The Religion of Truth

The Religion of Truth

A reader related a spiritual experience ending with this statement:

“If this is what’s to come, count me in!”

This attitude indeed testifies to a contact beyond an over-active imagination. You’ll be happy to know that there is more to come than you can imagine as long as you “hold you mind steady in the light.”

Let me give you and others who receive a spiritual contact a word of warning. The power to hold this contract must be earned and not taken for granted. Approximately three days after a higher contact the seeker usually undergoes a mini dark night and the void can often be so great that he will be tempted to forget, discount or disbelieve his contact. The disciple must make a mental commitment to hold steady in the light and hold the memory of the Presence. This focus will take you through the dark night and eventually toward higher more permanent contact.

I was asked to expand on karma and suffering.

If karma dictates that a person suffer through disease or other means there will be nothing the disciple can do to heal the person. This is why the first job of the spiritual healer is to discern whether or not a healing is permissible. If it is not permissible under current conditions a path to healing can be revealed which will give the steps necessary for the afflicted one to obtain wholeness.

Suffering only comes to us when the Purpose of God is resisted. When the patient learns where the resistance is and corrects it then a healing becomes possible.

There are times that a person may accumulate tremendous Karma, such as being responsible for many deaths. Instead of coming back and giving his life ten times for ten lives he may pay the whole thing off in one life through loving service where he saves the lives of ten people, either physically of spiritually.

If you take out a loan at a bank for $100,000 when your income is at $30,000 a year, it may be a significant struggle to pay it off. But if you work within the laws of prosperity and triple your income then you can triple the amount of payment that you make and pay off the loan much sooner than expected.

The effect of the $100,000 was not reduced but the capacity to pay the debt was increased.

When we thus increase our power to serve we increase our power to pay off karma. Karma is not negated for cause and effect is an eternal interplay, but the one who knows can pay off karma much more quickly than one with no understanding.

A reader complains that we spend little time talking about the teachings of Christ.

First let me say that the recorded words of Christ in the New Testament are just a few pages. They are very great words, but, even so, there is only so much one can say about them. We have commented on a large part of His recorded words and will continue to comment as they enhance the teachings presented. For instance, we just finished commenting on “the truth shall make you free.” I have no intention of making a general exegesis of the words of Jesus in the orthodox sense as that has already been done a million times and there is plenty of reading material available in that direction.

My prime purpose is not to present again teachings of the past, but to present new teachings and give new insights on old teachings.

Some may think we are merely here for self-improvement. This may be an off-shoot of the teachings presented here, but such is far from the prime purpose. The main purpose is the Gathering of Lights and the creation of the Molecular Relationship. These two principles were taught by Jesus and I have a whole book posted on the Molecular Relationship and am currently posting one on the Gathering of Lights.

This forum is available to the whole internet free of charge and that number is getting quite large. Right now we are just reaching a handful, but that may change in the future.

One of the purposes of the Gathering is to increase the number of initiates. Through seed thoughts presented here many good works will be eventually initiated which will benefit all who are willing to receive.

No one person, group or teaching will reach all of humanity, but the Spirit of God working through all those focused in the light do have this power.

I was asked why Christ taught about baptism.

Baptism is a symbol that communicates the principle of rebirth to the inner self. Without this inner rebirth and the release of guilt the kingdom of God will not be realized.

Next, I was asked to comment on the sacrament or Eucharist.

The body of Christ as mentioned in I Cor chapter 12 is much more than the man Jesus. It is a body composed of many members. Partaking of the symbolic bread is a symbol of joining the body of Christ. Drinking of the wine is a symbol of the one Spirit that gives life to all those linked in the body of Christ.

The symbol of the Sacrament (or Eucharist) focuses the inner mind on this principle and can cause a “communion” with the Spirit.

A reader wanted to know the symbolism of mountains in the scriptures.

A mountain is a symbol of higher consciousness. This is the reason that many adepts in ages past have had their sanctuaries in mountainous areas, for the view of mountains speaks of higher awareness to the inner mind and helps inspire the aspirant in that direction.

So when the scriptures tell us to flee to the mountains for salvation they are really telling us to go to where higher consciousness is. Now remember that each scripture has at least three accurate interpretations on different levels. On a non physical level this would mean that on an individual level we are to obtain salvation by raising our consciousness, or in today’s terminology – raise up the Christ within.

On a physical level, however, it would mean to “flee” to the physical location where there is the most intense gathering of people who have higher consciousness.

Today the Lights of the planet are pretty well mixed with average humanity, but when the time comes that cities of light are created these would be the “mountains of the Lord” as prophesied in scripture for there will be a physical gathering of those who have higher consciousness.

The Questions:

Name three earned authorities in your life who have assisted you in attaining higher realization and briefly give the reason why you have reasonable trust in them.

Three trusted earned authorities my own life have been

(1) The Scriptures

(2) The Writings of Alice A. Bailey as transmitted by Djwhal Khul.

(3) The Soul

I have found the soul to be virtually infallible and the scriptures and Alice A. Bailey writings to be extremely reliable. They are all earned authorities with me because they have proven themselves time and time again.


If you find yourself in disagreement with an earned authority why is it wise to take a second look at your thoughts to make sure they are accurate?

This has happened to me a number of times with all three earned authorities, but when it does happen I have found it wisdom to give these authorities a lot of weight. In order to do this with fairness I have found I have had to release myself from that natural desire we all have to be right and then ask myself this question: This source has proven itself accurate time and time again so what makes me think it may not be right this time?

After I ask that question I then seek the answer in a way that registers in all of my make-up. In the end, to fully accept a thing it must make sense and it must feel right. Our preconceived notions often prevent us from considering a truth so its realization can dawn upon us.

Fortunately, there have been numerous times in my life that an earned authority has proven right over my protests and preconceived notions. Several times my ideological world had been turned upside down and this would not have happened if I had not had several reliable earned authorities to stabilize me on the path.


Even though earned authorities are helpful, why is it an error to consider them infallible?

A reader gives a good answer here:

“They are “only human”, and even though they might be right MOST of the time, it would be foolish to expect them to be right 100% of the time about everything. I just might even have more insight into something than they do, about a particular item.”

In the case of my authorities even the prophets were human beings like you or I and subject to error. Djwhal Khul is a Master of Wisdom, yet even a master can make a mistake. More likely though is that his spokesman may ineffectively communicate his thoughts or I may misunderstand them

The soul itself is infallible yet our interpretations of the impressions of the soul may not be accurate or we may communicate them incorrectly.

The important thing is to balance off a healthy skepticism with a considerable weight given to earned authorities to come up with the truth to the extent that it registers with your soul, mind and heart.

Now, let us put attention on the next principle of discovery:

“Put your attention on finding that which is true rather than that which is in error.”

Many people seek to prove a thing true by looking for errors and flaws. The idea is that if they find no error then only the truth is left. Why is this approach not reliable? Why is it easier to find truth by looking for truth?

Perhaps we could ask it this way. Is it better to look for red flags or the light that reveals?

July 11, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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