The Soul of the Universe

The Soul of the Universe

Sometimes it is not clear where we need to place the names of Father-Son and Holy Spirit/Mother.

In the Molecular Relationship we have placed the energy of Purpose at the originating midway point, but many (including myself) have identified this with soul, love and the Christ (or Son) principle. Which is correct?

Answer: They both are, for the Trinity shifts in position as the various Rays rotate and subdivide.

The universe as a whole is created as a projection from the prime energy of Purpose with a foundation on Ray One or the Father aspect but our solar system is created from the foundation of Ray Two or the Son-Love-Soul aspect. This is why the apostle John wrote that “God is Love.”

In our solar system at this point in time and space Love does seem to be the foundation energy, but the truth is that this energy is one of seven projections from a higher Ray which is the Father Ray – Ray One.

Therefore, because of our perspective from our point in reality the love aspect seems to be the midway point whereas from a higher view Purpose is.

There is not a word in the English language that describes what we here call Purpose, but it can be sensed by the spiritual minded who have what is called “faith” in the scriptures – faith as the original meaning implies that is.

Comment:” Thus we had the first atom, or Adam, which was the point in the center, the originating God circled about by the prime creation.

“Adam is a Hebrew word and a Hebrew name.

Atom is a Greek word, as far as I remember my days in school.

How do these two words get to be corresponding? What are the references?”

JJ: You are correct in your observation, however, the correspondence, or similarity, of Atom and Adam has nothing to do with the language of origination.

Within the human psyche is an inner connection with the science of sound and because of this connection there appears many words in the English and other languages that have meaning which lies beyond the power of coincidence.

One of the later Keys of Knowledge has to do with the principle behind the science of sound which humanity has picked up to an amazing degree in their selection of sounds in portraying certain meanings on the physical plane.

It is not a coincidence that Atom and Adam sound so much the same.

Neither is it a coincidence that wholeness and holiness sound the same.

The sacred word of the East AUM and the Christian Amen is another – so is Christ and Krishna as well as Son and Sun. These harmonies and others are worthy of much contemplation.

“Man is the soul of the universe” is a statement which is indeed worthy of further contemplation.

As we have said earlier soul is that door that opens spirit to matter and matter to spirit. It is that divine point where spirit and matter interplay. It is represented symbolically as that point where land, water and air meet which is nether wet not dry that provides the standing place where the disciple’s feet are to stand, the place where the magic power of spirit is brought down into the world of form.

Let us examine the law of correspondences here and compare that which is above with that which is below.

The soul which is below:

(1) A link between spirit and matter

(2) Supplies cohesive force and gives shape to living things, holding their forms together.

(3) Opens the door to revelation between higher and lower consciousness.

(4) Gives birth to new life and stimulates evolution.

The Soul which is above is humanity living on millions of planets throughout the universe. The largest difference between higher soul (humanity) and lower soul (the interplay within us) is that humanity is only at the beginning of its mission in relation to the universe whereas the microcosmic work of the soul soul has reached relative perfection.

Therefore, we can obtain a glimpse at the destiny of mankind by examining lower soul and projecting what humans will do on a higher turn of the spiral.

I find it interesting that the smallest particle that a psychic mentioned was able to see was a circular bubble.

Now if this circular bubble represents the beginning of present creation then perhaps we did indeed begin with a point in the center with wavelengths going all directions.

Perhaps one of these little bubbles contain more than even the Seers imagined and this will be discussed in a future Immortal book.

Then to add to all this complexity we know the physical world is only the lowest of seven

The Question: How does humankind live up to being the soul of the present universe we see about us?

This was a fairly heavy duty question so let me give a little more elaboration and maybe we’ll have a few more adding their thoughts.

We spent quite a bit of time on the Law of Correspondences but just being aware that there is a correspondence between the higher and lower and then discovering how that correspondence plays out are two different items.

There are a couple of problems in using this law.

(1) The higher at the end of its evolutions contains the intelligence of the lower but the beginning, middle and end of its evolution is different, more complex and advanced.

(2) The lower is usually at the end of its evolution and the higher is not, so the wholeness of the correspondence cannot be seen.

(3) Black and white comparisons are usually incorrect – only intuitive knowledge can reveal the truth.

The tiny subatomic lives (which have united as one) which are responsible for the interplay between spirit and matter within us have reached relative perfection, and humankind in relation to the universe is just getting started.

Therefore we can see hints of our destiny by looking at the purpose of soul in the present time and projecting this purpose on mankind in its future relationship to forms and the universe itself.

Now let us look at the first statement we made on the soul – that it is a link between spirit and matter.

We as humans evolved out of matter and are reaching toward spirit. As we evolve do you think it is possible that we will provide a link to spirit for the lower lives?

Is it possible we will also provide a link for the higher lives to reach down to the lower?

If we indeed accomplish this as life forms then will we not be doing the same thing on a larger scale that the soul within us does for all lives that compose us as beings?

The next quality of soul is that it: Supplies cohesive force and gives shape to living things, holding their forms together.

Humankind shows a foreshadowing of this power in their building endeavors. They build homes, cities, bridges etc and when the ravages of time tear them down they build them again better than before. But what mankind has done here is only a faint glimmer of their destiny.

The spirit within us dreams things that never were and asks, why not.

Contemplate for future discussion the greater forms awaiting mankind to step forward and create?

Feb 27, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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