will be replaced by something that looks like a large sheet of paper on which a screen and keyboard may appear when activated. When one is done using it he can fold it up and put it in his shirt pocket.

This may be called something like Computer Paper (CP).

This sort of fits in with the question of the day which is: What is the principle behind faith? In other words, why is it that faith can produce the miraculous?

It is pretty obvious that the reception of ideas and the bringing of them into manifestation is closely aligned with faith.

The true aspect of the Purpose of God lies beyond that which is revealed in the English word. I have written a few things on this in the past. Below are several quotes from the archives.

Purpose is the unifying energy of God and Purpose is only expressed in actions that lead toward union with God or union with each other, which leads toward God. Purpose is like an eternal stairway where each action is a step which leads to another and still another without end, until Union is achieved. If you see an action ending with only one, two or three steps, then you know that action fills a finite objective and not the true energy of Purpose.

The normal way of looking at Purpose is to see it as “a fixed design or idea” as an objective to be achieved. This is an excellent definition, but it applies to the lower octave. In other words, an objective is a goal to be achieved. But when the goal is achieved the objective no longer exists. Because an objective has a beginning and end it then cannot be the highest aspect of Purpose for the divine aspects in their purity have no beginning and no end and are eternal.

There is no word in the dictionary that exactly represents the Divine aspect of Purpose so we can’t rely on dictionary definitions were except as a hint.

Purpose is that which causes vibration so that within that vibration lies all energy, form, plans and goals.”

Anni is right on target when she says: “Many objectives are contained within the one Purpose. Just as a principle reveals many facts, Purpose reveals many objectives.”

We are talking about a concept that is not defined in any dictionary here so we have to talk around it and intuitively pick up the reality. He who can truly understand Purpose will have “all power in heaven and earth” as Jesus said was given to him.

Purpose is not an objective, goal or plan, but is that from which they all originate. It is not an energy but is that from which energy originates.

Let us say there is only one Plan and the idea that there are many plans is merely illusion for the idea of many plans in the mind of God is illusion. Because there is one Plan from One Purpose both the Plan and the Purpose is eternal for only oneness can be eternal.

The One Purpose manifesting the One Plan seems to differentiate into many goals and objectives. Our mission is to find the next objective in alignment with purpose and become one with it through our attention. When the power of Attention is one with the Purpose of God all things are possible and the magical power of the soul is manifest. End of quotes.

So how does faith relate to purpose?

Purpose is the very principle behind faith.

How is that?

Purpose is the all-powerful aspect of God. Its only limitation is time and space, but time and space can only hold it back from the lower worlds for a time and then purpose must be fulfilled. Purpose is always fulfilled in the end.

When the disciple becomes one with the mind of God and discerns Purpose then true faith can manifest. Purpose does not have to be believed to manifest faith, but accepted. When Purpose is both seen and accepted then nothing can prevent it from materializing on the physical plane.

Purpose manifesting on the physical plane is much different than the materialization of a goal. When you buy a new car, your ownership is temporary. But when the idea of a car was manifest, it was here to stay. One can attempt to destroy all the cars in the world and they will continue to manifest.

What does Purpose have to do with the faith that produced the miracles of Jesus?

Jesus contacted the Purpose aspect and saw the perfection that was the destiny of us all. He saw beyond time and space to bring forth at perfection as if it exists in the Now. When he did this and the one afflicted followed the energy with his attention he was healed.

Question to contemplate:

Why is purpose the absolute source of power?

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” W. Edwards Deming

Jan 14, 2005

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