How Will Christ Manifest?

How Will Christ Manifest?

Here more quotes from DK on the coming religion and of Christ:

“In the Aquarian Age, the Risen Christ is Himself the Water-Carrier; He will not this time demonstrate the perfected life of a Son of God, which was His main mission before; He will appear as the supreme Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, meeting the need of the thirsty nations of the world – thirsty for truth, for right human relations and for loving understanding. He will be recognised this time by all and in His Own Person will testify to the fact of the resurrection, and hence demonstrate the paralleling fact of the immortality of the soul, of the spiritual man. The emphasis during the past two thousand years has been on death; it has coloured all the teaching of the orthodox churches; only one day in the year has been dedicated to the thought of the resurrection. The emphasis in the Aquarian Age will be on life and freedom from the tomb of matter, and this is the note which will distinguish the new world religion from all that have preceded it.

“The Festival of Easter and the Feast of Pentecost will be the two outstanding days of the religious year. Pentecost is, as you must well know, the symbol of right human relations in which all men and nations will understand each other and – though speaking in many and diverse languages – will know only one spiritual speech.

“It is significant that two important episodes are related in the final part of the Gospel story – one preceding and one following immediately after the apparent death of the Christ. They are:

“1. The story of the upper chamber to which the man carrying the water pot and typifying Aquarius led the disciples, and in which the first communion service was held, participated in by all and foretelling that great relationship which will distinguish humanity in the coming age, after the tests of the Piscean Age. Such a communion service has never yet been held, but the New Age will see it take place.

“2. The story of the upper chamber in which the disciples met and arrived at a true recognition of the Risen Christ and at a perfect and complete understanding of each other in spite of the symbolic diversity of tongues. They had a touch of prevision, of prophetic insight, and foresaw a little of the wonder of the Aquarian Age.

“The vision in men’s minds today is that of the Aquarian Age, even if they recognise it not. The future will see right relationships, true communion, a sharing of all things (wine, the blood, the life and bread, economic satisfaction) and goodwill; we have also a picture of the future of humanity when all nations are united in complete understanding and the diversity of languages – symbolic of differing traditions, cultures, civilisations and points of view – will provide no barrier to right human relations. At the centre of each of these pictures is to be found the Christ.” Destiny of the Nations, Pages 150-152

“Their (disciples) work is to formulate the universal platform of the new world religion. It is a work of loving synthesis and it will emphasize the unity and the fellowship of the spirit. This group is, in a pronounced sense, a channel for the activity of the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, that of the World Teacher-an office held at present by the Christ. The platform of the new world religion will be built by the many groups, working under the inspiration of the Christ and the influence of the second ray and these-in their totality-will constitute this sixth group.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1, Page 38

“The development of the power to recall the Words of Power which had been spoken by me, and later, the listening for a Word of Power. This recognition of the Words will be one of the major objectives of the new world religion, and hence our effort (not particularly successful hitherto) to do something symbolically analogous in our group activity.” Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, Page 58

Question: This last paragraph is interesting. What do you suppose it means?

A reader responds saying: I do have a few questions about what you posted from DK.

DK: “He will be recognised this time by all and in His Own Person will testify to the fact of the resurrection, and hence demonstrate the paralleling fact of the immortality of the soul, of the spiritual man.”

DK states that this time the Christ will be recognized by ALL.

Therefore, does this mean every single human being on Earth?

JJ: One problem with this type of statement is that it has not been revealed exactly how Christ will appear. The first stage of his appearing has been accomplished and that is the implanting of the teaching of the Christ Consciousness, or “Christ in you, the hope of Glory.” Col 1:27. This belief is now firmly enough established to take root and fulfill stage one.

The second stage has two steps.

[1] The first stages of overshadowing. This happens through the Oneness Principle where numerous disciples tune into the mind of Christ and seek to act as his agents on the earth. When successful, the disciple will say and do the same type of words and works as the Christ himself if he were physically here.

[2] The Divine Possession where the consciousness of Christ is shared with a disciple, or possibly more than one, as happened with Jesus 2000 years ago. Jesus was followed by Peter who was also overshadowed, though not as intimately as was Jesus.

The third stage is where the Christ appears in a physical body of his own, not sharing one with a disciple. This would be an even more intense presence for him than the last time.

If the principle of overshadowing and divine possession are successful, or on the other hand, if the consciousness of humanity is not prepared for the physical presence of the Christ, the overshadowing principle could be used to constitute the Second Coming.

It is most likely that the two steps of the overshadowing will be used for some time to come with Christ making his physical appearance after a lot more groundwork has been done. This could happen within a generation, but more than likely would be over a hundred years or more in our future.

