The Sum of the Parts

April 10, 1999

The Sum of the Parts

Sharri makes an interesting point: “I’ve Heard the Heartbeat of the Mother Earth & it is about every 4th downbeat of drumbeats that the Natives Dance & Chant to. When you go to Sacred Spots, especially where the Lei Lines intersect, it is Possible to Hear the Heartbeat of Mother Earth in Meditation. So, yes, the Sense of Time & Consciousness does have to be altered, but not so much that it is out of our every day capabilities. Or are you talking about something altogether different???? But, when you said Heartbeat of the Earth, I’ve Heard a Definite Pulse & it’s not that slow.”

I said the heartbeat of the earth is approximately one year, yet Sharri detects a pulse every 4th downbeat. What is correct?

Since there is no way to know the truth here by just declaring it, the best thing to do is to use the law of correspondences or “as above so below” and vice versa. This is not an exact law, but it can lead us to many truths.

The average life span of a human is around 78 years. Some teachers have said that if we lived in the best of conditions and ate the best of foods we could live to the age of 144. If we lived to be 144 years old we would live through 4,541,184,000 seconds or heartbeats of a person in peak physical condition.

It is an interesting correspondence that the life span of the earth is estimated to be around four and a half billion years. Therefore, if the earth’s heart beats once a year then it would live through a similar number of heartbeats of a human in optimum condition.

If this correspondence is correct then what is the pulse that Sharri detected? The clue here lies in her statement that sensitive people can detect these pulses in sacred spots where energy lines intersect. What is the correspondence in the human body to the sacred spots of the earth? In general these spots in the human body are acupuncture points which are also created through the intersection of numerous lines of energy.

Now let us take a trip and visualize yourself shrinking down until you are the size of an amoeba. Now you are this size you land on the acupuncture point of a human being. After you make this landing time is slowed down so it takes a whole year of your consciousness for this human’s heart to beat once. Now your time and size has been greatly altered you tune into the energy of this point where you find yourself. Even though time is slowed down and you cannot detect the heartbeat there is a pulse that you do sense. It is the movement of the energy lines that meet and pulsate. In this time frame it would seem quite similar to a heartbeat.

Even so it is with the earth. When we go to its acupuncture points we can pick up electrical pulses that pulsate something like a heartbeat. A sensitive person can pick up additional pranic energy through this and gain some renewal of strength.

Glenys questions the idea that the earth is not as evolved on its plane as man is on his. Isn’t the whole greater than the sum of its parts? This concept will be expounded on in a future Immortal book, (See The Immortal, Book 4) but I will say a few things here. The smaller you go in size the higher the evolution is within that plane.

Consider the atom. The tiny lives that make up the oxygen atom, for instance, create each oxygen atom in the universe after a perfect pattern so they are all extremely close to being the same. The tiny lives that hold these atoms together have discovered what works and what does not work to the extent that they all follow the same path of creation.

In the vegetable kingdom the flowers of the planet are much more evolved in their plane than humans are on their plane.

But does this mean that atoms and flowers are greater lives than the human? No. The human is far from the end of his evolution. Because of this we can advance our own evolution through the study of nature and the atomic world, but because we are a greater life form the human will eventually display all the intelligence of all the lives in nature and then some.

When we reach the end of our evolution we will indeed seem to possess the power of the Gods in relation to any other life form, but we still have a long way to go.

The planets lag behind man in evolution in their sphere and the star systems lag behind the planets, then too, the galaxies lag behind the stars. When the greater lives reach the end of their evolution they will indeed display their greater abilities, but the key of knowledge here is that the evolution of the greater is dependent on the successful evolution of the lesser.

The earth must await the successful evolution of man before it can manifest its destiny. The sun must await the evolution of its planets before it can likewise manifest its destiny and so on.

The whole will be greater than the sum of the parts, but first the parts must BECOME to the point of being in working order.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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