A Most Important Principle

A Most Important Principle

The Principle of Freedom from the viewpoint of the pendulum principle is neither left nor right, but at the midway point. Those who wish to restrict freedom to conserve the past are the true right wing and those who wish to restrict freedom to obtain liberal change are the true left wing.

He who stands in the true middle is seen as an extremist by the real extremists.

The midway point on this principle is eternally this.

The path of light is that which allows the greatest possible freedom of choice for the maximum number of people while allowing for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom always revolves around decision and not endowment of goods and services.

The Dark Brothers try and convince us that true freedom comes by receiving an endowment of goods or favors.

The Brotherhood of Light promotes the idea that freedom comes with the enhancement of the actual power of decision and the removal of obstructions thereof.

The first philosophy involves a forced handout where the handout of goods or services is taken from person A by force and given to person B and is seen as an increase in freedom for person B while ignoring the problem created for person A. The light on the illusion comes when you realize that neither A or B have their power of decision enhanced. In fact both usually have it diminished.

The second philosophy allows true freedom to manifest for such can only occur when the power of decision is not infringed.

We may not like all the decisions people make when given freedom to do so but in the end, as water reaches its correct level, the life of the body begins to flow and a beautiful, free living society is the end result.

Without freedom there are no equal rights for as soon as you infringe on the freedom of one to enhance the rights of another then equality rights are destroyed. This makes freedom, not equality, the foundation principle.

If freedom is not the point in the middle then what in opposition to freedom is?

Again let me repeat:

“Those who wish to restrict freedom to conserve the past are the true biased right wing and those who wish to restrict freedom to obtain liberal change are the true biased left wing.”

I am not one of these people who think that everything liberal is bad. Many liberal and conservative ideas are good, but all good becomes a great evil when implemented by force.

I do see the desire many on both sides have for freedom and opportunity for all and I agree with the goal. In the implementation lies the difficulty.

It is probably good that we are stimulating additional discourse on freedom and the midway point as they are extremely important topics of which their underlying principles are difficult for many to see.

First I would not say that responsibility is closer to the foundation principle than freedom. For instance Hitler felt very responsible for Germans, the Nazi party and his ideology, but that mislead responsibility caused a loss of freedom and death for millions of people. Every tyrant has a strong sense of responsibility. Responsibility only enhances freedom and prosperity when it is reasonably free from illusion and motivated with pure intent. It is a virtue but virtues can be misplaced.

On the other hand, tyrants do not believe in the Principle of Freedom and do nothing to enhance it.

A reader says: “We have many people who do not have freedom is this country….they do not have the freedom to spend quality time with their children or to obtain proper health care or to have time to even pursue spiritual endeavors due to their enslavement to their economic condition. MYSELF included.”

Again let me emphasize that there are two philosophies on freedom. One is used by those in darkness and the other used by those in Light.

The Dark Brothers try and convince us that true freedom comes by receiving an endowment of goods or favors. In other words, he who has the most stuff (possessions) is the freest.

The Brotherhood of Light promote the idea that freedom comes with the enhancement of the actual power of decision and the removal of obstructions thereof.

Now some seem to equate freedom with possession and this is where I believe the illusion lies.

Illusionary examples of freedom are

Possession of quality time

Possession of health care

Possession of quality job

Other examples of the illusionary freedom of possession are;

Possession of money

Possession of quality housing

Possession of food

Possession of a loved one

Possession of a Porsche etc

All possessions are transitory and have a beginning and end whereas principles are eternal. The Principle of Freedom deals with an endless benefit that will resurface again and again until the seeker is finally one with it and will never lose it.

One cannot say “I have money, therefore I am free!”


Because the time will come that he may not have money and therefore by this definition freedom is limited in time.

What is true freedom then?

Again, it is the removal of restrictions either imaginary or real, so the power of decision has complete freedom within the sphere of its plan.

Let us then apply money to these two methods of freedom.

He who sees freedom as belonging to the power to possess will not see himself as being free in relation to money until he has possession of it. Often it does not matter how that possession is obtained. All that matters is that he possesses it whether earned or not. The lottery winner, or even thief, with this attitude feels a sense of illusionary freedom.

He who comprehends and accepts the Principle of Freedom does not see the principle playing out in the temporary possession of money, but is happy to have the opportunity to decide in that direction if he wishes. Then if he does decide in that direction he sees freedom as the power to proceed in such direction unimpeded by unnatural restrictions.

Natural restrictions are not seen as restrictions of freedom but as obstacles to overcome. Examples of natural restrictions are:

Lack of talent or education

Unsupportive family

Lack of finances

Living in the wrong area of the country

Old car

Examples of unnatural restrictions are:

Unnecessary government regulations

High taxes

Unreasonable licenses

Unnecessary laws telling the businessperson what he can and cannot do.

A mobster telling him he must pay protection money.

The interesting thing is that the entrepreneur can permanently overcome most of the natural restrictions and can eliminate them for the rest of his life, but not so with the unnatural ones.

For instance, if a person lacks education he can go to school and get one. If he has an old car he can work overtime and get a better one.


If there is a law telling him he has to pay a certain wage or have white linen curtains on his windows then there is nothing he can do about that. He can work around the law but no matter how hard he works the restriction will not go away and that is the difference.

Most natural restrictions can be overcome by the individual and made to disappear for life.

Unnatural restrictions cannot be overcome by the individual and hang around to thwart him with no end in sight.

Thus the true Principle of Freedom lies in the idea that the soul energy to accomplish is released so its life can flow through the ideas and thoughts of the pilgrim until all desires are fulfilled.

Nov 9, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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