If the time becomes right for him to appear in a physical body of his own he will do so after many disciples have awakened and done the necessary work. He will appear first to human group molecules and other disciples doing necessary work. When all is in order he will then begin his mission to the world with proof of his immortality in a body which cannot be destroyed.

Notice that both DK and the Bible say that all will recognize him, but it does not say this will happen immediately. This recognition may take a couple hundred years of work before it universally occurs. Even here all may not call him the Christ, but they will recognize God working in him.

Question: If so, what has happened to all the people who are turned only towards the Self/dark and materialism? Will they also be able to recognize Him, or have they disappeared or changed their ways drastically and renounced all error/evil?

JJ: The workers of darkness are often the first to recognize an agent of light, but they deal with this recognition much differently than the good guys. Instead of acceptance they fight against the light with all their power.

The advanced dark disciples consciously recognize the light and fight against it while the lesser disciples merely recognize a being on an opposite path to themselves.

Question: Do you believe that ALL will recognize Him in about 22 years time? Are changes to humanity’s view of God and Soul going to drastically change that much in only 20 years? If so, is this because of the preparatory work being done now?

JJ: This is unlikely to happen by this time. But as I have said before the period from 2025-2030 will be a key time to have certain foundations laid in anticipation for the presence of the Christ, however he may choose to manifest.

The scriptures say that no man knows the date and time of his coming, not even the Son, but only the Father. (Matt 24:36) This is basically still true today except the Christ has a lot better idea of how events will play out now than he did back then.

The coming of Christ is a great mystery, but when the mission of Christ is completed, interpretation by use of hindsight will be simple, as it is now with his first coming.

“It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail.” Gore Vidal (1925 – )

NOTE: Though I do not agree with this quote I include it because it represents the thoughts of so many.

Dec 20, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Love Potion, Chapters 3 & 4

This entry is part 3 of 9 in the series Love Potion

By Ted Dewey

Chapter 3

The Bishop twins excused themselves. Joe told Laura, “Bill and I are going out for a little ride and look the town over. We will be back around five this afternoon.”

They got in the car and drove over to West Eighth. From there they went East to Fourth Have, the main drag of Yuma. Bill was driving, Joe was keeping his eyes open for a tavern. A good cold beer seemed to be in order.

Minutes later, they were seated in one; that Joe had selected. A sexy looking blond, took their order and: set a couple of cold bottles of Bud in front of them. Other than themselves, the place was deserted They poured the beer into the tall- frosted! glasses and took a sip. Bill broke the silence

“Well brother old buddy, what do you think?”

“I think we got here just in time. I don’t look for the old gent to last much longer.”

Bill nodded “I agree with you there, and it makes me feel guilty as hell, that we didn’t try and get in touch with him a long time ago. After all, he is our father.”

“And a very interesting one at that.”

“What did you think of that yarn he told us?”

Joe frowned “Quite a yarn, alright. I wonder just how much of it is true?”

“Hard to tell. I don’t; think he is intentionally feeding us a line of B. S. just to get on the good side of us. However, a person can sometimes let their imagination run away. Maybe he just fell in love with the girl. Anyhow, I don’t think we should blame him for something that happened twenty years ago. He had his life to live.”

Joe nodded, “Right you are, brother. But somehow I have a gut feeling, that his story is true. We were taught that he was a dirty rat for bringing that woman home. Mother never quite lived that down. She had many unkind things to say about him, but I can’t remember her ever calling him a liar!”

“Right you are. So, for the present time, let’s assume that he is telling the truth. What say that all is forgiven. I think that is our best move.”

“Me too So, let’s talk about that Love Potion. The bulb on the bottom of that flower, has to be damn potent and must contain some sort of a drug.”

Bill reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out several of the small kernels. He laid them down on a napkin in front of him. Next, he took a small pen knife from his pocket, then sliced! one of the kernels into thin slices. He picked up one, put it in his mouth and began to chew.

Joe selected a piece and put it in his mouth.

“Not much taste to it,” Bill commented. “Maybe a little bit on the ginger side, more like cinnamon.”

Joe nodded. “It has a pleasant taste, but would sure be hard to detect in food or a cup of coffee. Put two or three of those cut up in a glass of orange juice and one would never know the difference.”

“Sure would be easy to feed a person without his knowing, alright.” Bill commented,

“Evidently there is something about the stuff, that stimulates your love and makes the old man return like a homing Pigeon!”

.Joe grinned, “And when he gets home, then what? What would a few more kernels do to him?”

“I get what you mean. The old man didn’t mention sex… I wonder.”

“Me too. If a couple of these little kernels every day, keeps the love going, what would a dozen do?

“Probably dad has all the answers The next time we have a session with him we will ask. He has been fooling with the stuff for about twenty years. I’ll bet he has all the answers!”

