Créme and Illusion 2.0

Créme and Illusion 2.0

Créme Supporter: Today, Créme does not speak of a date or a time-frame, although the words, “very soon” are to be attributed to his Master and Maitreya. In 1977 Maitreya said the whole world would know the fact of His existence and presence “very soon”.

JJ: You can save Crème some embarrassment by communicating to him and his strange hierarchy that he is wrong again. The coming will not be “very soon.” There are at least 20 years of preparation before he can “appear” in the physical. (written in 2004) Much more needs to be done than declaring that he is secretly running around the earth incognito.

Crème’s followers will not like the teachings of the real Christ any more than they like mine.

Créme Supporter: Now, it is possible that Créme could be under the influence of some glamour or illusion – but if he were and it were interfering with the Master’s work, with the group good and with the Plan – do you not think that his Master would bring the needed eradication to Créme’s attention? Or even the Master withdrawing His contact with Créme until he tackles those glamours and illusions?

JJ: You are assuming that he is in contact with a Master of Wisdom and not some other entity or thoughtform. I make no such assumption.

Créme Supporter: What if the interviewer who believes that the moon is made of green cheese is interviewing someone who believes that the moon is not made of green cheese, that the moon is made of basalt (feldspar, pyroxene, apatite, magnetite)? Are you telling me that the interviewer is not prone to be bias, not prone to fabrication, not prone to dishonesty when writing an article about the interview?

JJ: Again I say this: A person can be full of illusions but if he is honest and gives actual quotes then the illusions have nothing to do with whether or not the quotes are accurate. For instance, most of the New York Times staff hates George Bush and distort his views in many of their stories. But when they give an actual quote it is almost without exception accurate. Bias or illusion does not alter a quote. Only an outright act of dishonesty can.

Show me examples of actual lying by Morton and I’ll start doubting the quotes. Better yet write Crème and ask him if the quotes are accurate and/or reflect his views. I keep asking Crème followers to do this and no one seems to have the guts to do it.

Créme Supporter: In Créme’s work, we both see the consistency in relation to the work of Blavatsky and Bailey – there are differences, but we do not lose sight of the common ground.

JJ: To Crème’s credit he is an astute student of Bailey and uses much of her material. He does teach contrary to the teachings on several core issues such as the use of nuclear energy. Créme is to Bailey as Charles T. Russell (Jehovah’s Witness founder) is to the Bible.

Créme Supporter: I have read and heard people speak about Benjamin Créme being cold, about his lectures being boring or lifeless or both. There are people, and I think you are one of them, who speak about Créme lacking a spiritual vibration and such. Could it be that Créme’s ray structure is not compatible with your own?

JJ: I thought he was a decent lecturer and did not come across as cold. There’s nothing wrong with his rays. What is wrong is that he has been dead wrong yet not admitting it. “To thine own self be true.”

Créme Supporter: Yet, JJ:, you think that Créme is glamoured and under heavy illusion. Could it not be your own glamour and illusion?

JJ: This is always possible and all the more reason to use plain old common sense and the power of discernment and the second Key of judgment. To do this examine Crème’s writings and ask: How many have been proven to be incorrect?

Answer: Dozens.

Examine my writings and ask the same question:

Answer: Zero

Créme Supporter: The message from Maitreya is seemingly mundane; which is precisely why I chose it. Let me elaborate: most people would comment on the normalcy of the message, how it appears blasé, … The Christ energy in the message is known to some, but it’s not to be expected that all of the average masses can consciously detect it. Furthermore, the average thinking person sees the words, but does not experience the revelation of their meaning.

JJ: You remind me a lot of the Mormon faithful here. Twice a year they attend or watch the general conferences of the church and listen to the general authorities. To the casual observer (and most members) the speeches are extremely boring, repetitive and reiterate what has been said many times before. But if you take a very astute Mormon and mention this to him he will say something like this:

“Your problem is that you did not listen closely enough. These authorities have profound wisdom and there is hidden depth in their words that reveal revelation after revelation. Their words may sound simple but they are really very deep and profound.”

But then if you ask them to reveal to you this profound truth or revelation he received from the speeches he will give you a blank stare.

Créme Supporter: The question that I leave you with, JJ:, and whoever in the group would like to answer, is the following:

Who on earth (and in the public arena) do you think are some of the most evolved (from the point of evolution) people living today? In other words, who do you think is a soul-infused personality – individuals who are not just in contact with their soul – but know themselves to be the soul? Also, people nearing this degree of consciousness can also be mentioned.

