Things to Come and More

Things to Come and More

A reader asks me to elaborate as to who I am and my mission.

I am a disciple firmly committed to do all that I can to prepare the way for the return of Christ and to bring in the new age of peace that so many have yearned for over such a long period of time. I am not special in this. Many others feel this same call within them and all are invited to join in this quest.

“Is there something about you that I am unaware of?”

Probably. But that tells you little. There are things about you that I do not know also.

My importance is not important but your sense of “something more” is accurate. Part of this something more is the Molecular Relationship and this is available to read along with my other writings for free at this LINK

If you have time I would suggest that you read all the archives there. This will help develop a vision of the coming work that needs to be accomplished.

“Are you an Ascended Master? Are you John? Or are you getting some of your teachings from someone in the “higher” realms?”

I am obviously not ascended since I am dwelling in regular vulnerable mortal flesh just like the rest of you. I do get much of what I write here through the Oneness Principle. I have written quite a bit about this and it will be covered more thoroughly in future writings. This is like a spiritual internet of higher lives and all who wish and focus their attention can “log on” to it.

Let me warn you though that all will receive the same answers to the same question as they view the same spiritual web page. This will sometimes make two or more in agreement look as if they are clones but such is far from the case. Just as all of you are reading these same lines of print that are in front of you now you will register and relate them with your own individuality. Nevertheless individuality does not prevent oneness because two or more can always go back to the source and see the originating truth through the same eyes.

Others in the past have asked for more detail about who I am or who I was in past lives and I have given little detail except to explain that it is not wise to elaborate on this. It is important that teachers in this age be judged on the content of their teachings and the value of their actual works. It is folly to judge a teacher by who he says he is, by how important he presents himself to be or by what he claims he will do. The only thing that you should trust should be verification that comes through your own soul.

If you have a being of light appear to you claiming to be an angel or the highest God, even then you should not accept him unless the inner spirit speaks verification to you.

Truth is true whether spoken by the most wretched creature or the highest Dhyan Chohan. That which is not true is false even if it comes from the lips of a god. The reason we can trust the Holy Spirit within is that it can only speak truth and does not even see or acknowledge that which is not real.

Another reader wants to know what is fiction or true in the Immortal books.

There will be a series of books to come. After they are complete I may tell my story and separate the fact from the fiction. I will never tell everything, but enough to put the questions to rest.

I am completely honest with you my friends. Everything I tell you here is true to the best of my ability to perceive and communicate. That which I do not reveal to you is not dishonest or untrue, it is merely hidden until the time is right.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” Proverbs 25:2

As is stated in the book there have been teaching attempts by the Brotherhood that were not successful so far as permeating humanity goes. Part of the reason for this is that teachings alone are often not enough to attract the attention of humanity. If you surf among the new age sites or even the religious ones that claim new knowledge you will see that the most successful ones are they who make the most outlandish claims. The teachers either claim to be reincarnated from Jesus, Buddha or George Washington on one hand, or are so important that the whole lot of the Masters in this system as well as the Adromeda Galaxy are lined up to channel through them.

It is a sad commentary that those with outlandish claims yet with nothing new to say are listened to more than many true messengers.

The last two successful major revelations were given through H. P. Blavatsky and Alice A. Bailey. The permeation went pretty much as hoped through HPB. Her influence has been greater than most realize. On the other hand, the teachings revealed through Alice A. Bailey have not reached the masses of humanity as much as was expected. It was thought that the Great Invocation would be much more widely circulated and spoken than is now the case. It was anticipated that certain disciples would have picked up the teachings and that they would have been widely circulated through print, radio and television by the beginning of this new millennium.

While it is true that many disciples have picked up some of the teachings of light that is in the books, the teachings themselves have not filtered down to seeking humanity as desired.

Since Alice A. Bailey very few new teachings from the Brotherhood have been successful in being registered by humanity.

Instead, the masses have been deluged with tons of counterfeit material that has more glamour than simple truth and drowns out any true teachings just as the thorns choke out the seeds of truth in the parable of the sower. This is a part of the strategy of the Dark Brothers. Throw lots of high sounding counterfeit material out there that has the appearance of glamorous revelation or terrible doomsday and thus divert the attention of seeking humanity away from true purpose which is needed to usher in the new age.

