Understanding Freedom

Understanding Freedom

After reading my views on freedom many who seek a better world with more cooperation, sharing, equality and brotherhood may ask:

If we do not use force to take from the rich and give to the poor, to make people treat others with equality, to force people to stop using hate words and use loving words instead – then how shall it be done?

The answer is: TEACHERS!

Do you think that when Christ comes again he will be the lone teacher here on the earth?

Far from it. To usher in the new age we will need thousands of teachers and many of them need to be here before he manifests again.

One of the most important things that will be taught will be the Principle of Freedom. The simple understanding of this is desperately needed throughout the world.

As the book of Revelation tells us the Beast has seven heads, and in addition to corresponding seven world kingdoms since the beginning of recorded history, it also is symbolized by seven divisions of mankind which are:

(1) Politics/government (2) education (3) military/enforcement agencies (4) the arts/entertainment (5) science/medicine (6) religion (7) business and organizations – lodges etc.

These also correspond to the Seven Rays and the Beast of authority does permeate each one of them.

However this Beast is not slain by changing these organizations, but by shifting the attention of the individual from the authorities on the outside to the authority of the Spirit within. A person can be a member of a benevolent church, business or organization and yet still mindlessly follow the authorities without.

The Beast is the mindless following of anything – good or bad in design. Even mindlessly following the words of Jesus in the Bible carries the mark of the Beast.

For more details of my teaching on this please read my first 100 posts where this concept is thoroughly explored. (Note: this is also covered in my book, The Unveiling)

Yes, there are problems with all of these organizations and if we solve these problems and inject more freedom of choice into their functioning then it will make the lives of those who have the mark of the Beast more enjoyable and provides an atmosphere where this mark can be removed.

However, as I am presenting the matter I am talking about business and government as existing on their own outside of the mark of the Beast. The Beast is not caused by anything “out there” but is created by the focus of the minds of the people. One can escape the mark of the Beast no matter how corrupt things are “out there.”

That said, there is a big difference between big business and big government in the wielding of power and that is this: In the United States, for instance, business as a whole is split into millions of divisions. In turn big business is divided into thousands of larger divisions. Among these divisions there is fierce competition one with another which aids in better service and lower prices.

On the other hand, the federal government is only one entity. Now some may argue that there are three divisions within it, but there are also three or more divisions with each big business so for the sake of correspondences the government is like one big business having a monopoly within its sphere with no competition allowed.

The government’s position of power is far far removed from the power of any one big business, with perhaps the exception of the Federal Reserve, which is rarely open to criticism. But then the Federal Reserve (which is a private business) has its power because of the endorsement and grants from the federal government – so again government and not business is to blame here.

To blame big business for our ills is like blaming groups of people. The people are composed of many individuals, good and bad. As a whole we could point our fingers at this wholeness and blame our problems on humanity. So what should we do? Take away the freedom of individuals to choose good and evil so all humanity as a whole will do no wrong?

God forbid.

Even so, business is made up of thousands of entities who in turn are made of millions of people, some good and some not so good. Should we take away the power of businesses to choose between good and evil so none can dare offend us?

God forbid.

If freedom is allowed to flow through individual entities, corporate entities, and group entities then water will reach its own level and the end will be good even though there are problems in the middle.

Government does have a purpose and that is to protect freedom and the purpose of any law or restriction should have an end product that the freedom of the majority is enhanced. But, at present, all governments gravitate toward greater and greater restrictions and force, where the majority is not served, thus causing the minorities to eventually be not served also.

We speak of the advantages that big business has over small business. I have been a small businessman most of my life and I have never, not once, suffered an injustice from a big business. I could probably imagine one, but in fairness I cannot think of one.

I am presently in the sign business. The big national sign businesses in our area are Signs Now and Fast Signs.

What are their advantages over my wife and I?

National names

National Advertising

More money to run TV ads, big yellow page ads

Closer ties to government bids and contractors.

So, does this destroy the little me?


These local franchisers had to invest over $100,000 to start their business.

We had to invest about $5,000 to provide the same service.

They hire employees that cost not only salaries, but other expenses due to government regulation.

We have no employees.

Consequently we have a big advantage over Big Sign.

We can provide a quality product (usually better than Big Sign) for a lower price.

Consequently we rarely advertise any more because we keep as busy as we can be. Sometimes we wish customers would go away.

If there were not so many problems created by government in hiring employees we would take a stronger look at expanding, but this has put on hold because our expansion interests are now in the direction of publishing.

Bottom line: Is anyone here in Boise forced to go to Big Sign instead of us?


Before this business I was in real estate. I chose not to go into big real estate such as Century 21. Instead I started out working for a small broker with only two agents that made a deal with me for a 90% commission split if I helped pay office expense. Now if I worked for Century 21 I would have only received a 50% commission split.

People entering real estate are advised to have enough money to live on for six months. When I entered I had enough to live on for two weeks, but I went to work and sold and closed a house within the two weeks and I was off and running. By the third month I sold seven homes in a 30 day period. I could have never done this working for Century 21 for they did not allow me the freedom I needed to work creatively. As it was my broker did not care what I did as long as it was legal and I attribute my quick start to this freedom.

I have also worked in advertising and found similar benefits to being the small guy over the big guy. On the other hand if I decide I want to be the big business instead of the small I have the right to go for it, but I can tell you this. I greatly admire successful businesspeople bigger than myself for the chances they have taken to get where they are. There is great risk involved in expanding a business (which I know from experience) and whoever succeeds by following the rules certainly deserves what they receive.

I have been a traveling salesman and sold in about half the states in this country and talked face to face with over 20,000 small businesspeople from New York to Ohio, to Missouri to New Mexico to California to just about every city in the Northwest. And what do they complain about?

Let me tell you what affects them is much different than you hear on the filtered media or the political organizations who are supposed to serve them

I can’t even remember an instance of a single complaint about some big business creating a problem for them. Not even service stations. More often than this they will complain about some other small business down the street causing a problem. They realize that a big business could move in and hurt them, but most seem to accept that possibility.

And what is their major complaint?

Far above anything else is government interference, over regulation and taxation. You have no idea how much happier most of them would be if they could just work in freedom with big brother not being part of their every day problems.

The key to the greatest freedom for the greatest number lies not in going to the extreme on either side, but following common sense and good judgment. Government has its place in making laws and regulations, but because legislators see this as their job description they think they are doing a good job when they give us most any law or regulation, even a bad one. They need to see their job as only giving us what we need instead of something that makes it seem they are doing something.

Both big and small business make their share of mistakes but overall they do better when they have minimal interference. There are times the government should step in, but this should happen only when it is seen as necessary by the majority of the people.

Nov 11, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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