JJ: First let me state that many who are fairly high initiates are not versed in the ancient wisdom and would not know what is meant by a “soul-infused personality.” Initiates are often focused along their lines of service and are not considered particularly spiritual.

You will notice that Créme seems to think that only those on the left in today’s world are advanced enough to be initiates. The truth is they are on both sides. Those on the right are more likely to be initiates along the lines of 1-3-5-7 or politics, science, business, philosophy-logic-reasoning and those on the left are more likely to be found in 2-4-6 or social movements, creative arts, education etc. This is not a hard and fast rule, but a general one.

Living initiates in 2004 on the right are:

Ann Coulter
Rush Limbaugh
Sean Hannity
Condoleezza Rice
George W Bush
Ronald Reagan
Newt Gingrich
David Horowitz
Ward Connerly
Roger Ailes
Ted Nugent
Steve Forbes
Oliver North
Benjamin Netanyahu
Mel Gibson

Near the Middle we have:

Bill O’Reilly
John Stossel
Dennis Miller
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Colin Powell
Rudy Giuliani
Lech Walesa
Harry Wu (Civil Rights Activist)

On the Left we have:

Patrick Moore (founder of Greenpeace)
Steve Jobs
Bill Gates
Nelson Mandela
Steven Spielberg
George Lucas
Jane Fonda
Ted Turner
Dr. Jack Kevorkian
Dan Brown – Author of the DaVinci Code
And Benjamin Crème – though not as high as he sees himself

These are not all 100% soul-infused by any means but are initiates of some degree.

Some of the most soul-infused have been side-tracked and are having difficulty in finding their true calling during this period of transition. That is one of my purposes – to find them and redirect them to the Aquarian energies rather than the Piscean.

Many there are who believe themselves to be on the path of enlightenment when in reality they are stuck in the energies and thoughtforms of the past. This needs to be corrected to some degree before Christ can manifest.

Créme Supporter: Your analogy of the hypnotist is “a feeble analogy dependent on ignorance and unsound conclusions. The analogy you created is full of fanciful elaboration and has a clever tone, but it lacks wisdom because it is not applicable.

“How so? I will ask you a question. If you were walking down the street and a man politely attracted your attention and you stopped and he said, “Gentleman, ponder on this: today the sun is bright” Would you, JJ:, think he was hypnotically implanting a thought in your mind?

JJ: My friend. My analogy was very sound and you never pointed out any flaw in the correspondence, least of all with this example. Having a casual conversation with a stranger is about a million miles away from an encounter with a hypnotic situation.

What causes a hypnotic situation? A reader said it very well:

“To hypnotize someone, anyone, all you need to do is bypass his or her Critical Faculty. This can be done by various methods that produce an altered state of mind. The most common everyday method is simply via a bond of trust. Once someone trusts someone else to the point that they `believe every word they say’, they are then in a state of hypnosis and every time they receive some communication from this person, they allow it to enter directly into their subconscious bypassing their critical reasoning process.”

Two things cause this to happen.

(1) The person relinquishes his “critical faculty” to a known hypnotist and places his trust in him for some predetermined result.

(2) A parent, guru or leader generates so much trust that the student yields all (or most) critical thinking in favor of the authoritative voice. Crème fits in this category in relation to his followers because he is seen as speaking the words and will of Christ. Who is going to argue with the Messiah?

Some stranger commenting on the brightness of the sun certainly does not carry the authority of Christ,

Créme Supporter: Does the man become a hypnotist when you have full ability to reject the thought? Does the man become a hypnotist if you agree with the thought he presents?

JJ: Under actual hypnosis the subject always thinks he has full power to reject the suggestion of the hypnotist at any time, but he will not if he is under a deep trance – not unless the suggestion is outrageous to his belief system.

You think you merely agree with Créme, but I have seen no sign of independent thinking. If Créme thinks a certain way you seem to think likewise with no deviation, especially when he claims to speak for Christ.

Even though he was blatantly wrong on a number of predictions you hypnotically bypass this information as if it did not exist. It enters not into your critical thinking.

Créme Supporter: The analogy of the hypnotist and his hypnotism fails because Créme does not manipulate anyone. The analogy fails because it is a belief that Créme is planting a thought by means of hypnotic suggestion.

JJ: I am not saying that Crème is attempting to use hypnosis. I am saying that when a person allows another in a position of authority (especially one who speaks for God or Christ) to be an absolute authority, then he relinquishes his critical mind, just as a subject does with hypnosis.

I’ve seen this not only with Créme followers, but with many who adore a religious or group leader.

