Things to Come

March 28, 1999

Things to Come

Dave asks a question that has raised some comment: “Anyway, my question is this. What should we as a group do to prepare ourselves for what MIGHT be on the horizon, while at the same time focusing on the positive?”

First keep in mind the wisdom of Isaiah: “He that believeth shall not make haste.” Isaiah 28:16.

At this point in time and space there are many things to become alarmed about. We are approaching the year 2000 which has great significance for many Bible believers.

Their reasoning goes something like this: God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. They also believe that Jesus was born approximately 4000 years after Adam was chased from the Garden of Eden. Since that time 2000 more years have passed. Peter said that one day with God is 1000 years with man so by God’s time six days have passed and the day of rest is upon us. Literalists believe that because of lack of exact records we do not know the exact day or hour that will mark the beginning of God’s seventh day, but it should be around the year 2000 or a little later.

These fundamentalists think that Jesus will appear on this date after a period of great devastation. Currently those who have picked the year 2000 as the target date are somewhat perplexed that the great devastation has not yet come. Some are moving the date ahead a bit on the assumption the calendar is wrong. Therefore a war such as that appearing in Kosovo is seen as a sign of the end – something that could expand into World War III.

It is true that there are cycles of seven that repeat themselves in days, years, thousands of years and so on. It is also true that we are approaching an extended period of rest from the pain and discouragement that has beset humanity for so long. Not only the religious fundamentalists, but people of all belief systems have a sense that some type of golden age is on the horizon if we do not blow ourselves up first.

Prophecy is a tricky thing even for the Masters because of the free will of mankind. The only way the higher lives know a future event for sure is because a DECISION has been made about the event by a great life high up the ladder, such as the Ancient of Days. The second method is through the Law of Probabilities. For instance, I could predict that I will not win the big lottery tomorrow and the Law of Probabilities says I will most likely be correct. But then there is that one time in millions that I will win and my prophecy proved delightfully incorrect.

A period of approximately 1000 years of rest has been decreed for the earth and this will happen. The earth itself is a living entity and as such has decided that it wants to take advantage of this rest. There are two ways the earth can rest.

(1) There can be great destruction which will “destroy them which destroy the earth.” Rev 11:18. Thus with all the destructive people out of the way the earth can rest from the mischief man creates.

(2) Some destruction will occur but mankind will basically institute the just laws and actions necessary to create world stability so mankind can join in with the earth in the period of great rest.

At this point the Brotherhood is planning on the second alternative. In this context World Wars I & II were the true Armageddon and the door of peace is open to us.

The Dark Brothers realize the period of rest for the earth has to come but they support the first alternative of destruction. They would like to see every human being destroyed off the face of the earth for reasons to be revealed in a future Immortal book. Their agents here on the earth do not realize this and blindly support their goals.

There is about a 90% probability that alternative two will transpire. Only if the Dark Ones pull something unforeseen out of the hat will we be in danger of massive destruction. Before World War II the chances were only about 50/50, so the lot of humanity has dramatically improved.

Providing that alternative two is successful it will still take about 150 years to successfully usher in the age of peace. But the main period of tension will be the next 30 years. During this time period the final preparations will be made for the return of Christ. Two things have to transpire before He can come.

(1) A time of relative peace and stability must be established on the earth so the Prince of Peace can effectively work.

(2) A group of disciples must be prepared to receive and transmit higher teachings that He has to offer. Such a group does not presently exist but some on this list may be part of it. If He came now most people would just think he is another guru with a big ego. It will take an understanding of soul contact to be able to recognize Him when he comes as inconspicuous as a “thief in the night.” II Peter 3:10

The end of the world will not come around the year 2000. Y2K may create some problems but they will be solved and we will move on. The time of great opportunity is upon the disciples of light from this point on for the next thirty years.

The thing you can do right now that would be of greatest benefit is to seek true usable knowledge with all your heart and concentrate on becoming sensitive to true soul contact and then to follow those impressions you receive. Also starting study groups in your area will eventually prove invaluable.

As we quoted earlier “He that believeth does not make haste.” Now is not the time to sell all we have and head to the mountains or fanatically prepare for Y2K. We have several decades to prepare for the miraculous transitions to come and this preparation should not be done in haste. All things should be intelligently considered and prepared, for the lights of the earth will receive the appropriate instructions as they proceed.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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