Intelligence in Matter

Intelligence in Matter

The Question:

Djwhal Khul uses the word adaptability as a driving force of creation through the Third Ray. What do you suppose this word has to do with the power of creation? Perhaps we could word this another way and ask: What does adaptability have to do with evolution?

A reader gave a Djwhal Khul quote which gives a great summary of the Third Aspect.

The third Logos, or Brahma, is characterized by active intelligence; “. . .His goal is the perfect blending of Spirit and matter. His function is the manipulation of prakriti, or matter, so as to make it fit, or equal to, the demands and needs of the Spirit. His mode of action is rotary, or, by the revolution of matter, to increase activity and thereby make the material more pliable.

All these three concepts are governed by the Law of Economy, which is the Law of Adaptation in time and space, or the line of least resistance. This line of least resistance is that which is sought for and followed on the matter side of existence. Incidentally, Brahma manifests Will, because He is purpose, and Love because in this solar system Love is the line of least resistance. While this is an occult statement worthy of consideration, yet it must be remembered that He is primarily activity and intelligence with the aim of adaptability, and that this is His main characteristic.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Pages 142-143



“This is, as we know, the prime attribute ascribed to the third Ray, or the Brahma aspect. Therefore, fundamentally it may be considered as the attribute of intelligence which adapts the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, and is a characteristic inherent in matter itself.” Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 423

Perhaps the most profound statement here is:

“His mode of action is rotary, or, by the revolution of matter, to increase activity and thereby make the material more pliable.”

So what’s the purpose in making matter more pliable? If it is more pliable then it becomes easier to control by intelligence turning matter into active intelligence.

In this sphere of existence matter is so dense that it imprisons Spirit. To understand the significance of this we must ask:

What happens when a human intelligence is imprisoned?

Answer: He is usually in a confined space with very little freedom of movement. This greatly restricts his pursuit of happiness and fulfillment as well as any method of service and usefulness he may choose.

This is the problem with intelligent Spirit within matter. There is relatively very little movement and activity causing the intelligence to be suppressed and withholding the glory of God from our view. By increasing motion and expanding the ring-pass-not of matter, heaven and earth is brought together.

The reason the Holy Spirit is associated with the Third Aspect is because this is that part of God which descends from the throne of God into deepest matter to touch our hearts and guide us in our material prison into the greater activity and freedom of the Spirit.

Because the physical bodies of humans are composed of the most evolved and “active” matter this means that the greatest opportunity to work with freeing matter is within our own selves. As the Holy Spirit assists our consciousness in ascending toward Spirit, even so do we pull the matter of our bodies (and the earth as a whole to a lesser extent) toward the greater freedom of Spirit.

As we said the aspects are merely the seeing of the works of God from a certain angle of vision. When we tune unto the third aspect we see God working as “higher intelligence” leading all life from human down to the tiniest atom of substance toward some glorious purpose that we sense but do not fully understand.

As we said adaptability is a key word around this process. As life evolves it must adapt to the new laws that slowly manifest.

But let me tell you something that you may have not heard before and runs contrary to all modern assumption.

All the rules are not predetermined. We assume that Spirit has all things figured out and matter just has to learn the rules. The truth is that God “does all things new” and that the laws are discovered as we evolve. The universe is at a point that it has never been to before and the consciousness of God Itself is arriving at realizations not known before. Newness of experience and discovery is the motivating force behind all life and God is no exception.

God has exploded his intelligence into a Big Bang of a puzzle to amuse Himself and is challenged to the very core in putting all the pieces together in a way that makes sense. When he finds a pattern that does make sense it becomes a “law” and a steppingstone to greater creation.

We are in the “image of God” and as his reflections we share his dilemma of solving all the problems which confront us. But when we do solve them we have joy and this is the reason all things exist.

I do not plan on covering all the writings available on the Rays, but instead present the general principle behind them as a whole and individually. There is much more material on them in the Bailey books that is available to the searcher and I recommend studying them for further enlightenment. I seek here to present the general principles for a foundation understanding and perhaps add a little that has not been hitherto written.

Next we shall proceed to the four Rays of Attribute which are sub rays of the Third Aspect.

Question: Why are they under the Third aspect and not the Second or First? This is a difficult question and if you do not know the answer move on to the next.

The Fourth Ray is called the Ray of Harmony Through Conflict.

Meditate of this name “Harmony Through Conflict” and tells us the meaning that comes to you and what the influence of this Ray will be. Is conflict sodesirable? How can harmony come out of conflict?

Copyright by J J Dewey

Dec 26, 2001

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