The Trinity of Time

The Trinity of Time

Reader comment: Concerning your last post about dealing with time. The future never comes….Only the present is here…..

JJ: You are correct from the view that what is called the present is what we seem to be experiencing, but even here our consciousness does not register the exact present but is always around a second in the past so we never see the exact present, but the past. If we were able to experience the exact present the universe of form would disappear for there would be no motion of even atomic particles.

On the other hand, in this reality the future always comes. Every second we live in a present that was once the future. Thousands of times a day the future comes. The future is always becoming the present, even a child sees this.

Reader: The fact that you claim the future will be here soon. Makes it clear your mind is taking you over in the illusion of psychological time.

JJ: I never said anything about the future being here soon. The future is here now. Every moment in the now was the future a moment ago. The mind can also be projected into future possibilities. Before we were born we looked into the future and planned our life here.

Reader: When has the past or the future being “here”. Never because it is only a trace memory borrowed from the reality of the now. The limitless eternal moment. That is the true nature of time.

JJ: The past and the future is always here in the realm of time and space because they are all linked and are one just as the Trinity is three aspects, but one from another viewpoint.

Reader: Future and past are something you consider in the ‘now’, for the conditions of your life, which is the outer purpose.

JJ: In metaphysical theory, perhaps, but we are living in time and space and are subject to time and space. Take a look in the mirror. Do you have a body? Do you move around? Does it take you time to get from one place to another? Then you had better take the past and future into account or your life will be just as frustrating as everyone else I know who has fallen into the illusion that they have escaped time.

Reader: You should not be attached to material life

JJ: As far as attachment goes, one should not be attached top anything that does not advance movement toward spirit and greater joyousness.

Reader: I think when you teach these principles about physiological time, (past, present, future) you should clarify that it is phycological and a part of something which the mind creates but is not real.

JJ: That which is real is that which we experience. If we experience time and space then the experience is real for us. Even a dream at night creates a real experience. Now some define reality as only that which is eternal and by that definition nothing we can perceive is real. On the other hand, experience is an eternal aspect so any experience has a reality attached to it.

I notice that those who do think they have escaped time and space seem to have little control over their lives and often live a life of frustration and attack.

Time and space are part of the plan to create dominating good and eternal joy. I have taught that God is not perfect as he manifests in this world but he is not so inept as to create time and space for no reason.

Reader: If presence of being in the now, without interference of the minds thoughts, is not acknowledged as important, you are making the illusion stronger and backing up the egoic mind to pursue its goals in ‘time’ which separates you from the source.

JJ If you were completely in the now or present you would disappear and go back to your Source. The fact that you are here and perceive enough to read this tells us you are still under the laws of time and space. One can get a sense of the eternal now while being here, but the fulness will come during the great pralaya.

How can you be separated from Source by that which was created by Source? It is our decisions that separate us whether influenced by emotion, mind or something else.

To blame the mind for our problems is like blaming a car for taking you to the wrong place. The car is a vehicle and is not to blame. The driver is. Even so, the mind is also a vehicle and we are the drivers.

Reader: Take responsibility for you life, yes. which means using psychological time, but it is important to not being attached to it by placing your consciousness in it totally. You must Place your awareness, your being, your presence, consciousness, whatever word you use, In the now.

JJ: I basically agree here. Jesus summed up this principle when he said “Be in the world, but not of the world.” Since we live in the world, we have to be in it with enough of ourselves to function well, but the decisions of the disciple must be influenced by the soul which is not of the world.

Reader: The more you are in the now, the more you connect to your true nature and the more present you become, which frees you from your egoic mind and its illusions.

JJ: First, in this world we are never in the real now in our consciousness for consciousness is created through a registration of increments of time. We are always a second behind the registration of the true present and around a sixty-fourth of a second from seeing it so we always see the past in our perception.

Where there is consciousness there will be a past and a present. To be in the eternal now one must transcend consciousness, as we know it, and tune into the life principle itself.

Those who ignore the lessons of the past and do not seek to be the master of their future will live a life of aimlessness drifting in a sea controlled, not by themselves, but by others.

Do you think a Master is not a Master of his future to a large degree? This is one of the ingredients of being a Master of Wisdom.

Reader: You cannot understand problems of the mind through the mind. You cannot become enlightened through it. You must be outside it. Its knowledge is infinitely limited compared to the understanding of and infinite wisdom of ‘being’

JJ: I have taught many times that the higher must take charge of the lower. There are higher and lower levels of mind and the lower mind has its limits just as a car has its limits. When we want to go real fast we get in a jet plane. The mind is like the car and the Buddhic/Intuitive vehicle is like the jet which takes us forward much faster in our evolution.

But, of course, this is not the ultimate for there are higher vehicles still.

“A sense of time and of its relation to the soul is one of the most absorbing and useful studies of the disciple; an understanding of the relation of the past to the future and their united effect in the present will create one of the levers which will open for you the Door of Initiation.” Discipleship In the New Age Vol 1, Page 207

Jan 28, 2005

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