Joe picked up another slice from the napkin, then began to chew, “Not that I need a booster,” he grinned, “but I hate to see it go to waste.”

“Me too; and do you know something brother- dear? I have a feeling that this stuff is not really a Love Potion, but a Sex stimulant as well! And if it is, and has no bad side effects, we may have discovered the fountain of youth!”

Joe grinned. “Right you are And I can tell from the look in your eye, that the stuff is working. That sexy Blonde behind the bar, is getting prettier every minute! Right?”



Chapter Four

The crowing of many roosters, awakened the Bishop brothers. Joe was the first to roll out of bed. He slipped on his trousers and walked over to where his brother lay staring up at the ceiling

“Get up,” Joe whispered. “Put on your clothes, we’ve got work to do.”

Bill yawned, stretched, then sat up and rolled off the bed.

If they were going to stay here until the old man passed away, they had: better make themselves useful. They had decided the night before that Laura, the pretty and attractive housekeeper, could sure use some help.

The two men dressed, then silently sneaked out the back door and” headed for the greenhouse. There was work to be done.

A pair of sprinkler cans were setting beside a water hydrant. They filled them with water and: began giving the dry thirsty plants, a very much needed drink of water. In about an hour all was wet and dripping.

There were about two dozen tomato plants, covered with both green and ripe fruit. Each man grabbed a basket and began picking. Inside a few minutes, six half bushel baskets were piled high with the red ripe tomatoes.

When this job was finished, both men paused and looked around. “Now where do we go from here?” Bill asked.

Joe grinned “I think we had better quit for now. We had better wait for further instructions. But for sure, we haven’t done anything wrong yet!”

Bill nodded, then pointed to the back end of the building. “That door there in the back – I wonder- if the thing opens into another room, or is just another way outside.”

“Let’s go take a look.” Joe led the way

It was a big: wooden door, with no window Bill took hold of the doorknob, twisted it and gave it a pull. The door swung open wide. Only darkness greeted them. He reached inside, feeling for a switch. He found one and gave it a flip. The room was flooded with light.

There was junk piled everywhere Shovels, hoes, a lawn, mower, a small garden tractor and a large cupboard with many drawers and compartments. On each one was a printed cardboard label: Beans, Peas, Onions, and many other kinds of vegetables. Also, many different kinds of flowers.

“I guess this is where he keeps all his junk, but maybe this is the place where he keeps all the seeds,” Bill muttered. “I wonder if the seeds and bulbs for the Love Potion are around here.”

“Probably is, said Joe. “Let’s see. Here on the left he has started with A.”

“Here it is.” Bill grinned! “And sure as hell printed on the card is, LOVE POTION!” He pulled out the drawer and set It down on the table. Inside the box was a cloth bag. A rubber band was holding the bag shut. Bill removed it and both men looked inside. Millions of the tiny seeds glistened in the light.

“Good Lord!” Joe muttered! “Must be four or five pounds of the stuff; enough seeds to plant acres.”

Over on the other side of the room was a stack of red string sacks. Joe walked over and inspected them, “Looks like Onions.” He searched for an opening on the sack.

Bill closed the bag and put. the seeds back in the drawer. He walked! over and stood beside Joe “What you got here, old Buddy?”

“Looks like onions.” The top of the sack was now open. He reached! inside and squeezed something that was hard and lumpy. He pulled it out and both? men stared down at the thing. A large LOVE POTION bulb.

For a moment, both men stood staring at the many sacks of the bulbs “Good Lord!” Joe muttered. “I’ll bet there is a ton of it here!”

“Closer to two tons, maybe three!”

The two men exchanged glances, then slowly nodded their heads thinking there was one thing for sure. The old man sure believed these things to be of great value, or he certainly wouldn’t have raised tons of it and piled it in here

Joe’s hand was shaking as he returned the bulb to the sack. “I think we had better get out of here, Bill. I feel like a spy!”

“Me too. Besides I’m? getting: hungry.”

They stepped back into the hot house and closed the door. As they walked up the narrow aisle, the front door opened and Laura stood there smiling, at them. “Breakfast is ready, and I’ll bet you guys are starved. Looks like you have been busy, and you even picked the tomatoes!”

Joe took her by the arm “Lead the way, we are as hungry as a couple of bears. After we eat we will take the tomatoes to market. By the way, how is Dad this morning?”

“About the same, I guess.” Bill took: her by the other arm, opened the door and the three of them started toward! the house

“Joe and I talked! things over last night, and we decided to stay till its all over. We are not going to impose on you any longer. We are going to help you in every way we can.”

“Thanks, fellows I was hoping you would do just that”

Joe gave her arm a gentle squeeze “And I am damn good at cooking and housework. We will all three work together till Pop tells us goodbye.”