The Immortal series and other writings to come is a part of a plan to capture the attention of seeking souls that are bored out of their minds with dryer writings (from some points of view) such as Alice A. Bailey presents.

At present I am devoting what little free time I have to this group instead of working on Book III. In addition to writing the Immortal series it is important that many of the core teachings and answers to questions be presented in clear black and white.

Along these lines Glenys asks:

I’ve been reading about the Shamballa Force and noted this quote relating to it “…. direct impact will again take place in 1975, and also in the year 2000……’ from The Rays and the Initiations by AAB.

Are we in for something special this year?

Let me give the quote you are referring to:

“You have been told that this force has-during this century-made its first direct impact upon humanity; heretofore, it reached mankind in the three worlds after being stepped down and modified by transit through the great planetary centre to which we give the name of the Hierarchy. This direct impact will again take place in 1975, and also in the year 2000, but the risks will then not be so great as in the first impact, owing to the spiritual growth of mankind. Each time this energy strikes into the human consciousness some fuller aspect of the divine plan appears. It is the energy which brings about synthesis, which holds all things within the circle of the divine love. Since its impact during the past few years, human thinking has been more concerned with the production of unity and the attainment of synthesis in all human relations than ever before, and one result of this energy has been the forming of the United Nations.

“It will be apparent to you, therefore, that this energy is the agent for the revelation of the divine purpose. It may surprise you that this is regarded as presenting a problem to the Hierarchy, but if this power-impersonal and potent-should fall into the hands of the Black Lodge, the results would be disastrous indeed. Most of the members of this centre of cosmic evil are upon the first ray itself, and some of the divine purpose is known to a few of them, for-in their due place and in the initiatory regime-they too are initiates of high degree, but dedicated to selfishness and separativeness. Their particular form of selfishness is far worse than anything which you can imagine, because they are completely detached and divorced from all contact with the energy to which we give the name of love. They have cut themselves off from the spiritual Hierarchy, through Whom the love of the planetary Logos reaches the forms in the three worlds and all that is contained therein. These evil but powerful beings know well the uses of the will, but only in its destructive aspect.” From Rays and Initiations, Page 716

As you can see from this statement it is extremely important that disciples pick up this energy rather than the Dark Brothers as was the case with Hitler and his bunch. This is why one of the most important parts of the great invocation is “sealing the door where evil dwells.” This fear of using the word “evil” is a great detriment to the success of this important phrase and the neutralization of evil.

The Shamballa force was released between 1975 and 1980 and was successfully picked up and used by some disciples. A great success of the force in the hands of disciples resulted in the fall of communism and the Berlin wall. Note than it may take a while between the picking up of the force to the fulfillment of the force.

The Shamballa force was also partially responsible for the development of computers leading to the Internet which has placed much more power in the hands of common humanity. This technology also presents certain dangers that disciples must neutralize.

The Shamballa force was picked up by certain teaching disciples, but they were unsuccessful at making the hoped for impact. However, those disciples of the new generation and the older ones who are not yet discouraged will have an opportunity to use this First Ray of power to bring much needed light to humanity.

The next wave of Shamballa force is sensed by the Masters, but has not yet been stepped down to humanity in usable form. My guess is that it will be picked up by disciples in another year or two and the impact will be realized between 2010 and 2030.

Just as computer technology has been a prime focus of attention as a result of the last release, even so spiritual technology will be the prime focus of the next release. If all goes as planned 20-30 years from now you’ll turn on the TV (or whatever it is we’ll be watching) and instead of Jerry Springer type shows you will see discussion after discussion about higher spiritual insights.

Ophra is a dim forerunner of this change. Note that she has changed her programming away from sleaze to self-improvement. She has successfully picked up an impression of the coming change.

This Shamballa force could also bring some earth changes but that will be determined by how we adapt to the coming release.

There are also many changes to come that none can presently predict and 30 years from now some will look back at earlier predictions and marvel at what was not foreseen.

April 7, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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