End Time Prophesies

April 11, 1999

End Time Prophesies

One of our new readers sent me some questions by e-mail and I thought I would post some of the answers here for the benefit of all.

He thought that I was predicting the coming of Christ as being in 150 years so I responded as follows:

I did not mean to indicate to you that Jesus would come in 150 years. Let me quote from my writings:

“Providing that alternative two is successful it will still take about 150 years to successfully usher in the age of peace. But the main period of tension will be the next 30 years. During this time period the final preparations will be made for the return of Christ.”

The preparations for the return of Christ should happen in the next thirty years. There is a high probability his coming will take place by the end of that time, around 2030. A good start on planetary peace should take place before He comes, but the New Age of peace will not be fully ushered in until around 2150 or so if things go as planned and I might note that because of human free will the best of plans do not always materialize as intended. This is why so many prophesies, even from inspired teachers, do not come true.

He writes:

“Is the Ancient of Days our father who Yahshua sits on the right hand of? Who has a Father above him, and one above him, and so on back to the Great Spirit Who Exists and Causes to Exist? I’ve also heard that the I AM That I Am, Is I Exist and Cause to Exist.”


Yes. The Ancient of days is the One, the main entity, who is referred to as the Father of the Spirits of this earth, but there is more to explain about the references of Jesus in relation to His Father that was in him. We will cover this mystery in future postings.

“Next if Yahshua isn’t coming for 150 years then what about all those prophesies: Israel becoming a nation again? Armageddon being fought in the valley of Megedo in Israel? Not in Europe WW1 & WW2. The 200 million man army of the Kings of the East that’s ready now. Earthquakes in diverse places, wars and rumors of ethnic wars, plagues, diseases, and famine all of these increasing in intensity like birth pangs which they have been doing in this century. The birth of the Kingdom on earth. His Return. Then it does say He will come for a Glorious Overcoming Church, which the main body of the church is far from. It could easily take 150 years to get these people’s thinking changed into an overcoming, light producing, and action taking mind set. Prepare the way so to speak.

“What about Revelations and the Seals and the Trumpets and the Bowls of judgment. A third of the earth being burned up. The trees. the grass, the people. The Mark of the Beast so no one can buy or sell without it. The 144,000 who are sealed like Ray in the forehead with the Father’s Name. The Comet Wormwood that’s cast into the sea and a third of the sea life dies. The astronomers say there is a comet headed on a collision course for earth. A famous remote viewer has foreseen a solar flare series that scorches the earth and could easily wipe out a third of life on earth he says like in the book of Revelation. I have been bothered by it’s prophesies for years. To the point I’ve probably been held back for worrying about the future calamities. I know this was not to be its purpose to cause us to worry. More to enlighten us and guide us, maybe warn us, I don’t know and I need some answers. Which I know must come from within for the Kingdom of Heaven is in us. Maybe you could help clarify some of these issues.”

Answer: Some of these things we have talked about in earlier posts. We talked extensively about the Beast and the 144,000, the seal in the forehead etc. Basically we covered chapter thirteen verse by verse in detail. You might want to go back and read these early posts.

There are many other great and terrible prophesies in the book, but there are several things one needs to understand as the world anticipates the fulfillment of these prophesies.

The ancient Jews have this belief about the scriptures. They believed that the inspired word of God had three levels of interpretation. They called it the body, soul and spirit of the scriptures. Actually they could more accurately be named physical, astral and mental.

Now all scriptures and prophesies are fulfilled on at least one of these levels, often on two levels and sometimes on all three levels. If mankind learns the lesson of the prophesy after the fulfillment on the mental level then it does not need to descend to the astral level. If it does descend to the astral or emotional level, and the lesson is learned there, then it does not have to descend to the physical plane.

The story of Jonah was written in particular to help us understand this principle. Jonah did not want to obey the voice of God and go to Nineveh because they were a bloodthirsty people and he feared that he may suffer a terrible death at their hands. Therefore he tried to escape his mission.

God wanted the job done so he had Jonah swallowed by a giant fish which spit him up on the shores of Nineveh. Since the reluctant prophet figured he could not get out of the job he acquiesced, went into the city, and declared a bold prophesy to the people: He told them that forty days would not pass before the city of Nineveh would be destroyed. (Jonah 3:4)

After this he went outside the city to wait for the physical destruction to happen, but something else happened instead. The people of Nineveh were touched by the warning of Jonah and experienced a change in their hearts and minds. In other words, the people of this city were destroyed on the mental and emotional levels. They changed their heats and minds so Nineveh, the feared city that sacrificed their children to the Gods ceased to exist and a kinder gentler city emerged. Because the prophesy was fulfilled on the higher levels we are told that “God repented of the evil, that he had said that he would do unto them, and he did it not.” Jonah 3:10

Now the interesting thing is that Jonah had quite a bit of pride and was fully expecting his prophesy to come true. I’m sure he was going to throw around a lot of “I told you sos.” But when he saw that God had changed his mind he was extremely upset, so much so that he told God he did not want to live any more. He would rather die than be ridiculed as a false prophet.

The book ends up with God reasoning with Jonah by telling him that he was being more concerned with own ego than with the lives of the 60,000 people who were saved from destruction. He should have been happy, not sad that the lives of so many were saved.

The interesting thing about today is that the world is full of religious Jonahs who are eagerly awaiting the prophecies of destruction to occur. These people can’t wait for God to come in his fierce wrath and burn the wicked as stubble. The wicked, of course, are those who do not conform to their own interpretation of scripture.

These people can’t wait for a beastly dictator, worse than Hitler, to show up and plant some computer chip or bar code in people’s heads or right hands. They rejoice when they see famine, war and pestilence as a sign that the end is at hand. The actually look forward to the sea and the rivers becoming as blood, the light of the sun becoming darkened, a great plague of locusts, the death of all life in the sea and a great comet called Wormwood falling on the earth. In addition to the Biblical prophesies there are others who are looking forward to saying “I told you so” about Y2K, earth changes, economic collapse or some banking conspiracy.

Not all, but many of the devoutly religious care more about these prophesies coming literally to pass on the physical plane than they do about the lives and souls of the people who would undergo immense suffering under these conditions. They need to remember the words of Jesus to James and John as they eagerly expected Jesus to destroy his enemies: “For the Son of man is not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.” Luke 9:56

After the new millennium is come in and a decade or so has passed some will become disappointed and even angry that all the prophesies have not come literally to pass, that the world is actually going to hold together as we go into the next thousand years. They will fail to realize that all the prophesies have come true on higher levels and many of them have fulfilled their purpose and need not manifest literally on the physical plane just as Nineveh was not literally destroyed.

When Christ does return he will not slay the wicked in a physical sense with the breath of His lips, but His words will slay the wicked thoughts of men and put such thoughts in their proper place which is the bottomless pit of illusion.

(Note: Since writing this post I have written an entire book explaining the book of Revelation. It is called The Unveiling.)

Copyright by J J Dewey

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