It could even happen with those I teach. This is why I bring up the subject of thinking for ourselves periodically and claim no authority behind my words. Who ever disagrees with me should not see themselves as opposing God, Christ or some master.

Créme Supporter: There could be people who manipulate themselves into blindly believing everything Créme says – but I am not one of those possible people, nor does self-hypnosis mean Créme is a hypnotist.

JJ: So what has Crème taught that has not yet been proven to be wrong with which you disagree? What has Maitreya said through him with which you disagree?

Créme Supporter: The millions and millions of religious people who ‘bypass their critical reasoning process’ would fall into the category of the sleep state you ascribed to me. Is Christ a hypnotist because millions of people ‘believe every word he says’?

JJ: You are to blame if you believe anyone’s words without critically thinking about them and running them by your soul. It doesn’t matter if it appears to come from God himself.

Créme Supporter: I have faith that Christ is alive, here, in the flesh and awaiting His reappearance at the soonest possible time. Remember, faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen.

JJ: Most Bailey readers and many Christians believe this. This is not a new message. Even the Mormons believe Christ is still in a physical body and can appear to whomever he wants.

Créme Supporter: Therefore, my purpose becomes evident when I know that there are reasonable, intelligent people in this group who happen to misunderstand what Benjamin Créme speaks, a misunderstanding based on lack of knowledge and information.

JJ: Your problem here is that they do understand. More information here will not help your cause.

Créme Supporter: But when people misunderstand what Créme speaks because a crystallized belief holds their mind captive – I can do very little, if anything, about their conditioned state.

JJ: You’ve mentioned this crystallization several times. When I first heard of Crème in the early 80’s I bought his book. I have the first edition of “The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom.” I read the book, I later attended a lecture and contemned to monitor his teachings.

I’ve done a similar investigation with most every other major movement. They all have the idea that I just haven’t read or studied enough. Instead of reading one or two books and attending several classes I am supposed to read every single book and go to every class and lecture.

No one can humanly do this with all movements. You do not have to read every single book someone writes to have enough to make a judgment.

Have you read the Book of Mormon? Maybe you are missing something.

Have you read Paul Twitchell’s works from Ekankar? How about Elizabeth Claire Prophet? Have you read the Immortal? By your standards if you have not thoroughly checked them out you are crystallizing.

Créme Supporter: Today, Lucis Trust is a sufficient example when it comes to crystallization. Many people involved with Lucis Trust reject what Créme speaks because of one explanation or many.

JJ: Because someone rejects something that does not make sense does not indicate crystallization.

Créme Supporter: The point being, there are people who tend to see the glamours and the illusions in Créme’s group as Créme’s glamours and illusions.

JJ: It’s Crème’s actual teachings we have checked out. Not the flaws of the followers.

Créme Supporter: Thus, if you see Créme as glamoured – could it not be the glamour surrounding him, around the periphery, that you recognize?

JJ: No. I had never met a Crème follower when I reached my first conclusion about him.

Créme Supporter: Is it your soul granting you the authority to tell me that I am in a trance-sleep state and to explain my experience as illusion? Is it your soul who seeks to discredit, deny and demean my reality?

JJ: My soul tells me you have great potential which could be wasted if you do not take your next step. I am guided to shake you for a moment and then step back and observe and be ready to extend the arm of fellowship. I give you a 30-70% chance short term but a 70-30% long term. A 30% chance is worth fighting for.

Let me clarify an important point. I am not saying that all of Crème’s teachings are false. Much of what he says has truth in it, especially his teachings using the Bailey material for a base.

Where I see a lack of evidence is in his claim that Christ is speaking through him. You would think that Christ could plan a couple months ahead and make the plan materialize, but according to Créme he has failed in this four or more times. Can you not see this does not make sense????

But above this my soul does not confirm this message from Crème. There is no “flashing forth” in the intuitive mind when Crème speaks on behalf of Maitreya.

I think he does have a good mind and sometimes he comes up with an interesting twist on the Bailey material, but consider this. If Crème did not have this fabulous claim that Christ was speaking to him would anyone listen to him?

Suppose it was not Christ who speaks through him but someone else. How many followers would he have then? When his followers then hear words they think are from their Lord there will be no questioning, but a willingness to please and to follow at all costs. This is a dangerous situation, a breeding ground for Kool Aide drinking and riding the Hale Bop comet. One must look carefully and get soul confirmation before he leaps.

“Always tell the truth, not only because it is the decent thing to do, but because it gives you such an advantage over the man who is trying to remember his lies!” Sam Brookes

April 26,  2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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